Communist China Says Your Smart Meter is Safe? What?

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“Our meters meet ANSI Standards.” 

Uh huh, then ANSI is clearly compromised!

In our early discussions about this meter the staff attorney for this utility company (the ONLY one in existence here so we have no choice) sent information claiming “these meters are certified by ANSI” which begs the question “Who is ANSI and are they compromised?”  So I did a very small amount of digging and found an 11-minute video of an electrical engineer testifying before the House Energy Committee in February of 2018.  In this video this engineer shares that ANSI actually allows the electronic guts to be removed from meters before they’re tested.  After the testing for accuracy and safety I assume, they put the guts back in and deem it safe.  Is this insane?  Is it criminal?

Here’s the link for that video of this engineer’s testimony:

Then I found this man below, Daryl Guberman, who lays it out pretty clear how ANSI measures up to scrutiny.  Daryl Guberman stated They have an accreditation business and they’re a $84 Million dollar a year charitable organization, non-government organization as of 2020.”   Watching his videos it seems pretty clear that if you need a workaround to a REAL SAFETY INSPECTION you just pay their fees and you’ll get it.  Much like the FDA and the pharma drugs these days.  The FDA is now dependent on these pharmacuetical manufacturers as an estimated one-half of their budget is paid by these review fees.  NOW, the entity being reviewed has become the customer that the oversight agencies have to keep happy.  That’s not safety review…it’s a scam and puts people at risk. The difference is that while I can, and have, chosen a lifestyle that builds health and can therefore avoid the Rx’s but when dangerous readings are being brought INTO my home and every building serviced by these toxic meters…that’s no longer okay. Even though we’ve filtered at the electric panel and inside at the circuits, there are people dying here who have no clue they should be taking measurements or filtering this mess. From my life journey of 65 years, I can state candidly that it’s this kind of corrupted oversight that has seemingly infested every single agency and it’s DISGUSTING, godless, HUMAN BEHAVIOR!  You should expect failure these days rather than trust in ethics that are no longer in our world.

You can find Dayrl Guberman’s channel and several videos on ANSI’s charted corrpution here:

Right now, I’m being shown through a lived-out story that we live in a world where a private corporation can FORCE technology into your environment that has a questionable safety record, okayed by their buddies.  If we continue to allow this we are only degrees away from a private corporation, who profits on the agenda being able to inject us with products that have questionable safety made by their buddies who they’ve given legal immunity to for any harm caused by the product.  Oh, actually, we’re already there…state by state this is already rolling out.  They simply buy off our politicians and influence oversight agencies who have proven they don’t have our best interest at heart.  


 Instead of protecting us from a known “foreign adversary” corrupt politicians and bureaucrates have made them allies and given them oversight over the National Institute of Health, the CDC, ANSI…and so far it’s resulted in a huge rollout of very unhealthy technology that is now creating an audible high-pitched tone and we’re all basically now in a microwave set on low.  Never in the history of humanity have we been exposed to 24/7 non-ionizing radiaton, pulsed microwave radiation.  And the goons expect there to be no consequences. 

Daryl Guberman removed his videos for over a year and they’ve only recently been restored.  He did tell me that he’d be happy to provide information specific to ANSI being overseen by a CCP member if you contact him.  He’s also available as an expert witness. He has quite a story about how he received an invitation to be a member of ANSI when he opened his safety certification firm. He decided to look into who they are and his research did not reveal an organization he wanted to be part of. We should be grateful for and reward truth tellers!


Below is a link to very informative article that gives details of his concerns:

“Guberman is directly and indirectly challenging Connecticut-based ISO certified businesses to recognize the advantages of a US-based accreditation body over the China-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

“Guberman said he repeatedly informed three Connecticut manufacturers of the risks associated with their quality management system (ISO certification) being influenced by China-led IAF. Records show The ISO certificates of all three businesses are accredited by ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board), an active member and signatory of China-led IAF which is under the leadership of Mr. Xiao Jianhua in Beijing, China.”

I agree 100%, especially when it comes to them certifying the electric meters that are bringing dangerous current into people’s wiring in their homes, offices, hospitals, schools…every single building without knowledge or consent of the danger and some of the readings and risks! 

The article cotinues “In 2016 Joe Bhatia, the person who runs ANSI, an American quality company with a hundred-year history, is on video talking about the dangers of using the China-ran IAF and other foreign entities who are anti-American in these kinds of roles,” remarked Guberman.  “It didn’t take him long to flip on this position and jump in bed with the ANAB and IAF.  So we are calling on those who love America to avoid ANSI, ANAB, and the IAF; instead making the choice to work with something like Guberman-PMC who are registrars who have an unquestioned and proven loyalty to the United States.” And here’s the link for the above comments:

ANSI's Ties To Terror States, Iran & Pakistan: Ignorance Precedes  Carelessness For Money" | Guberman Quality

Don’t you wish you could take in $84 Million and pay ZERO taxes? asks Guberman

And then the following article is sent to me by a friend that makes me more than a little uncomfortable with this “arrangement” where a Communist Chinese Nationalist is the one deciding that the electric meter on our home is “safe” when the entire globe is screaming that they are not!  What in the world could possibly go wrong?  Well as it turns out  “Dr. Charles Leiber is a nano-scientist at Harvard University who also serves as a chair for Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. He was arrested by the U.S. Department of Defense in January…According to the charging documents, Lieber was a contractual participant of the program and was paid $50,000 monthly, along with $158,000 in living expenses and $1.74 million to set up a research lab at Wuhan University. The fact that Lieber kept his association with the Chinese a secret put his integrity in question as well as financial conflicts of interest, including financial support from foreign governments or foreign entities…Leiber created a transistor so small it can be used to penetrate cell membranes and probe their interiors, without affecting the intercellular functions….Lieber lied about his involvement with the Thousand Talents Plan and affiliation with the Wuhan Institute of Technology and that makes him no less than a Chinese biowarfare agent.”  

I’d just like to know who thinks having intimate relationships with Communist China is a good idea.  WHY are they given any roles in our lives that could harm us?  Hopefully the recent events where they were withholding medical supplies during a “plannedemic” will open some regulatory eyes here in the US though I believe ignorance and apathy are the new norm.  “No Jurisdiction.  See China” should be inscribed on every agency wall now.  How sad.  GOD IS WATCHING AND THE STEWARDS WILL ANSWER FOR THIS.


But President Trump may have just handed us a way to get these toxic beasts off of our homes/offices. I’m chasing some details but hoping this may be the way to get rid of them.  Certainly having a Communist Chinese Nationalist overseeing them and essentially giving them a thumbs up is like saying “China says the meters are safe!”  We are fools for allowing such and especially since they are hackable, highly vulnerable even, and already are destroying our health and therefore are a threat to the economy of the US. I’m working on it….stay tuned or write me to see how you can help. Step one: FOLLOW THIS BLOG so I can show legislators, journalists and vendors of safety protection products that WE ARE MANY!

Here’s the Executive Order filed May 1, 2020.

Oops, never mind.  On the first day of taking office Joe Biden has rescinded President Trump’s EO 13920…therefore saying “Welcome back to our electrical grid” to the CCP! When did our electrical world become the concern of politicians? 

The link below is where an expert explains what happened in the power outages in Texas and THE BIG FREEZE.  It’s only 30 minutes long but you/we should be VERY CONCERNED about what he’s detailing about Communist China’s presence in our electrical world.  THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

 Here’s a little of the back story… I touched the screen of my new iPhone 5C in October of 2016 and a pain shot up my arm that made me highly sensitive to cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers and the number of us becoming ill is growing but nobody wants to talk about it and the government oversight agencies have had all jurisdiction for “wireless complaints” pulled so there’s a crime going on but nobody to report it to.  We are many!  If you scroll the article titles alone on the blog, you’ll see the story I’m presenting. Bottom line, this isn’t some theory I’m presenting here….I FEEL THIS STUFF and it feels like being subtly to not-so-subtly being electrocuted.  THE SCIENCE?  Oh I’m pretty sure I could print and fill a train car full of it from highly-credentialed scientists, doctors, universities, and institutions. We are the canaries laying on the bottom of the cage, no longer singing but not yet dead.  BTW:  Have you seen the post about the birds attacking what’s reportedly a 5G tower?  I’d post the link but I just checked and someone pulled the video.  I’ll look for another link later but the internet’s acting up and I need to start dinner.  That’s a pretty pure source of feedback from nature and has no allegiance to any party or payor.  Will be interesting to see if humans do anything with this information. 

Okay, so we moved to a very small town in the Ozark mountains to get me away from the technology-saturated city after that phone event but it wasn’t just the phone.  Though the cell phone emits a very toxic form of pulsed microwave radiation so does the Wi-Fi at 245 Billion Cycles Per Second.  And we had a wireless alarm system with transmitters and receivers all through the house…because the television told us to I suppose is the truth.  You can read more about that on the Featured Post of this blog which is pinned at the top of the page.

 So, I began fussing with this lawless and unkind utility cooperative who claims to be “member-owned” and yet three locals and a lawsuit I found online actually report that they lock said members out of public meetings and control who gets on the board. I also wonder how you can FORCE unwanted technology on a “member” if you claim to be a “member-owned” cooperative corporation.

After the staff attorney refused to accommodate my disabling condition by allowing me to have an old-style analog meter and sending in pictures of the readings by email from my hardwired, grounded, shielded computer.  They essentially laughed off my UT graduate MD’s letter of medical necessity, and wrote that I had to prove to the staff attorney, (who isn’t a doctor and would have clear bias),  that I have this disabling condition and I GOT MAD!  According to the ADA laws this is illegal.  Yes it’s just damn inconvenient of us to get sickened by all this new-fangled technology that here due to a documented track record of corruption.

I spent 17 days in the driveway in the RV, in the winter, waiting to find a solution and an electrician who could come to a remote place and help us out.  The meter readings were insane so staying in the house or unpacking wasn’t an option.  This too is illegal, to prevent me from the lawful and peaceful enjoyment of my property.  They don’t care.  You can’t imagine the stories I’ve heard since I got injured!  One cooperative told a woman in Texas where they have an opt-out law that “it’s not their policy to all her to access her right to have an analog meter.”  Hello?  They just said “we don’t have to obey any laws.” It’s also criminal assault using an applied method of “heat, light or electricity” according to the US Criminal Code and Ray Broomhall, an Australian attorney.  But nobody cares or has jurisdiction or wants to see what I’m saying I guess because they don’t feel it.  You need to hear me….WE ARE YOUR WARNING MESSENGERS that you have tipped the scales in the environment; and even the birds apparently agree.  Go ahead, spend some dedicated time on this blog and see that I’m grabbing you by the shoulders, looking you in the eyes and telling you that if we don’t change the course we’re on, we’re going to deeply regret it.

We ultimately had to install a $1250 whole house filter to get the DANGEROUS READINGS in this house down to a safe level. And yet, after settling in I began to notice there’s a constant 24/7, never waivers high-pitched squeal.  A neighbor hears it and another man in town said he hears it and that it began after they installed these meters.  I’ve likely asked less than 10 people. They don’t have a UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) logo on them indicating that they’re been tested for safety and they don’t say where they’re made.  That information isn’t on the Aclara website so I wrote them and they wouldn’t answer but directed me to the lawless utility mogul up here.  They’re looking into it and that’s been almost two weeks ago now.  I find it interesting and concerning that they don’t readily know the answer to “Where is this meter and all components made?”  That’s a reasonable question for an item that pumps a highly toxic current into home wiring that you can’t taste or smell and by the time you feel it, it’s because you’ve been affected by it.  Now we’re just waiting to see which lady dies this December. Right now, we’re 3 for 3. I just read that Christmas lights increase the amount of “RFR” radio frequency radiation on the lines, which would explain why every December (2022) Stay tuned.

Then there’s this little beast you should go check out and utilize to help stop this insidious invasion of unsafe technology in many forms:

When we become a country where a private corporation can FORCE unsafe technology onto their customers against their qualified doctor’s written orders, we’re on dangerous ground. 

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Thank you

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