Public Health Warning – Document w Instructions for Action

This is a Free to View and “Open-Source” document, which means it can be printed freely and distributed by anyone as long as it’s not for profit or gain!

This is what they can look like printed to hand out to neighbors, family, friends, doctors, teachers, school administrators, legislators, lawyers, your home insurance agent, home inspectors, real estate agents, electricians, electrical unions, anyone you can think of that may help get this message out.

Donations are appreciated, but not required. We don’t sell anything here and use our own funds to buy and distribute these while living on a fixed income, and donate lots of hours to produce this site and keep the pilot fires starting around the world. Bottom line, if we don’t get this part right, not much else matters as you’ll soon see. There IS a measure of hope. The question is whether we’re willing to do what it takes to change the course we’re on. If you’re grateful for what’s being presented here, make a donation:

These little “beast” booklets are now being mass produced and sent all over the USA, and now Austrailia… to investigative reporters, state legislators, influencers, conservation groups…and being printed and distributed by others who are deeply concerned about this issue and whose lives have been affected. Groups are forming around it to learn what’s going on and how WE THE PEOPLE can take action against the technology overreach. I’m still making improvements to this file but it gets the message across about the danger we’re in just as it is. Doing my best to help you see and respond…

A few more suggestions for who to share them with: family, friends, neighbors, doctors, alternative health practitioners like chiropractors and massage therapists, parent/teacher organizations, day cares, nursing homes, memory care centers, your state public service commission that oversees utility providers, state attorney general’s office citizen protection division, city, county and state health departments, investigative journalists and news outlets/editors, real estate agents, state real estate commission, electricians, electrician’s unions and their licensing board w/suggestion that EMF measurements, meters, and mitigation be added to their license requirement, home inspectors…that should give you some places to start.

NOTE: I am not a lawyer and didn’t even play one on TV but looking on Google I was able to see that in most states here in the US, the person being charged with criminal assault would need to be doing so intentionally. This little booklet should serve as “Notice” that they are harming others. If they weren’t aware of the harm their tower or WIFI or smart meter would do that’s one thing but once they know it’s doing harm, if they do not act immediately to remove the source then, according to the InPowerMovement, they are declaring their intention to continue to harm and that escalates the crime and the punishment level. From that point, it becomes something they are knowingly doing, and in one state I looked at this can bring the punishment up to 40 years in prison. I’m pretty sure dismissing credible data about the harm is not sufficient when there’s now plenty of data to back up the claim. It actually is illegal to harm people with radiation from devices as you’ll see in this document. Whether this becomes LEGAL or a MOVEMENT by WE THE PEOPLE, something MUST BE DONE as all jurisdiction has been removed from the oversight agencies! All the sheriff’s have been sent home so there’s nobody to report the crime to. IT’S ON US!

Ultimately the US Constitution gives us the right to protect ourselves if we feel our life is in imminent danger. Once you have the information within, and pointed to, by this document, you have what you need to see IMMINENT DANGER! You can see this demonstrated in this 2 minute video where a Houston homeowner defends her right to NOT have a new-fangled electric meter on her home! She references the US Constitution while defending her home! BTW: It can be interesting to read the comments on these YouTube videos.

I found a good price to have the document above printed online as a saddle-stitch binded “digest” which is 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Other size options are available if desired. The following images show the selections I made to come up with the price shown.

I found this print option at: and have been happy with the product received for the intended purpose. BTW: The company rep suggested we use 80 lb paper. A recent order by a fellow warrior was done with 60 lb paper and it’s fine so I will be ordering the lighter paper on the next batch as they are cheaper to mail.

If you have any questions during your order, we all did first time learning their set up but they are very responsive and eager to help. You’l find their phone number at the top of their site’s page. Click here:

These need to be given to daycares, Parent Teacher Organizations, school administrators, legislators, doctors, lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance agents, your neighbors, should be read to/by your kids… LATER, we will begin giving them to THOSE GUILTY OF THE DEPLOYMENT, BUT FIRST, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SHOWN THERE’S A PROBLEM and that WE are the only solution.

The post below has information on how to request your utility meter be replaced for an analog meter in accordance with an ADA (American Disability Act) request. It can be a good idea to do this first and let them turn you down as it helps justify the next moves of filing a CRIMINAL ASSAULT COMPLAINT but it isn’t required. It’s only a effort to bring awareness to this new disability that nobody wants to acknowledge.

P. S. Be advised. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE and it’s been a few years since I looked into it but my last awareness was that Criminal Assault Charges in the US can carry penalties of up to $3000 per person, per day. If a vast number of neighbors come together in this manner it’s a pretty daunting and legal threat as you’ll soon see. If the “emitter” has also been engaged in fraudulent behavior as is happening here, and people died from their product, it’s my understanding from my own research that RICO act charges could be pursued which allows for triple punitive damages and criminal charges. This knowledge may help you get a lawyer involved though that may not be an absolute requirement. MORE will be known as we move forward.

Here’s a poem that insisted on being written at the end of February 2023:

May 27th, 1990, A.D.

May 27th, 1990, A.D.

I wrote down a message GOD spoke to me.

“Isaiah 54 Shall Apply” is what it read.

I noted it in a first adult journal and then I went to bed. 

28 years went by before someone brought this back to mind.

When I went back to read it, I was amazed by what I’d find.

It was like reading a story of where all I had been.

It even showed my divorce, which I didn’t see back then.

I sought to live a PURPOSED LIFE seeking God’s presence every day.

So He could tell us a story and help us find His way.

It’s been a challenging but fruitful journey, an alternative path I took.

God then insisted I write an extensive book.

It had been out about a year when the story took a radical turn.

There were urgent things He needed to show me – we have a lot to learn.

As it turns out as we arrive at 2023, I found myself thinking about May 27th, 1990, A.D.

How I’m exactly where that chapter in Isaiah 54 said that I would be.

I always enjoy looking for God in the story happening through me.

First thing I notice is the message is turning 33.

Realizing this year, 66 years I’ve been livin’

But realized too I wasn’t actually 33 when it was given.

“But wait a minute” my mind ran ahead.

“How many days between those two?” I said.

I could hardly believe the answer when it was shown to me.

3 weeks and 3 days later I turned 33.

So, when I say “I’ve been sent” to help you see the error in your direction.

I hope you too can see the thumbprint of God and know the information comes with deep affection.

One step further, as I looked around.

Another set of 3’s is what I found.

February 2023 helps me to know.

We arrived here 3 years and 3 months ago.

Think of the seeding birds, the flora, and the bee

Living without them is a life we don’t wanna see.

Before I go, I just have one question.

What will it take before this town RESPONDS, does this need to be an even bigger lesson?

It’s going to take all of us to turn this mess around.

May GOD be with us.

39 thoughts on “Public Health Warning – Document w Instructions for Action

  1. Covid is a smoke screen for radiation sickness (5G) = Christopher A Tracy: I was here in New York City with family members when the late Nov 2019 “5Ge” rollout began. I was the last of the 5 to get ill within that 6 week period. (The youngest at 6 yrs old had an upset stomach, wanting to vomit, for about 2 hours, then felt fine.#3.) Then myself, already using the pile of vitamins was the last to get the colds and sweats. Each of our radiation illnesses lasted from 6 to 8 days, as we were hearing from neighbors above or below us in the apartments, getting ill.


  2. The problem is that they put the towers in front of your community without any or with very little warning or on ‘private land’ (people who are paid to have them on their plots) .

    What do you do then once it’s there?

    There is a point where, when all legal avenues have been explored, communities must take things into their hands and take down these 5G masts.

    This is what they do in Europe:


    1. I agree but I worry that humans have become so “subdued” by electrical current that they won’t do what needs to be done. I can barely get them to put a faraday bad on their phones. UNBELIEVABLE reaction, or lack thereof, by humanity, to this information. Thank you for your comment and the answer to your question about what can be done after they’ve already put up a tower is FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE END OF THIS BOOKLET. It shows that the US Criminal Code defines Criminal Assault as “Applied force, direct or indirect, without consent, that causes harm”. The attorney using this method successfully says that the criminal code goes on to identify “sources” of assault to include “heat, light, and electrical”. This method can be used to file against INDIVIDUALS working for the city writing the permit or placeing the device in our environment… the tower/antenna/smart meter/WIFI. The CEO’s, the staff attorney for the utility company, the installers, the land owner renting land for the tower….SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THEM AND SEND THEM THIS LITTLE DOCUMENT THAT SHOWS WE’RE COMING FOR THEM AND HAVE THE LAW ON OUR SIDE! I’ll be launching a podcast soon and pushing this movement forward. I hope you’ll join us. FOR NOW, I tell people to bring 5 people you trust to your home and go over this document with them and INVITE their participation. FOR NOW, just get 5 people to come hear you bulletpoint this document. THEN, take action! LMK if you have questions or want to report progress. I’m eager to hear from you.


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