Looking for Lawyers, Paralegals, and Law Enforcement – Here’s The Story

Civil Rights Violations, Amer Disability Act Violation AND Criminal Assault (as the emitter here declared their intention to continue doing so in spite of my ADA Accommodation Request and my qualified MD’s Letter of Medical Necessity), Personal Injury, Product Liability, Environmental Damage, and maybe even a RICO suit is in order since two people have died in a single building here with very high readings!


In October of 2016 I upgraded my iPhone 4 to a 5C and my hands ached when I held the phone. I bought a protective case and hoped it would resolve the perplexing issue and held my phone less hoping my body would calm down and accept it. Yes I know, but like everyone else that phone was how I captured assignments to earn money.

A few weeks later I touched the screen of my mom’s iPhone 6S to show her where to tap on a site to access a feature and a pain shot up my arm that felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight and it remained at that intensity for two hours before beginning to let up. A few days later I was getting out of the shower when what felt like a 7 or 8 foot wave of energy hit me and almost knocked me off my feet. I wrapped in a towel and stepped across the hall to see if my mom had plugged in the WIFI modem that we’d begun unplugging at night after my issue with the cell phone and some basic research that we deemed to be wisdom at that point. She was standing there with the plug in her hand but I looked beyond her and saw the AT&T wireless alarm system and realized we had transmitter/receivers all over the house and was now beginning to visualize all the unwired current running through our home and therefore our bodies. I’d never even thought about it. We were living exactly like the television directed us to live. I quickly unplugged it, realizing that every time I sat at that computer my left wrist ached. A doctor would’ve likely diagnosed me with carpal tunnel, subjected me to surgery, and sent me home to sit at that exact same desk, never knowing the source of that “inflammation”. Further ignored, it could’ve easily ended up being breast cancer on that side as that breast got extremely angry and painful after that first hit. Being a long-time health hacker I was able to put that fire out in five days but most people don’t know or live the way I do and they would’ve headed out the door to the doctor, and returned home likely talking on their cell phone on the way. LOL, we have much to learn about our new wireless and even our wired world.

From this point we bought some meters and began learning about the readings in our home environment, their source, and the proper method to mitigate unhealthy electrical issues. In my mom’s 41 yr old home we found many errors. Some were behind the sheetrock, which meant they’d been there since the home was first built…but what I found most disturbing was when we began interviewing electricians to help fix the issues. A 27-year journeyman electrician said, “Ma’am if you didn’t have these meters to show us what you’re talking about, we would’ve thought you were crazy”. I replied, “What’s crazy is that I’m standing here with a licensed electrician of 27 years and you have no idea about the meters to check the safety of your work nor the idea that your work done wrong can have an adverse effect on the health of the residents. Now that’s what I call crazy”.

You can read all the details of where this journey took me from that moment through the next 6+ years in this comprehensive document that should concern every thinking human and show you why this isn’t only affecting me. It’s FULL of information on this condition, the sources, how many people are being effected, how to diagnose and treat it, and how many laws are being broken, that I a non-lawyer can see: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2022/10/26/public-health-warning-document-w-instructions-for-action/

As it turns out, living in that culturally approved unhealthy electrical environment had caused me to develop a condition known as “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivy” aka EHS. This condition is recognized by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) and they’ve assigned it an International Diagnostic Code for Insurance Billing. You can view the details of that diagnostic code on page 11 of the Public Health Warning document in the paragraph above. Be aware that the W.H.O. does not use the term “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.” Rather they call it, “idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) attributed to electromagnetic fields (EMF).”

Professor Curtis Bennett of Thermoguy.com actually teaches Medical Continuing Education Classes to medical personnel for this condition. https://thermoguy.com/medical/

Then there’s this document below:

Then there’s this one which is a Power Point Slide Presentation with some pretty impactful insights:

So, establishing that this condition is real and should legally be recognized as a DISABILITY, let’s take a look at a few items: First would be the information on page 11 of the Public Health Warning document mentioned/linked above detailing that the World Health Organization has an ICD which means International Diagnostic Code for this condition for insurance and billing purposes as I understand it. The WHO does not use the term “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.” Rather they call it, “idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) attributed to electromagnetic fields (EMF).” https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2022/10/26/public-health-warning-document-w-instructions-for-action/

Then there’s this little screenshot from an NIH.gov document which is primarily discussing the relationship between 5G and Covid but it has a tremendous amount of general information about harm and references lots of studies, government studies! So again, if the National Institutes of Health and the WHO acknowledge this condition is real and I’m telling you that you’re killing off the healers and the pollinators you might want to take us out of the conspiracy theory box and consider that we are in fact your early warning messengers!

Here’s the link to the NIH.gov document where the above image was captured: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8580522/?report=classic

And then there’s this, the American Disability Act Amendments of 2008 TO ESTABLISH THAT I AM IN EVERY WAY “DISABLED” according to this information:

In the first link shared above, the Public Health Warning document, which is the Featured Post on this site, you’ll find details of how my life has been impacted by this. Essentially I can’t go in any buildings in this town due to the widespread use of a specific form of digital electric meter that’s putting a very deadly level of “Dirty Electricity” or “voltage transients” onto the powerlines and bringing it into the homes and buildings serviced by this utility cooperative. This means I can’t go out to eat, can’t go to the grocery store, can’t go in the Post Office, can’t even go to the doctor or dentist and a trip to the ER would likely result in a heart attack, a stroke, or both. There are only 8 low EMF hospitals in the entire world! This “Dirty Electricity” is able to be measured with a “Line Noise” meter or a meter known as a Stetzerizer. A professional EMF mitigation person would likely use an oscilloscope but it’s not as easy to read for the average person. A safe reading is 30 on a line noise meter, and any reading over 50 MUST BE FILTERED, which we’ve done at our electric panel and inside with plug-in filters. You can learn more about the meters used to measure and the filters at this link: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/12/05/dirty-electricity-meters-filters/

Yes, there would still be issues with my going into buildings since everyone’s carrying a cell phone, and WIFI is everywhere BUT, if I HAD TO go into a doctor or dentist office and had this DISABILITY and requested accommodation by everyone turning off their cell phones and the office turning off the WIFI during my visit, at least I could get medical attention. We can’t turn off their toxic electric meter SO THIS ONE DEVICE IS BLOCKING ME FROM LIVING MY LIFE MORE THAN THE OTHERS! I could go to the grocery store and post office if these meters weren’t in use here as I would simply keep my distance from people with cell phones, and currently there is no WIFI in our grocery store here but if so, I could ask that it be turned off while I shop, and shop at hours when most people aren’t there BUT IF THIS METER IS ON THE BUILDING THAT’S NOT EVEN AN OPTION!

This form of electric meter in use here when discussed by EMF Specialists say it “contaminates” the powerlines with constant pulses. Other EMF remediation specialists commenting on this kind of TWACS/PLC system have pointed out that the powerlines were designed to ONLY carry electric current. Using these electric lines to now carry data, which they point out ‘has an inherent whine’, could explain the 24/7 high-pitched squeal in the air here. A source from page 35 of that Public Health Warning shared, The Austrian Chamber of Physicians (equivalent to the American Medical Association) and the Swiss Physicians for the Environment were so alarmed about widespread health effects from PLC that they opposed it at the federal level in their countries. Effects can be immediate as well as cumulative. Reports from states that have this indicate this is potentially deadly, with the most vulnerable feeling the effects soonest.”

Below you’ll see a copy from my files of a lawsuit dated September of 2011 where you’ll see several comments about the business practices of Carroll Electric. There’s several statements here that call into question what benefits do they as a private corporation derive by calling themselves a “member owned” entity? Among several other complaints listed here that seem inconsistent with the entire spirit of a “member owned” entity. How can they claim this and then FORCE an unsafe meter on said members and with no shame and prefer to use the word “Cooperative” while they act like a “Corporation”. We’re “member owned” but at the bottom of this scrubbed-from-the net article it reads, “Carroll Electric announced recently that it will install Smart Meters on every electric account. Customers will not have a choice if they wish to continue to receive electric service”. Now doesn’t it seem like said members would’ve had to vote on this? Again I ask, what benefit are they deriving by claiming to be one thing and acting like another? Anyone?

The locals also say the 24/7 high-pitched squeal in the air began almost immediately upon the installation of these meters indicating an environmental impact would also be likely especially since a local man reports “our studies are ongoing but we have found a correlation between Chronic Wasting Disease in our white tail deer and these electric meters. You can see his screenshot here: https://nomoretowersintheozarks.org/images-that-teach

So, I sent the following letter to Carroll Electric, via their staff attorney, Linda Lamb, requesting an accommodation by them providing or allowing the installation of a true, mechanical only, analog utility meter like we all grew up with. This was done by providing a Letter of Medical Necessity from my University of Texas trained Medical Doctor who has examined me, overseen my own efforts, and has added to my regiment of supplements to help control symptoms. She is my TREATING PHYSICIAN, who has attended courses on this condition, thereby qualified to make a diagnosis. Notice: I have a stack of emails/letters between myself and Carroll Electric but am only going to post here what I think an attorney may be interested in seeing.

Also you should know that this information was sent to DisabilityRightsAR.org’s legal director, Thomas Nichols, who after he’d seen this doctor’s letter and my request and offer to read the meter and send in pictures by email of the readings on a monthly basis. He deemed this a “perfectly reasonable request for accommodation”. After he saw Linda Lamb’s unseemly reply he advised me to file a complaint with Fair Housing. It then went to the Dept of Energy, the Dept of Justice, and HUD. Every single agency reported “We no longer no jurisdiction”. An interesting distinction, “we NO LONGER have jurisdiction” was the wording in a dozen letters to injured parties after their case being before the DOJ for almost two years. Essentially, the corrupt system sent all the Sheriff’s home so there’s nobody to report the crime to. At least that’s the way I see it.

Instead of following my doctors request above and contacting her “for any questions you have”, Linda Lamb proceeded to write me a very upsetting letter. As you can see her comments were very snide. She questioned if my doctor was also an electrician while ignoring that her electricians are not doctors. She also arbitrarily downgraded my doctor’s diagnosis to a mere “medical opinion” as if she has the right to do that. In my mind a “medical opinion” is what’s given when a doctor hasn’t actually examined the patient, which is not the case. BTW, I was just told by a friend here who knows several Carroll Electric lineman and poleman, that they don’t even use licensed electricians here but actually just teach guys how to hook up wires. What????? I’m appalled and yet not surprized because a TRUE electrician would likely not be okay with what’s being done here. Recently, a poleman for Carroll Electric told this friend that “he no longer thinks I’m crazy”. Hello!

The answer to her snotty, unprofessional questions is that my doctor has attended conferences on the subject matter of the hazards of chronic 24/7 exposure to non-ionizing radiation! We might need to remember that we all knew that CHRONIC 24/7 EXPOSURE WASN’T OKAY, BUT WE FORGOT WHEN ALL THE WIRELESS CONVENIENCES CAME OUT. Also, the reputation of this form of electric meter is clearly presented online as I didn’t attend any medical conferences to learn what I’ve learned. Anyone with a brain who reads can see the danger! This meter HAS ISSUES that are known to effect even healthy people. Also, there is so much information on the hazards of non-ionizing, electromagnetic radiation that you have to actively be avoiding it to not know about it. Again, I strongly suggest reading through the Public Health Warning document to see what I mean. Also a little time on PubMed.com under the categories of “Dirty Electricity” and “Electromagnetic Radiation” also has a lot of information. Since this is my doctors area of interest I’d say those questions should’ve been directed to my doctor. However, she later wrote to me that she/they would no longer be answering my emails that I’d have to write them letters and mail them. THIS, along with her snide and emotionally abusive remarks are ILLEGAL when talking to a “Disabled” person. To even refuse communication is considered HOSTILE BEHAVIOR. I sent the following letter to Linda Lamb. Note that she had tried to not deal with me by telling me that my mom was the actual “member” and she wouldn’t be answering me any further or similar wording. Again, this is illegal according to the ADA laws. Here’s my HOT-HEADED reply:

At this point it’s my understanding that the stance of Carroll Electric, and their staff attorney, Linda Lamb, leans towards Criminal Assault as once they knew I was vulnerable and refused to accommodate me their actions became “Intentional”. Another issue I want point out is that at the end of my letter to Carroll Electric’s Linda Lamb, staff attorney, I shared a link to a website that shows why this form of electric meter is of concern and even asked her how she sleeps at night. THAT WAS HER NOTICE AND OPPORTUNITY TO FIX THE ISSUE. At that point she/they meet the requirement that they “knew or should have known of a dangerous situation under their control”.

If you decide to take my case I can bring you a whole lot more people from my online base who are being injured and prevented from living their lives. In fact, I’d say the entire service area of Carroll Electric Cooperative CORPORATION has a case against them. Why are their “members” being FORCED to accept a meter that was rejected by two countries medical associations for known harm? Why has our system allowed this to go on? WE THE PEOPLE NEED HELP! Many people are living in their cars and metal sheds trying to escape. You should see what Nicor Gas Co did to a 90 yr old woman and her chemically-sensitive and electromagnetically-sensitive 62 yr old daughter. They informed the 90 yr old woman who’d lived in her home for 54 years that if she didn’t allow them to install a “smart meter” that they would condemn her home! They had painted this home with water-based paints and stains so her daughter wouldn’t become sick and made it a home that suited them and their circumstances. They were driven out into a small manufactured home and the daughter stays in a faraday cage in 2 rooms of the house. IS THIS WHAT KIND OF WORLD WE WANT TO LIVE IN WHERE A CORPORATION CAN BRING IN TECHNOLOGY THAT’S PRODUCING TANGIBLE DEADLY READINGS INT HE BUILDING AND RUN PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR HOMES IF THEY DON’T COOPERATE? I don’t think for one second a jury would be okay with any of this!

If you’re interested in the case and have questions please reach out to me through the CONTACT button on the NoATT.blog site. https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/contact/

This link will take you to the long version of this story. I think it’s worth your time as it makes reference to a lawsuit in Vermont where a utility company had to pay the homeowners were paid $1 million after they put a tower near their home. This hopefully means we have legal precedence IN THE USA. Page 24, but again, I think you should read the entire document: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2022/10/26/public-health-warning-document-w-instructions-for-action/

Footnote: I have personally lost all faith in our legal system but sometimes life throws surprizes so I never rule it out completely that LIFE wants to throw a wrench into the spinning wheel and stir things up for the humans. Therefore, I’m not sharing the image below showing our list of Unalienable (GOD GIVEN…not from man) Rights because I actually expect the laws to make this right. I entire system is so deeply flawed that it will allow CORPORATIONS to come in and destroy the environment and the laws on the books fail to protect. It’s like humanity has lost their stupid minds completely. The lawyers themselves should be screaming day and night and digging into WHY THE SYSTEM FAILS when it should act. These RIGHTS are part of our founding documents in this country. The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights…you know things about how we can treat each other here on the planet. BECAUSE I was injured by a new cell phone and was then FORCED to exile into the rural abyss while I teach this information to others hopefully to save what remains…and I can’t get any oversight agency to admit jurisdiction, and most of the other humans just stand and look at me/the issue like a deer in headlights…I’m presenting this JUST IN CASE it gets through to some legal mind….”Yeah! Hey, what happened to this person’s rights? Why is nobody acting to help protect them? Are mine gone too? Where did they go? What happened to our judicial system? Uh huh. I counted 11 of the 20 that no longer exist. You can thank The War Powers Act of 1933 and The Patriot Act that came out of 9/11. Question is, is this what WE THE PEOPLE intended to happen to our rights?

Read through this list and imagine that you have been disabled by toxic substances in the environment, not due to your own doings but the doings of CORPORATIONS and profiteers in gov’t and industry. You can’t work, can’t travel because you get literally zapped by cell towers as you pass them which compromises your health. You can’t go in any buildings because the profiteer fools have installed a form of electric meter that contaminates the power lines all the way into the wiring of every building serviced with few exceptions. They act as if people like me are “crazy” because they watched the Netflix series titled Better Call Saul not realizing they weren’t educated….they were programmed to believe that so people like me giving early warning messages would be laughed off and ignored. A METER READING SHOULD END THAT DEBATE. Further, if you had a medical emergency or dental emergency you can’t receive help due to the presence of these TOXIC electric meters on every practitioner’s office. I could request for people to turn off the WIFI and their cell phones while I’m helped but these electric meters in use here….THAT STOPS ME COMPLETELY! And it isn’t an unjustified fear when I can show you UNSAFE, and even DEADLY READINGS coming from the electric outlets. It’s a matter of whether you’re immediately affected or cumulatively aka whether your particular genetic makeup cooks you quickly or slowly. If you go to the ER it could cost you your life due to a likely stroke, heart attack or both. You can’t go to friend’s homes because they too have these meters and don’t know they should be filtered for their own safety. They don’t know so they can’t see that the health issues they’re dealing with are a different manifestation of being intolerant to them as shown in the Microwave Symptom chart below. So, I’m shut out of the grocery store and the post office too. And finally, imagine that you hear a 24/7 high-pitched squeal from the meters forced on you…NOW WHERE ARE THOSE MISSING RIGHTS OF MINE?

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  1. Professor Curtis Bennett of Thermoguy.com lectures Continuing Medical Education (CME) for credits required to maintain ongoing licensure to medical academia and has reported a critical Error or Omission in Health Canada Safety Code 6. See:

    Also Professor Curtis Bennett has warned authorities of NUCLEAR FAILURE WITHIN BORDERS by violation of Building Code, applicable to each jurisdiction globally. See:

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