Confession: The Part I Took Out of the URGENT Message…Document

I took this part out because I thought if we knew, REALLY SAW THIS, that we wouldn’t try to clean it up or fix it and I deeply wanted this mess to be fixed.  I no longer believe that is the right approach.  Perhaps we’ll start talking about some things that matter when we realize that we’re truly swimming in gamma radiation and microwave radiation and breathing radioactive particles and 170 million Americans are reportedly drinking radioactive particles,… amplified by other gov’t programs…Once you see it, you can’t unsee it so you might want to give a little deeper thought to how you prioritize things in your life.  …here’s what I removed:

We also need to be made aware and remain aware that in March of 2011 a radiation disaster took place in Fukushima, Japan (directly across the Pacific from our west coast), when a tsunami hit their nuclear power plant.  Why you would build a nuclear power plant in a region that has a history of tsunami’s back to 869 A.D. is yet another question but it happened and is still happening! One report accused Israel of using a DEW (direct energy weapon) off the shore triggering the tsunami after Japan began talking to Iran about helping them with their nuclear program.  Regardless of how it happened, it’s reportedly 70% larger than the Chernobyl incident in 1986.  Actually it appears that 2, maybe 3 of the cores melted all the way through and went into the abyss.  The mountain water running under that facility is now being contaminated as it passes through this “hell hole” and the reports are that it’s consistently pouring 300 tons of contaminated water into the Pacific daily.  I’ve seen a recent article blaming what looked like radiated fish being blamed on “Climate Change” while the other, more likely, explanation is ignored.  A recent picture of a fish with two mouths was also blamed on climate change while the leak from the leaking nuclear site up stream isn’t mentioned BUT THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT I’M PRESENTING is online if you go look for it.  We are trapped in a world where INFORMATION is controlled and the nightly news is just entertainment.  If you want to know anything that matters you have to go look for it.

You can read a relevant article here:

Another article of interest is here: this interview Dr. Caldicott shares that the WHO actually signed an agreement with the IAEA in 1959 agreeing to never report on medical effects of any radiological disasters.  ☹

Here’s a recent interview with Dr. Caldicott:

But we also have this:  Perhaps this would explain why Obama approved raising the levels of radiation in drinking water.

Facebook comment by someone way deeper into this research, who pointed me to this…” fails to mention Hanford has caved in over a yr ago and is spewing plutonium waste daily, and a yr after on the alert system the last of the workers that knew how to re-contain were begging the public as public majority demand is needed b4 they are allowed to do anything and no public demand to re contain, nor any of the other major leaking ones into aquafirs etc etc though…so no public majority demand…nor does it mention how in December the epa regs were downgraded on it by our leader sadly..but no public wanted to know any of it ..yet the few i told u to contact direct had all the proofs and were for over 7 yrs more than daily putting it in our faces…no one wanted to web it out as the pd for sandbag propaganda so more die as sadly more believable in america ..those few have masses of documented proofs, we even posted for years the daily lie ids as they did..but no one wanted any of it direct from those w experience thru a lifetime …sadly still

YouTube has a video, The Children of Chernobyl, you can watch here: and you’ll see what’s happened to the children 30 years after that nuclear disaster!

And yet another Facebook comment will send me searching as they shared that another nuclear catastrophe is going on in Russia that’s three times the size of Chernobyl and it too is being covered up.

And one more report shows radioactive leaks found at 75% of US nuke sites:

If you look at the URGENT MESSAGE core document here, in Exhibit A, maybe the last page or so, we’re already 5 to 8 times above normal safe limits for radiation levels.  Oh, and after Fukushima, they just raised the reporting limits by 23,000 times in drinking water and turned off the radiation monitors on the west coast.  There, that fixed that.

More mayhem:

You should follow/support Mid-America Land Restoration on Facebook.  Here’s his website:  He’s the only one I know who’s even talking about it from a “solution” perspective and he’s convinced microbes will do it not some petro-chemical. I can’t even imagine that but at least I’m open to hear what he’s got to say.  If you call him he’s happy to talk to you and his number is on his site.  Chernobyl was apparently doused heavily with a mineral called Zeolite.  Nature has some powerful secrets so…  Anyway, I do realize that the goons that created this certainly don’t have any answers.  Maybe the aliens will come help but we better do something fast and not wait or hope that our gov’t is going to do anything.  They’re too busy trying to figure out more ways to destroy things and make money through death and destruction.  So sad that THIS is what humanity produced.  I knew as a teen this was a BAD IDEA.  I wish I’d been wrong.


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