Are We Doomed?

When I was doing research for the book I wrote about how I reversed several “incurable diseases” after nearly a dozen doctors had no clue what to do, I cited several articles in the  book introduction that paint a pretty clear picture of where we are as a nation, and the globe. 

The bottom line is that the US makes up only 5% of the global population BUT they consume 70% of the Rx drug supply; 80% of the opiates.  The Baby Boomers are the largest demographic to ever go through the medicare system, they’re sicker than any other previous generation.  They have no idea how to get well or how to stay well because they were all sold on the false notion that a Rx pill will remove consequences of not knowing how to take care of their body.  One of the articles went on to say how expensive the final years of life are medically-speaking and yet another article shared that there is no money set aside for this inevitable expense and it’s expected to be “ten times our national debt.”  Yes, TEN TIMES OUR NATIONAL DEBT AND IT’S AN “UNFUNDED LIABILITY” which means the gov’t has no money set aside to pay this coming-like-a-freight-train expense.

We’re already in trouble if that’s the only issue we have, but it isn’t.  The ambient radiation levels (gamma and microwave, along with chemical amplifiers being released into the atmosphere) by trillion watt lasers are going to escalate illness in this nation and the doctors have no clue how to address it.  The only way I’ve made it through my ordeal is because I’m an outside the box thinker; and acquired knowledge along my journey which is how I reversed those “incurable” conditions.  

Beyond this foundation concern I’ll post four more articles that can help you see why you may want to start setting different priorities in your life.  Yes, this reading will require a little more acknowledgment of a good vs. evil dynamic in your perspective.  

The graphic below is from a global military equipment site and was brought to my attention through friends online.  I have a “Hmmmmmm” shelf I put things on while I wait for more information.  It’s there, but then when I see articles like the first two listed here it makes me more aware that this may not be some fringe lunatic writing scary articles for the internet for fun.  They explain the drastic reduction in population to be due to two primary causes, “displacement and suicide.”  

So on top of the sickly Baby Boomers, the increased levels of gamma/nuclear radiation (5 to 8 times normal safe levels as shown in Exhibit A of the featured post here), radiation-amplifying efforts in the skies (solar radiation management aka sun dimming), we’ve lost 75% of our insects, dramatic reduction in bird populations, 4 species of bees in the US are now extinct…yeah, I don’t see this randomly getting better.  In fact, the more I read the more I’m pretty certain humanity is in some pretty big trouble.  Radiation takes no prisoners and crosses all lines of socioeconomic, political and financial status; it matters not.  

THIS is what happens to a nation when the politicians are in bed with corporations instead of watching out for the health and well-being of the citizens and the planet’s health above all.    To see a little more of what’s in my awareness about radiation issues going on that the news doesn’t speak of read the post here titled, Confession: The Part I Took Out of the Document.  When you start really looking at these things “Are We Doomed” should be something a reasonable person considers in my opinion.  Certainly changes the way I go through my day to day now.

Click here to read:

Click here to read:

Another report shows radioactive leaks found at 75% of US nuke sites:

Scientists discover radiation leak 100,000 times normal from Russian nuclear sub wreck:  Click here to see the article:

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