A Corporation Can FORCE “Made in China” UNSAFE Technology Into Your Environment Against Your MD’s Orders! You okay with this?

I had an acute event with my cell phone in October of 2016 and that’s how I got yanked down this rabbit hole; it was a matter of survival.  See the Featured Post on this blog for more information on this.  I touched the screen of my new iPhone 5C and a pain shot up my arm that felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight.  It stayed that way for 2 hours before beginning to let up.  Over the next few days my left breast became angry and on fire but thankfully I’m a health nut/author and knew something to try and it worked.  However, I was now “hypersensitive” to wireless technology and even the wiring errors in our home that I suspect are pretty typical had to be addressed. We had an older version of a Smart Meter but had no idea. There were 3 cell phones in the house, Wi-Fi, and a wireless alarm system with units all over the house sending waves throughout the home, and what we didn’t know….through our bodies and brains.  One aspect of our humanity is that we are “electrical” beings so that’s not smart, but we forgot.  We got dazzled and now our lives were/are swimming in this electrical soup.

We lived in Austin, TX and learned on AntennaSearch.com that we had 23 cell towers and 112 antennas in a 4-mile radius of our home.  One cell tower was literally in our neighborhood (.24 miles from our home).  A friend had 443 cell towers and 339 antennas in her 4-mile radius in San Antonio, TX.  (I saw a doctor on YouTube the other day stating that 400 towers per 4-mile radius is the norm.)  I’d say almost every home had a Smart Meter on it which also put me in a globe of radiation.  You can see this clearly at this site  and learn more about “Smart Meters” (in Michigan) but still good visual and relevant information about these new electric meters the utility companies covertly installed on our homes and offices.  https://www.smartmetereducationnetwork.com/smart-meters-what-they-are-and-what-they-do.php

We also learned that any hope of getting me well meant getting away from the environment that’s causing illness so we moved to the Ozark mountains in north central Arkansas and thus began this part of the story. Note that we had a law in Texas declaring our option to Opt-Out of these meters and had to pay a fee to do so initially and monthly but at least we had a choice.  Even so, there are still people in Texas whose utility company told them “that’s not our policy” or another way of saying that is “we aren’t going to obey the law” and the conversation is over if you want to retain electrical service.

First, I wrote an official ADA accommodation request to Carroll Electric and the written conversations began. As soon as I saw the state of mind and lack of regard for me or anyone who isn’t in agreement with their agenda I took my issue to Thomas Nichols, the legal director for DisabilityRightsAr.org.  I told him I had requested that they install an old-style analog (non-electronic/non-transmitting) meter and that I was willing to send a picture by email, (from my hard-wired, grounded and shielded computer), of the readings so they don’t have to send a meter-reader out and that I even had a letter from my doctor to the utility company. This doctor is a University of Texas graduate, Doctor of Internal Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner who’s taken courses in this condition I have.  She stated that I’m her patient, that I have a condition known as ElectroMagneticSensitivity and their electric meter aka Smart Meter will aggravate my symptoms.  The staff attorney wrote back that I needed to prove to her that I in fact have this disability! Another employee, Nancy Plagge, put it in writing to a reporter that the efficiency of their system was their primary concern. It read to me as if she said (through my disabled-by-this-tech person filter), that their smart grid/meter system was in the best interest of everyone else and if it makes some of us sick or kills us then we’ll just have to accept that.  How their technology affects others negatively just wasn’t of any priority concern to them.   Did you hear that?  My disability is not of paramount concern.  My legal rights weren’t of any concern.  My LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR has been reduced in authority below a staff attorney for a private corporation!!!  They even downgraded my doctor’s diagnosis to “mere medical opinion” and inserted themselves as the deciding agent when the ADA laws are actually the deciding factor.  I warned her and informed her but there’s a mindset with these utility companies throughout America and throughout the globe that they are the ultimate authority.  People who have rejected these meters have had their power cut off in the dead of winter; I kid you not.  I can actually introduce you to the woman with this story and there’s more! I’m on an email forum of people with this condition.  The entire internet is teeming with the truth but we’re all distracted with our lives and gadgets.

Thomas Nichols determined that my request for accommodation and offer to send pictures of the readings was “completely reasonable.”  When he saw the written stance of the staff attorney he advised that I file a complaint for “Refusal to Accommodate” with Arkansas Fair Housing.  Darrell, at that office took my complaint stating “Yeah if you have a letter from a doctor that’s what we respond to.”  I thought the battle was won but then I received a letter a week later from them stating they “have no jurisdiction”.  The case was sent to HUD through their normal process.  About 3 weeks later I received a letter from them stating “we have no jurisdiction”.  The complaint is now in front of the Arkansas State Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division and a low-income legal group as I’ve been unable to work for 3 years.  I’m now beginning a focused effort to find a civil rights lawyer. The case would normally go to the DOJ and/or the DOE for failure to accommodate a reasonable request by a disabled person.  THIS IS LAW as well as a moral code we’ve always lived by in this country.  I reached out to an email forum of people just like me and learned that the DOJ and the DOE no longer have jurisdiction over wireless health injuries/claims.  A dozen people had their cases before them for 2 years when they all suddenly got a letter stating “we no longer have jurisdicition.” See?  They sent all the sheriff’s home so there’s nobody to report the crime to so I’m reporting it to THE PEOPLE!

The local sheriff’s 46-year-old wife collapsed and died two weeks after we arrived.  I accidentally put some information in his hands the other day so I hope he follows up and takes readings in their home.  From everyone we’ve spoken to “she was having a few health issues lately but nothing that would prepare them for her sudden death.”  Then there’s the business owner who had two major heart attacks and now has a $180,000 pacemaker in his chest after installation of these meters.  You’ll find a few videos on this blog showing an EKG and live blood analysis showing what they do to the heart, blood and brain.



The reality is that cell phones are actually microwave radios and they emit microwave radiation.  Non-Ionizing & Ionizing Radiation accumulates in the human body and will make you ill and kill you.  This is not new insight. That’s why they limit the amount of x-rays we have.  There’s an ICD Diagnostic Code W90.0 for “Exposure to radiofrequency” which is what cell towers emit but they’re putting them everywhere, even around schools, because they always need money.  https://icd.codes/icd10cm/W900


On this blog you’ll see that the first lawsuits have begun against cell phone manufacturers because they failed to inform their customers of the radiation exposure from using their product. You aren’t supposed to have them up to your head or in contact with your body. ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PERSON I SEE HAS THEM IN THEIR POCKET, CLUELESS THAT THEY ARE BEING INFUSED WITH MICROWAVE RADIATION.  That alone should tick you off because THEY KNEW what they were selling us. Females are born with all the eggs in their ovaries they will ever produce and they’re being exposed to microwave radiation.  Wonder how this is going to turn out.  We saw a 4-year old hold up his iPhone he got for his birthday when we came to buy this house. Do you think his mother should know? Who will suffer when and if the worst outcome becomes their reality?  I know 5 people who got cancer from their cell phones. When I posted that on Facebook a few years ago, a doctor’s wife in Houston replied “I know dozens.”  Here’s the link about the cell phone radiation lawsuits.


When you go through the posts on this blog (and others) about these electric meters and follow the trail  you’ll see highly-credentialed people declaring we’re about to see “an explosion of illness.”

There is an accepted consensus among the experts that each of these smart meters is the equivalent of 160 cell phones. http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/public-health-alert/smart-meters-radiation-exposure-up-to-160-times-more-than-cell-phones-hirsch/

So, if cell phones to the head, breast, tailbone (Yes…our electrician), cause cancer there’s really no argument here that putting 160 of them on a homes wiring would be risky and maybe just plain stupid.  They’re “gaming” the science and “selling doubt” so you have to be brave enough to look for and see the truth.  The fact that they installed them without consent seems sneaky and when people are sneaky they’re usually up to no good.

WE THE PEOPLE are the only one’s who can stop the machine but we MUST TAKE ACTION.  I’m living a story so you can see.  I am here to warn you and introduce you to a whole new reality!

I’m convinced that this is not the America that WE THE PEOPLE voted in.  We have been duped and it’s time to see that we’re in very dangerous waters now with all this technology and we better stop and make some very necessary changes.  Be clear, I’m not claiming I see unicorns.  I’m reading a microsurge or line noise meter which has been around for decades and the readings indicate an extremely unhealthy environment that can and does sicken people and can even be deadly!  It can also be seen on an oscilloscope.

The safety of this new technology is being questioned by credible scientists, doctors, universities and microwave weapon experts all over the world as evidenced by this thimble of available information on this blog.   This private corporation covertly installing this technology which isn’t Underwriter Laboratory safety tested but “meets ANSI standards” DEMANDS our immediate attention!  Again, an intelligent person would ask “Who is ANSI and who funds them?” When you see this video where an electrical engineer testifies before the House Energy Committee in Feb 2018, that ANSI allows the electronics to be removed from these meters before being tested, THIS SHOULD CONCERN YOU!


BTW:  Your hairdryer and your toaster have a UL safety certification; shouldn’t these electric meters when they bring in a toxic, measurable current into the home wiring known and recognized on PubMed.com as “Dirty Electricity” which they also recognize as causing ill effects.

You’ll see several posts on this blog about the subject of “Dirty Electricity” and “Smart Meters” which are a catalyst for this toxic. measurable current. 

The Dangerous Readings Post here has a list of 20 links on “Dirty Electricity”


Here’s a few more links I don’t think I included in that post, several from PubMed:  


Journal-Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 

Volume 33, 2014 – Issue 1

Evidence that dirty electricity is causing the worldwide epidemics of obesity and diabetes  https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.3109/15368378.2013.783853

Volume 35, 2016 – Issue 2






Here’s a heavily-referenced published article with lots of knowledge and supportive documentation about this condition also known as ElectroHyperSensitivity aka Microwave Illness aka Radio Wave Sickness.  It’s not new!


I suspect I could fill a train car with published articles, studies and reviews to establish this as a REAL condition.  The entire internet around the globe is screaming and yet I’m being treated as if I’m in fact, claiming I see unicorns.  It’s been known and recognized since WWII.  Seriously, the culture unleashes a historic deployment of new technology and expects there to be no consequences to the health of the citizens. Whether we choose to allow people already being affected to be disregarded is where we are now. If you happen to fall outside of the cultural trends and inconvenience them, you’re deemed “not worthy” of consideration.  Is this the world you want to live in?  Would you want to be treated this way?  In my view, this is not how Americans treat other people; it’s just not.  So, the current state motto of “The People Rule” demands that we reinforce this declaration or it’s lost forever to corporations.  WE HAVE TO SET A LEGAL PRECEDENCE OR ANYTHING GOES.

BTW:  According to a resident of this small town and a lawsuit I found online, the local utility cooperative corporation, Carroll Electric, who claims to be member-owned but actually locked the doors and wouldn’t let members in. It’s reported that they also control who’s on the board; that too is in the lawsuit I found online. Sadly, this is happening all over the nation.  If that’s not bad enough I also found out that these meters…well, they’re okayed by a communist chinese nationalist who has a duty to commit espionage.  Conveniently they’ve installed data mining devices on our homes and offices.


I’m now in the process of establishing that the circuit board, O switch, electronic subsystem and sensor are made in China.  I’m betting they are and if so a recent Executive Order signed on May 1st, 2020 by President Trump states that all equipment in our electric grid manufactured or controlled by a foreign adversary must be monitored and replaced.  Because there’s a 24/7 high-pitched squeal here and is common among this powerline communication system I’M VERY CONCERNED.  These powerlines were never intended to carry data and I think they’re SCREAMING because of it.  SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!


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