URGENT LETTER to Our Neighbors in Arkansas about Dangerous Readings Coming From the Electric Outlets

 AGGRESSIVE BRAIN CANCER & DANGEROUS READINGS IN TOWN LIKELY FROM THE ELECTRIC METERS USED HERE – This same post was also created with this title for circulation purposes.

URGENT:  As you may know one of your beloved locals has been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. She passed away 12/23/2020. She went from feeling nothing from the dangerous readings I found in her office to “She has aggressive brain cancer (5 masses) and only days to live.” Just because you don’t feel this stuff doesn’t mean it isn’t doing major damage to your body!

As soon as I heard of her diagnosis I immediately suspected these horrific electric meters being used here so I took my meters to her desk and took readings.  On a Stetzer microsurge meter, or any Line Noise Meter, no reading over 50 is acceptable. I plugged it in to an outlet up on the wall almost even with where Lesa’s head would be.  The immediate reading was 1500’s, then 1900’s, then the meter maxed out which means it is over 2000 Graham-Stetzer Units aka GSU’s.  The same was true in Brandon’s office next door.  I checked the outlet in front of Harp’s up on the wall over by the ice machines and it was in the 1500’s.  The next building down, a physical rehab office, the outlet on their front porch started at 958 and jumped to 1010 GSU’s (Graham-Stetzer Units). I can’t know what’s going on inside, but I would expect unsafe readings throughout the building. This Stetzer meter is measuring voltage surges from the power lines which is reported by the experts as being caused by these TWACS electric meters used here. TWACS = Two Way Automated Communication Systems.  BE ADVISED THAT CHILDREN ABSORB TEN TIMES THE RADIATION OF AN ADULT. They have thinner skulls, are developing an immune system and are at a high rate of cell division which all makes them very vulnerable. What are the readings in their home & schools? YOU NEED TO FIND OUT!!!

December of 2021 another of our beloved local women died who worked in that same building for 15 years. She was only 54 years old and presumably in good health. HEART ATTACK. Just like the Sheriff’s 46 yr old wife. DROPPED DEAD, with no known health problems in December of 2019. Two email efforts to loan him a meter to check their home have not been responded to.

After I was assured that the computer was hard-wired (no Wifi) I then stepped about two feet away from her desk, just in case, and set my Trifield TF2 meter to RF settings which would read radio waves and microwaves.  The meter gave a present but low reading but then it fanned almost all the way across the screen, almost to the maximum reading and then dropped back down.  It did this about every 1-2 seconds.  I’m pretty sure this is PULSED MICROWAVE, which is the most lethal form of microwaves.  I can’t say emphatically that this is from these utility meters, but it might be.  Ray mentioned that there was a Wifi router but “not being used”. I suspect it was on. 

I used a Stetzerizer meter to check the electric outlet by her desk, unusually high up on the wall, even with her head and on the same side as the multiple masses they found. Here’s a description of the meter used in the outlets:

The STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter by Graham-Stetzer is designed to separate the power line frequency to detect and respond to low level high frequency voltages caused by transients and harmonics on power lines. The level of these voltages is measured in GS (Graham-Stetzer) units and will vary with electrical equipment and loads…The meter measures the level of harmful electromagnetic “energy” present,…”

My neighbor came over a few months ago and asked to borrow the meters because her husband wasn’t feeling well, and they knew my story.  I loaned them a few plug-ins and told them to get the bedroom down to safe numbers.  Sure enough, the readings in their home were in the 1200’s – 1600’s.  They installed a few of these $30 plug-ins’ and slept again for the first time in months. Like us, they installed a $1450 whole house filter after seeing this is real! The problem is that just like carbon monoxide you can’t see this stuff, taste it or smell it so people don’t know they’re being harmed, they don’t know they need to filter this toxic current, and most of them can’t afford an expensive filter anyway.  When I saw Jim in town a few days later he said very sincerely “Kathy, there’s something really nefarious about what I felt.”  Yep, me too on day 3 in this house, which meant 17 days in the RV waiting to find an electrician to install the filter.   

I tell people that my superpower is that I can feel this stuff since my injury when I touched the screen of a cell phone in Oct. 2016 and a pain shot up my arm that RADICALLY changed my life.  The rest of you don’t feel it so you might think I’m crazy.  THAT’S WHAT SAFETY METERS ARE FOR!  THEY DON’T LIE and they eliminate “crazy” as a possibility so you can actually see there’s a problem!  Most important to consider, when you don’t feel it, you have no instinct to run away from it and then over time you SUDDENLY end up with some illness or simply drop dead if you have genetic cardiac issues. 

I built an ad-free blog to share information.  You’ll find it at NoATT.blog.

The electric meters here reportedly contaminate the power lines.  These lines were only designed to carry electric current and now these new electric meters have them carrying data too which may be the explanation for the 24/7 high-pitched squeal many of us hear in this town.  Several locals went so far as to state “and it started immediately after they installed these new electric meters”. 

Here’s a list of symptoms associated with exposure:

I found a man named Charles Covington in Little Rock.  He’s a 70-yr-old Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiners and Licensing and he said “If y’all are hearing a high-pitched squeal it means there’s a problem.”  He’s called an engineer friend at Carroll Electric TWICE and NOBODY WILL COME.  They don’t want to know!  Question becomes, are we going to let them get away with that attitude. 

I have also had one of your long-time locals, who has become a friend, check his home.  It ranged from 42 to 190.  I don’t know how to account for why some homes are HOT AND DANGEROUS and others are much lower but all of this needs to be looked into and stopped. I do believe the old-style meters were a lot more forgiving if there were wiring issues in the home. Regardless, NO CORPORATION HAS A RIGHT TO FORCE UNSAFE TECHNOLOGY INTO OUR ENVIRONMENT! 

BTW:  Did you know that ANSI, American National Standards Institute, who says these meters are safe, is now overseen by a Communist Chinese Party (CCP) member since 2015?  Here’s where I found that information:  


I wrote to a primary law enforcement figure in this town twice in the last year after his 46-yr-old presumably healthy wife passed away SUDDENLY, offering to loan him our meters but never heard back.  I’M TRYING!  I shared my story of my acute injury that happened when I touched the screen of an iPhone and a pain shot up my arm that RADICALLY changed my life and caused us to flee the heavy tech saturated city of Austin, TX in an effort to get me well.  This is the event that taught me that these cell phones are two-way microwave radios and that Wifi is 245 Billion Cycles per Second of microwave radiation flooding our world. That cell towers are cooking us and …

Our FCC is made up of a bunch of executives from the wireless industry and instead of protecting citizens from unscrupulous industries they are selling our electromagnetic spectrum to profiteers, giving them taxpayer subsidies to beam frequencies at the Earth. Our world now looks like it’s run by greedy fools. Even the US military is concerned that radiation in the cockpits is causing pilots to crash their aircraft. You can scroll through the images that make this point at this link. 


According to Ray Broomhall, an attorney in Australia who is fighting the tech giants, this is criminal assault, and each day is a new charge with a fine up to $3000 I think it is, per person who files a complaint.  He shared the definition of Criminal Assault as being, “Applied force without consent that causes harm.”  He goes on to say that the US Code lists “heat, light and electrical” as “methods of applied force.” He’s looked at the US Code and believes his approach would apply here as well.

I have been to every agency I can think of and they’ve pulled jurisdiction on any tech-injury claims so there’s essentially nobody to report the crime to. Wonder where these FCC guys investments are? Harvard Ethics actually wrote and published online a 59-page report detailing how the FCC is corrupt and who got paid and how much. You can read that here: 


MANY PEOPLE ARE BEING HARMED but they don’t know it yet.  Their cells know it!  I tried to go in a business on the square, before she moved, and I was being zapped so much that I had to leave.  She admitted that she’d started having migraines and her neighboring business owner told me people often walked out of there crying.  He didn’t realize it, but he was describing a fight/flight response caused by this radiation.  Also noteworthy is that this 55-yr-old man has a $180,000 pacemaker after he suffered TWO major heart attacks and yes, they happened after these meters were installed.  I suspect that entire line of buildings would read high. In fact, I’m shocked when a home/building doesn’t test HOT.  We need to figure out what’s going on here, but the immediate remedy is to get these toxic meters out of here!!!!  

President Trump signed an EO 13920 on May 1st, 2020 stating that all equipment in our electric grid overseen of mfg’d by a foreign adversary must be monitored and replaced.  I wrote the staff attorney at CECC and asked to know where all the components in this meter are made. After two letters gave me only partial information each time it became clear that CECC doesn’t know what they’ve put on their customers’ homes/offices, and ACLARA (bought the meter business and meters from GE), wasn’t going to be forthright, so I went online and bought one of the electric meters and took it apart.  Sure enough, if the innards are the same, the capacitors are from a company that goes out of their way to appear American but MADE IN CHINA is what I found when I chased them down online.  Are we going to wait 3 years for an administrative task force or are we going to take care of our citizens?  

Here’s a link showing the dangerous readings in our home and it also has LOTS of information and related links showing the dangers of these meters and this current streaming into your home and radiating out of the outlets.  Are you sleeping with your head right by an outlet?  


FINALLY, after years of people like me fussing, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that the utility companies cannot FORCE these meters on their customers.  I was beyond amused at the arrogance as the utility companies whined about having to accommodate people and how they’d spent $1.2 Billion on the rollout.  YES, and they did so while ignoring, bullying, threatening and cutting off anyone’s power who balked and after hundreds of thousands of people were telling them “We don’t feel good since you put this meter on our home!” https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/12/05/court-ruling-throws-pennsylvania-smart-meter-plan-into-turmoil/

So, do THE PEOPLE RULE or are we going to let a private corporation FORCE unsafe technology made by a foreign adversary who’d like to see us all sick and dead, into our world?

If you want to borrow our Stetzer meter and check your home/office we have 3 of them and may buy more to loan out.  I can’t loan out the Trifield but may buy a few more to gather information on what’s going on here IF anyone responds.  These are very easy meters to use/read. 

http://www.sammilham.com/  is an epidemiologist who wrote a small book about this. The opening line reads “I am writing this in an urgent attempt to warn you.” You can find his book at the link shown. I also put one in the package with the meters we’re loaning out.

Here’s a link that shares many SOLUTIONS to this growing problem that you should consider implementing such as a radiation blocking case for your cell phone, instructions on how to hard wire your computer. There’s a link for a 6-week class that will teach you basic information about how to create a safer tech environment in your home/office. There’s also a link for an EMF Medical Conference in 2021. There’s a link for where to buy Dirty Electricity/Stetzer/Line Noise meters and filters. There’s a few books listed too that can help you. https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/category/solutions/

You can reach us through the CONTACT button on the NoATT.blog site, here:


You may also write to P. O. Box 144, Jasper, AR 72641

You will find links for a Greenwave brand line noise meter and the filters they sell and for the Stetzer mircosurge meter and their filters and the Satic whole house filter at the bottom of this blog post.  You can search on YouTube for people using these.  I do not sell any of these. https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/12/07/dangerous-readings-from-our-smart-meter-what-are-your-readings/

I don’t suggest people slap plug-in filters in without some basic understanding that they can cause elevated magnetic fields if wiring errors are present in the house. It’s okay to try it but you just need to be mindful that it might CAUSE issues. Therefore, make sure the company you choose will accept returns:  We installed the Satic Heavy Duty Power Perfect Filter and I still have one Greenwave filter in every room. 

My biggest preference is to get these toxic electric meters OFF OF OUR HOMES.  I’m pretty sure we can call in our readings to a phone system if one million people can call in and vote for an American Idol competitor.  Having to send out someone to read it is an outdated EXCUSE.

Here’s a really great website about smart meters and 253 pages of people posting their health complaints after they were installed: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/12/05/smart-meter-health-complaints/

Below is a private message I rec’d from someone I’ve known on facebook for about 4 years so she watched my own injury story and my activist efforts to warn others.

Here’s several more screenshots I’ve received about how pets are responding to them: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2019/12/07/smartmetersareharmingpets-whataboutyourchildren/

Here’s a link to the sponsors and partners in the current EMF Medical Conference 2021 in it’s third year! If I’m crazy then it’s becoming widespread and could become an epidemic. We should look into that. Remember, humanity has NEVER done this so anyone arguing they KNOW it’s safe is either lying to you or they’re ignorant. We’re saturating our environment with 24/7 Non-Ionizing Radiation. I’m showing you on this blog that it’s killing people, adults and children, pets, bees, birds, we’ve lost 75% of our insects. Stop and think. When did it become controversial? Uh huh, as soon as they had gadgets to sell us. Radiation kills things and the lie that this is only true if it creates a thermal action, is exactly that, A LIE. https://emfconference2021.com/sponsors-partners/

They tested cell phone technology on a dummy with a chamber in it’s head, some fluid and a thermometer. As Curtis Bennett of Thermoguy.com says, “That’s fine if you have a plastic head.” He’s also the one that shares on his blog that Boeing tested Wifi radiation in airplanes on sacks of potatoes as substitutes for passengers. Zero consideration is given to the FACT that we have a very complex electrical and energetic aspect to our being. ZERO! PLEASE PEOPLE, STOP AND DO SOME RESEARCH! You’re smarter than you think you are. We’ve just been being played by profiteers and government accomplices who have financial investments strategically-aligned with their offerings. https://emfconference2021.com/sponsors-partners/

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is thermoguy-test-dummy-pic.png
Above image source: https://thermoguy.com/royal-society-of-canada-and-health-canada-revising-safety-code-6-edit-causal-evidence-and-biological-plausibility-by-professor-curtis-bennett/

I’m just a messenger pointing you to the experts. I can’t do the research for you! Thermoguy.com is a GREAT site to head off into.

4 thoughts on “URGENT LETTER to Our Neighbors in Arkansas about Dangerous Readings Coming From the Electric Outlets

  1. Wow! How do you deny readings from the meters? Armed with evidence from the readings you have found, I want to know what my house reads. I would love to sleep like I used to.
    On the Chinese components found in the equipment, that is a serious danger and violation of national security along with the health peril. Is there a lawyer out there?


    1. Some people call me crazy but in my mind crazy people ignore meter readings! Happy to connect and loan you a meter. Yes, insomnia or disturbed sleep is likely the #1 symptom and people just have no clue what’s causing it. It’s our nervous system being CONSTANTLY stimulated by this new-fangled electronic meters and soon they’ll be coming with the not smart water meters which causes major issues too. No lawyers will touch the big tech industry. Apparently they’re either looking for low-hanging fruit OR it might be that the ABA has aligned itself with the “Green” movement but they aren’t smart enough to realize that just calling it “Green” or “Smart” doesn’t mean that it’s either one. We are beings of frequency and when you disturb the electromagnetic field around the Earth or in our immediate environment, there will be consequences. I’ve been able to steer around a lot of life’s STUPID but now that they’re piping poison into our homes that becomes quite another issue. TIME TO PUT A STOP TO IT! Talk soon…


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