Smart Meters Are Harming Pets? What About Your Children?

It doesn’t take much imagination to wonder what these toxic devices are doing to smaller beings living in these homes like children and pets.  THIS is where the claim that this is a mental illness breaks down.  Here’s two pm’s I received that supported my posted concerns. 

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Animal Health Alert: Dogs Reaction to Smart Meters by Dr.

Apparently there is a fair amount of controversy regarding the introduction of smart meters into residential homes throughout the world.  In addition to their questionable economic value and privacy issues, there actually seem to be potentially significant health effects on people and now seemingly on animals.  This article presents the first documentation of the health hazards of smart meters to dogs.  The interesting point is that the dog has no concept that a smart meter was installed or that anything changed, so that any behavioral changes such as the one’s described cannot be written off as a negative placebo effect.  This is the first dog in a clinical collection of individual cases for a study on the health effects of smart meters on our animal companions. If skeptics flippantly criticize people who claim to be electrosensitive as “it is all in their head”, seeing animals that are reacting to smart meters and are sensitive to radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation removes the placebo effect.  With this particular anecdote, there appears to be a clear case of cause and effect.  More anecdotes and documented case reports need to be collected to see if this is a clear pattern.

In the news article and the letter that this woman sent to her utility company,  she states “One of my dogs awoke at the same time, wandering the hallways whining and crying. This dog refuses to sleep inside at night now, as the pulsed radiation also makes him sick. This dog had slept at the foot of my bed since the day I brought him home until the night the smart meter was installed. I have numerous friends and family who will testify to this, if called to do so.”

As I began to research this subject, I came across a wealth of information on the potential negative health effects of smart meters on all beings.  Apparently this technology is being forced upon us despite the World Health Organizations acknowledgement that this type of electromagnetic radiation may be carcinogenic. The IARC designation is: “possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B)”(

So it appears that we are all being exposed to a new potential carcinogen bombarding us daily in our homes due to these smart meters.  The farther down the rabbit hole one looks into this issue, one realizes the amount that huge financial and political interests are behind this agenda.  There are other significant concerns regarding privacy and increased costs to everyday individuals in addition to the potentially significant health effects.

Some people dismiss the health effects and say that we are exposed to so much electromagnetic pollution already, what is one more “small exposure”.  Apparently though, it seems that like with so many challenges to our immune system and general health,  the proverbial “the straw that broke the camels back” cliche really is appropriate.  Our bodies can just take so much exposure and then once the exposure is too much and we begin to react, there is no turning back.  This could possibly be the tipping point for many beings.

Reviewing all the concerns regarding smart meters is beyond the scope of this post, so I am attaching numerous links below that concerned individuals have referred to me.  I highly suggest you review them and educate yourself.  If not for your own health, at least for your kindred spirits health!  We need to become more aware of all the various environmental health issues that all beings are being exposed to at this moment. This is my humble effort to help educate all of my blog followers.  Below are links on how smart meters are impacting on animal health.

Please email me of any side effects from smart meters that you have had first hand experience with, with your animal friends.

Blessings of awesome health and happiness to all of you!

And What of the Animals? – Stop Smart Meters!:
– Wild and Domestic – Citizens for Safe Technology:
–,32,0Bees, Birds and Mankind: Destroying nature by “electrosmog” by Ulrich Warnke, Bio-scientist, Germany:
– You Can Learn From the Birds and Bees – Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s Heart MD Institute:
– Meter Health Risks by Chris Anderson – Green Muse – February 23, 2011:
– Green Sheen Wearing Thin – How Corporate Environmental Organizations are Providing Cover for the Mounting Ecological Catastrophe of the “Smart Grid” by Joshua Hart, MSc – Stop Smart Meters!:



5 thoughts on “Smart Meters Are Harming Pets? What About Your Children?

  1. I used sheets of aluminum foil along the stretch of inside wall surface on opposite side of my “smart” meter. It doesn’t take too much to cover the radius of emission. Better safe than slowly fried.


    1. The MAJOR ISSUE with these meters is that they actually contaminate the power lines and the wiring into the home, causing them to radiate into the room like an antenna. At least that’s the case with this TWACS powerline system here in north central Arkansas by Carroll Electric…and my motto…CHECK EVERYTHING WITH A METER!


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