Killed by a cell phone in a nail salon…they’re a military weapon! Hmmmm whose military?

I’ve been warning people online for several years now that “Your phone is part of an agenda…your phone is a military weapon…your phone activates graphene in the Covid shots and creates magnetic properties in the presence of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your phone and WIFI”. The first few seconds of this video above shows this to be TRUE, not some wild statement from an “alarmist” conspiracy minded person. NOW CAN YOU HEAR ME?

You SHOULD get rid of it and we should be addressing the other sources but AT LEAST PUT THEM IN A FARADAY BAG! I derive no financial benefit from these recommendations, just trying to save what remains:

One of my facebook posts inspired someone to ask if a “dumb phone” would be a better choice and when I replied the comment above is what she shared. THIS + THE VIDEO should be a very clear demonstration why you need to RESPOND when I keep telling you over and over and over that they are MICROWAVE RADIOS you’re playing with and giving to your children. WAKE UP. You have a RESPONSE ABILITY….USE IT!

I didn’t randomly get injured by my cell phone. I got into this role because in 1982 I got in some serious trouble and offered GOD a deal. HE CLEARLY GOT ME OUT OF THE MESS I WAS IN and MADE SURE I KNEW IT. I was exonerated by a man named “JUDGE LOVE” LOL. So, I began asking GOD every waking moment for six years to “make it matter that I came through this Earth”. It seemed like some periods I was even BANGING on Heaven’s Gate declaring, “I’m not going away until You talk to me”. I wasn’t talking about riches or fame, though an income would help right now, but I could see back then that humanity needed help, help that money alone can’t provide. We needed guidance and retraining. And so the story told in the book HE INSISTED I write was set underway, lived through, and documented. THEN, one day I touched the screen of a new iPhone. I’d upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 5C and noted that my hands hurt when holding it. One day I touched the screen of my mom’s iPhone 6S and a pain shot up my arm that radically changed my life. You can read that whole story at this link. It will soon be released as a condensed booklet for wide distribution to warn, inform, and has a call to action. It will be confined with the local efforts going on here, which can have a national impact and maybe more. I get the sense that there are “pilot fire efforts” going on all over the world and at some point they’ll hopefully connect and we can set some of this back on it’s heels but this video makes me wonder if it’s already too late and everyone everywhere has a phone and an ATTITUDE about their having those phones so…we’ll see what the humans do.

So why do I ask “Whose military”? Because in July 2019 we were moving away from the city to get me away from technology. We found a home in the Arkansas Ozarks, deep in the forest, but they use a very toxic form of electric meter here. Now mind you this utility corporation claims to be a “member-owned” entity and enjoys a legal monopoly here but they’re FORCING an unsafe technology into the service lines that’s bringing deadly readings into the outlets and yes, several people have died. Two ladies died 13 months apart that worked in the same toxic building. The first one was only 60 years old and they found her crawling around on her bedroom floor and didn’t know who she was. They found 5-8 masses on the same side of the brain as an electric outlet abnormally high up on the wall, even with her head. It was my first awakening that this is not just me being sensitive to this stuff. It’s that it affects us all very differently. I FEEL it as pain or inflammation or pressure while Lesa just became uninspired and then died of brain cancer. The second beautiful health-minded, happy soul was only 54. She dropped dead of a heart attack. I guess I should mention that there was another one, 46 years old with no known health issues, who also dropped dead of a heart attack. I don’t know the readings from the electric outlets in her home and two offers to borrow our meters weren’t acknowledged but I consider it “highly suspect” until someone proves otherwise. You can read about that local issue here:

Armed with a letter from my treating physician, whose attended several medical conferences on EMF dangers and ways to diagnose and treat, I felt confident I could have them remove this meter, provide a mechanical/analog meter and I’d call in the readings every month. Even the legal director of, Thomas Nichols, agreed that my request and remedy was “perfectly reasonable”. When the lawless utility corporation’s staff attorney presented early on as uncaring and unwilling to accommodate I wrote a letter and sent it to seven newspapers in their service area. Still in the city, our neighbor’s electronic utility meter was about 25 yards from my bedroom window and pointed directly at said window. I had heard of “Targeted Individuals”, people claiming to being harassed with electronic signals by unknown sources, but wasn’t quite sure what to think of that due to the inherent questions it brought up.

I was sitting on my bed reading with my back up against the headboard when suddenly my upper torso, concentrated in my shoulders, began aching severely and it was building. I had already calmed our home as much as I could, the electricians had not been there doing any recent work, so I didn’t even know where my RF meter was. After realizing this had to be coming from an outside source I located the meter and it was “pegged out” and remained so for about 5 minutes, then dropped back to the normal reading of .05. Realizing it had been about a week to ten days since I’d sent that electronic email to the newspapers I had to consider that I was “targeted”. That’s also when I started thinking of these devices as “frequency weapons” or “directed energy weapons” and incendiary devices as well.

Now who would be reading those emails and targeting people who send such things? Where are all of these devices made? China! And because it seems very clear that our political leaders have sold their allegiance to the highest bidder and China is an adversary…it may be that China has taken advantage of our weak leaders, gotten their electronic products INFESTED into our way of life and now, they begin a secret assault. The Communist Chinese Party has always been a sneaky lot. They’d never take on a gun battle but this is right up their alley and this video makes me feel even more certain of my ideas. They started their testing with their own people! PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP AND WISE UP OR YOU and YOURS ARE GOING TO BE ASSAULTED. It’s just a matter of time.

We now live where there is no cell signal, the Earth jets up on all sides of our steel-sided home, and our electric panel and outlets are all filtered to limit this kind of activity. Our computes are hardwired ethernet, grounded, shielded, and all screens are filtered. We have .00 readings in our home and you should too! I created a Solutions category to get you started. You’ll see how to hardwire your computer, your “stupid” phone, meters and filters for the electric outlets, faraday bags for your phones… I DO NOT SELL ANY OF THESE THINGS…I’M A DONATION SUPPORTED ACTIVIST:

You might find this recent post on the book blog of interest, inspired by a book I’d purchased about Geoengineered Transhumanism:

People better WAKE UP! Go Visit aka and have a different visual experience of this message. Be sure to check out the Images That Teach category and see why you NEED to get involved and/or support our efforts here. The right hand column of that site gives a glimpse of our local fight, which is happening all over the world. WE NEED TO BREAK THE BACK OF THIS BEAST!

If you can, make a donation over on the right of the page. We’re about to launch a small booklet teaching people what’s going on, how to tame it, and some next steps we all need to take to curb this frequency assault. When you see the number of towers and how low they’ve gotten, it’s clear that this is no longer about us getting a good phone signal. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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