Wearables I Use to Protect From EMF’s

I’M NOT A FAN OF EMF PROTECTION GADGETS. I see them as “short sighted” solutions because we can’t outfit nature; the bees, birds, flora and fauna…, BUT while we fight the fight for a return to tech sanity, this information can keep you on your feet.

We purchased these magnetic bracelets and had the Schumann Resonance embedded in them. I no longer go in buildings as I’m actively trying to heal but when I went out to eat maybe the last time, I had forgotten to put my bracelet on after a bath. We were sitting in this restaurant and I began feeling puny and noticed I’d forgotten my bracelet. Mom removed hers and let me wear it and immediately I was better and able to finish the meal. https://superiormagnetics.com/schumann-7-83-hz

This little patch, which I wear in my bra, had IMMEDIATE and PROFOUND positive effects at a time I had just been hit hard and was not doing well. I do recommend this. I wear this in addition to the bracelet above, each on a different side of the body. https://www.emfsol.com/product-detail/the-emf-patch-personal-card/

In the city we also used this “Commander Box” made by the same company as the “card”. It was on our analog meter and I do feel it helped balance some fields throughout the house. It did take about 3 weeks before I felt it had reached it’s maximum conditioning but it’s a good tool to consider. https://www.emfsol.com/product-detail/booster-box/

I am NOT endorsing EMF Solutions entire product line as some of the products I tried, I couldn’t tell that they changed my environment. It absolutely could’ve been me not understanding some part of it or that my electrical situation was just too toxic but I can speak to the expectation that they would honor their return policy if you buy something and don’t think you benefitted. I found them to be very personable and responsive and feel they’re in this to help mankind. They have quite a story about waking up to a new cell tower in back of their home that was the inspiration for their products. Here’s a video made by Cory (biz owner) you should stop to see: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/06/09/4-babies-born-without-hands-after-a-5g-tower-installed-nearby/

Here’s a luxury line of watches that I think do the same thing as the magnetic bracelet with Schumann Resonance embedded. Find what suits you. I don’t have one of these so I can’t speak fro experience. Let me know if you take this step. Forbes reports, “In today’s world where magnetic fields surround us in our every day life — from cell phones and covers, to microwaves and even the upcoming 5G — the World Health Organization estimates that approximately 30% of the population (in first-world countries) is exposed to high levels of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and succumb to the effects of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Those effects include lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, dizziness and hormonal imbalances, among other things. Now, Teslar (R) Swiss Made, in association with  Timex Group Luxury Division, Vertime B.V., unveils the watch that it says is “not a watch” because it has added benefits that may help people ward off these negative effects. The watches house an ELF Nanotech Chip that is made in America with Quantum Technology and works in sync with the Swiss-made quartz movement and battery  to create a natural signal associated with calmness.  In technical terms, “the technology utilizes the electric field in the watch’s battery and the magnetic field of the coil to create a zero-point waveform with a scalar pulse of 7 to 9 times per second (7-9Hz).” This frequency, which is said to be the Earth’s natural frequency, then pumps through the body’s energy system with regular wear of the watch.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertanaas/2019/05/31/timex-luxury-group-unveils-teslar-swiss-made-watch-that-it-says-is-not-a-watch/?sh=50ef1efb5ada

Thus far in my journey, I’ve had the sense that I was to do my efforts as “Donation Supported”. That has not been an easy directive to obey at times but I can see the benefits of doing so. I’ve had to decline several offers that would’ve made my work much more rewarding but thus far this still feels like an act of wisdom. Therefore, I do not use Affiliate Codes or derive financial benefit from these companies or products. IF that changes I’ll let you know but at this point I’m simply telling people what I’ve been doing to surive while I teach you to BAG YOUR DEVICES with faraday bags, hardwire your computers, install blue light filtes on all screens….stuff I’m listing here: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/category/solutions/

and READ the Featured Post at this blog. It’s important! https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2019/05/07/an-urgent-message-for-modern-man2019/

Send a donation if you can. It helps keep me going psychologically as much as helps me buy nutritional supplements to stay well. I also buy ink and printer paper and mostly I interpret financial support as YOU, TELLING ME TO KEEP GOING with my efforts. It turns “my” efforts into a sense of “WE THE PEOPLE”. This activist author stuff isn’t easy because we’re bringing in scary insight about what’s going on in our world now to a culture of people holding a cell phone when they hear my story and thinking, “I don’t feel anything hahahahahaha….crazy woman” and they plug their earbuds back in. I will tell you that the laughter and mocking are becoming less and less. There’s a stillness forming as people find out that what I’ve been warning about for 6 years, is in clear sight now.

This way keeps me from entanglement with the world system and the stress of keeping all those records and filling out their forms and data entry and worrying about an audit,… that kind of stuff demands. My priorities are reading and writing content to teach and equip you and point you to experts to hopefull save what remains.

One final benefit I see is that signing their forms and agreeing to their terms gives a rogue agency a way to harass me for exposing what’w being done. So I live on my $800 a month and whatever comes in. What makes this easier is my realization that if WE THE PEOPLE don’t fix what I’m exposing, there isn’t going to be any future other than a post-apocalyptic world like in Denzel Washington’s movie, Eli.

Take care of yourselves and BAG THOSE DEVICES! Besides it upsets the agenda if they can’t track you, trace your contacts, and read and delete your text they deem “misinformation”. All of this is known and admitted in the last 2+ years so….FIND THE FUN IN BAGGING YOUR DEVICES. They may be able to see where your phone ended up but they won’t have the data of what route you took to get there or who you stopped to talk to. TAKE A STAND!

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