Dirty Electricity Meters & Filters

There are 20 pages in my book, Getting Well God’s Way, which share my wireless injury story and what I’ve learned thus far. Your purchase will honor me and my work efforts as well as BIG TIME educate you about this world we now live in so you can better protect yourself and your loved one’s. You’ll find it listed here in the “Solutions” Category of this blog. It’s available through https://GettingWellGodsWay.com, and on Amazon: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/07/29/the-book-i-wrote-has-20-pages-regarding-my-wireless-injury-story-2/

President Trump signed Executive Order 13920 on May 1st, 2020 stating that all equipment in our electric grid manufactured or controlled by a foreign adversary must be monitored and replaced. His more casual language was “ripped out and replaced” and I believe that’s what he wants to do so I’m going to attempt to convince him that’s what SHOULD BE done by citing current laws already on the books and sharing my story of this local utility corporation who claims to be member-owned but is reportedly locking said members out of public meetings and controlling who gets on the board. The written communications I’ve had with them makes me believe this. They’re nasty and unkind…tell me I ask too many questions. Well I tend to do that when “useful idiots” are doing very destructive things to an unsuspecting public.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a link sharing more insight about Dirty Electricity, the CRIMINAL readings taken in this house, and at the end of that linked post you’ll see where you can order the meters to measure this toxin coming into your home wiring and the filters to clean it up. There’s also lots of links in the post about the destructive health effects. Be clear, THIS IS A CRIME and I’m working to get it addressed accordingly because legal precedence needs to be set to disincentivize corporations who decide they’re going to FORCE toxic products onto their customers who have no choice but to use their company, against their will and against their qualified MD’s written orders. I’m exhausted. It’s a BIG DEMON, but big trees fall if we keep chopping at the base!

The electric meters here where we live are stamped “ANSI METER” and the lawless utility corporation says “they meet ANSI standards” but when I looked into ANSI I discovered they are being overseen by a communist Chinese nationalist since 2015. I believe this alone qualifies them for removal according to EO 13920. You can view a short video at this link detailing this: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2019/12/07/china-says-your-smart-meter-is-safe/

The parts inside the refurbished one I bought to take apart had capacitors made in China. Pretty sure this would further qualify them for removal according to this EO 13920! Smart meters all by themselves are data collection devices and our data, about how we live, is the new gold rush. These meters are able to be hacked so they are a threat to our national security which also qualifies them for removal according to the Executive Order.

They are going to cause a “tidal wave of mysterious illness” so this too can weaken or destroy an entire nation. Here’s one of many articles on this blog that share what they are already seeing unfold in the disease statistics: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2019/12/07/smart-meters-causing-tidal-wave-of-mysterious-illnesses-that-strike-people-in-their-own-homes-includes-symptom-list/

Because they are going to sicken a huge part of the citizenry, this too is a threat to our national security and beyond!

I’m currently preparing a document to hopefully convince President Trump that this is a crime and should be met accordingly rather than with a bureaucratic approach. One attorney is winning cases using the argument that this is “criminal assault” and the method of applied force (without consent) is electricity. He’s in Australia but has looked at the US Criminal Code and believes it too supports this legal standing. In my view that’s not strong enough for what’s going on here.

According to Public Law 90-602, which says “you can’t radiate the public” as well as criminal laws, violation of civil and human rights and/or ADA laws, for me and those of us suffering and being denied accommodation, this is illegal. It’s also been cited that the utility companies are “exceeding the permissions given in the easement granted to them to provide electric service.” I want a criminal approach to serve as a disincentive for future corporations who might decide to FORCE unsafe technology onto the citizens, who have no choice but to use a criminal enterprise, given legal monopoly status, for essential services that provide health and dignity. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Go to the link below and either read the whole thing or just scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the information about the meters and filters.


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