Legal, Constitutional and Human Rights Violations of Smart Grid and Smart Meters

I’m online looking up the RICO Act because from what I’m seeing the utility organizations are BEHAVING exactly as if they’re “running a racket.” Seems I’m not the only one who sees it this way as I found this MAJOR 257-page document at the url above that lines it out pretty well.

“RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. The act is a collection of statutes that focus on punishing groups of individuals who engage in repeated criminal activities. Rather than focusing on establishing penalties for a single criminal action, the RICO act creates enhanced penalties for groups that attempt to engage in organized illegal behavior over the long term in order to gain wealth or power.” []

RICO says they have to have a pattern of behavior resulting in murder, kidnapping, fraud…but wait, what about the people who are getting sick, injured and eventually dying (prematurely) from their toxic equipment? The death notice may read “Cardiac Arrest” but if it was caused by a highly controversial piece of technology FORCED or attached to their home without their notice or consent then wouldn’t that fit the bill?

Here’s a snippet of information from a 257-page Congressional White Paper from the url above.

“We believe the utilities who accepted government funds for this program, owe the US Treasury and the citizens of the United States, this money returned, as it was gotten through illegal means as evidenced below and in violation of the bill that allowed for funding of the initiative in the first place, not to mention our Constitution. We call on Congress and the President of the United States to enact the following:

1) Due to multiple fatal flaws in the program, including national security, all federal funding of smart grid/smart meters must cease and desist.

2) The program must be “opt in” as opposed to “opt out” as was stipulated in 2005 Energy Policy Act, but not implemented in the “deployment” (military term). All customers must be offered a hard wired, analog option until a total smart meter ban is instated. Freedom to choose to have a smart meter may be given to customers, provided the meter does not cause physical harm to their neighbors.

3) Those not wishing to have a smart, advanced or digital meter must not be charged a fee of any kind or experience rate inceases of any kind simply for their wish to retain hard wire, analog metering.

4) Utilities or Congress or both, must pay for remediation for people who become ill from or lose or have lost housing to smart meters/smart grid in addition to possible lifelong compensation for any permanent damage caused to the individual.

5) Other forced microwave radiation exposure must also be addressed, such as the Telecom Act, WIFI in certain public places so that whole populations are not involuntarily and unwittingly exposed to this Class 2b carcinogen.

6) A full disclosure information campaign on potential health effects, surveillance, fire hazard and rate increases must be initiated and funded by utilities or even Congress. Citizens MUST be informed of these risks, hardships and violations.

7) Electrosensitivity must be officially recognized by our federal government as a functional impairment as it is in Sweden and recognized as a disability that falls under the ADA. Electrosensitive people need to be cared for and covered by their health insurance like with any other illness and doctors need to be able to address the health needs of the afflicted, not to mention medical schools need to begin to study this 21st century phenomenon, along with any potential cures and of course prevention.

8) A separate agency needs be created for citizens, to look out for their health and well being on the issue of microwave radiation and other areas of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. The wireless microwave industry has the FCC to look after their interests; we need our own agency with as much power to look out for ours. It is currently an unfair playing field on this issue in Washington. “

Here’s another document that recently came in that’s much shorter; only 4 pages but worthy of scanning through to see what you might learn:


10 thoughts on “Legal, Constitutional and Human Rights Violations of Smart Grid and Smart Meters

    1. There’s so much crime going on in the name of everyday business in this country you’d think we’re being run by criminals. Oh wait….If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and sounds like a duck….


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