Do you hear a constant 24/7 high-pitched squeal?

Screenshot (1281)

I began hearing a constant 24/7 high-pitched squeal when we moved to this new place in the Ozark mountains.  We have a very toxic form of NOT Smart Meter, which is being FORCED on me against my will and against the written orders of my UT graduate MD.

I was talking to a new neighbor the other day and he also hears it.  Another man here in the new town said he hears it and “it started after they installed these new electric meters.”  A friend in Texas told me she hears it and lives under some power lines but I’m not sure what kind of meter she has.  That statement makes me think my suspicions are right; that this might be a power line problem and we’re hearing the high frequency it’s putting out but it could be because we live in a virtual soup of technology now.

Curtis Bennett of shares the insight that when you put two frequencies out it creates four more; six total.  Some are able to hear it more easily than others for some reason that I’d say is in line with why some of us feel this stuff easier than others, which is essentially explained by genetics.

I spoke with a man who’s the Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiners and Licensing.  He stated that if I’m hearing a 24/7 high-pitched squeal that means there’s a problem. Sadly, his office also doesn’t have any influence over the polluters.  These NOT Smart Meters here, known as TWACS (Two Way Automated Communication System) work on a “Power Line Communication” system and are reportedly “contaminating the power lines” and because I have some pages laying here on the floor beside me, I know that the power lines can be radiating higher than FCC regulations and unless a lawsuit is filed and engineers brought in there’s about zero chance of anyone looking into it.  That’s the only way these papers laying at my feet managed to find this information and report it.

“No jurisdiction” is all I keep finding.  The Public Service Commission is supposed to regulate and keep an eye on the electric corporations but they aren’t the least bit interested in doing so in spite of their website’s opening statement that they are “charged with the duty to provide safe, accurate and reliable services….”  When I contacted them with the DANGEROUS READINGS in this house they were dismissive and led me off in a wrong direction when I asked who to report them to for failing to meet their charged “duty”.  I just learned that the Governor appoints the commissioners’s so that’s where I’ll start next.  The state rep for our area has agreed to write a proposed bill for an “Opt-Out Law” and while I’m grateful and consider this a starting point, it’s not working in many places as these are lawless, without accountability, legal monopolies.

First of all these meters were installed covertly and they also contaminate the home wiring so even if the meter is out on a post away from the house it’s still pumping it’s poisonous Dirty Electricity aka Line Noise aka Non-Ionizing Radiation INTO your home in every room.  Go to the Dangerous Readings post and you’ll see where to order the meters to check your home/office.  It’s not hard to smell the corruption when I find that these utility corporations are claiming to be member-owned but are locking said “members” out of what’s supposed to be a public meeting, reported by several locals and involving several different cooperatives.  In Corpus Christi, Texas where there is an Opt-Out Law in place, they told a friend “that’s not our policy.”  In other words, we don’t have to follow the laws.  What????  Do you see where we are here?  You okay with this????

We have to change this!  We simply cannot allow these utility moguls to step all over people’s lives.  Here’s a screenshot I shared in the Featured Post (Exhibit A) that shows that they have zero accountability for their actions.  A dump can’t do this.  A wrecking yard can’t do this so why are these goons getting away with this?  BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T STOPPED THEM!!!  This went in a year after they bought their new home.  What do you suppose this did to it’s value and the others in the neighborhood?  Does she have to state on the Seller’s Disclosure that it blew out her thyroid, which had to be removed and ended her up in the hospital for 3 months?  She’s concerned about her children too.  What kind of evil does this; doesn’t care about their fellow man or how their actions impact them?  “NO JURISDICTION” NO JURISDICTION NO JURISDICTION.  I suppose there can be no reporting of a crime when you send all the sheriff’s home?  Who’s going to fix this?  One article on this site is declaring the expectation of an “explosion of illness…millions of people…”  from these meters.  Are you okay with this?  Yes, I keep asking!

Screenshot (350)_LI

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” 

Edward R. Murrow

If you’re hearing this 24/7 high-pitched squeal or a low hum it may not be tinnitis but may in fact be an unhealthy electrical environment.  Please contact me and give me the name of your city/state and what kind of electric meter you have.  I’m primarily interested in Arkansas and the USA but would also be interested if this ended up being a worldwide phenomenon which wouldn’t surprise me as they’ve created a global microwave grid and we’re all in it.

RECENT INFORMATION CAME ACROSS MY PATH THAT THESE ARE ACTUALLY KNOWN AS PURE TONES AND ARE ILLEGAL.  THE EPA DEEMED THEM “NOISE POLLUTION” BUT I’LL BET I FIND THERE’S NOBODY TO REPORT THE CRIME TO.  How very sad that humans don’t give a rat’s patooty about other humans any more.  “Just doing my job” as if Nazi Germany never happened.  Anyway, you can go to this other blog and read more about these “Pure Tones”.  Her blog reports that it’s likely damaging our hearing and is coming from the powerline communication smart meter system and that’s been my suspicion though I suspect Wi-FI and other tech garbage could be involved but soooooo glad to see this validation. She’s doing a national effort to stop this. 

Below is the link for the effort she’s launching so GET ON BOARD! She is hearing the low hum.

I created a Follow-Up Post on this issue after so many comments on the YouTube video, click here to visit this new post:

I’m just appalled at what I’m finding.  Anyway, please let me know if you hear it and any details you want to share.  THIS is becoming almost a daily post on social media.

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Blessings on your journey and may GOD be with us.  We’re going to need some help.

Here’s a short article titled, Science Says Silence is Vital for our Brains!

The Facts: Studies have shown that excessive environmental noise not only decreases one’s quality of life and cognitive function, but also reduces lifespan. The good news is that spending time in silence can reverse these effects.

The problem is that many of us can’t travel because the cell towers zap us so bad. I/we can’t stay in hotels because they all have Wifi and smart meters or a cell tower nearby. There’s nowhere for me/us to go to escape this 24/7 high-pitched squeal short of going to live in a tent in a remote area. Instead, why don’t we reverse some of the rollout of massive amounts of technology

29 thoughts on “Do you hear a constant 24/7 high-pitched squeal?

  1. I live in Trinidad, in the West Indies / Caribbean and two years ago was when this high pitched frequency ( Tinnitus ) developed in my head. This is continuous on a 24 hr basis and varies in intensity from very low to insanely high and it is happening at a high level right now while I am typing this. I went to my E.N.T. doctors both here in Trinidad and in Miami over the last year and a half and they both could not say what is causing it. It was only when I started getting information last year on the “Dangers of 5G” and its high radiation level was when things started to “click” in my head that it was electronic radiation that is behind this noise in my head. I am an Architect, for over 30 years and over the last year, it has started to impact my design output in a bad way by distracting me and causing my design concepts to take longer to draw out due to disrupting my creativity. I still get my work done though, but it depresses me.

    My e-mail is ….


    1. Dear Nigel,

      I too suffered from such severe tinnitus I thought I couldn’t go on. Then I read the book, “Zapped”, by Ann Louise Gittleman, and immediately put in place the directives I found there. The basic idea is to remove yourself from as much electricity as possible. I disconnected the refrigerator and chilled my food with ice. But the most healing thing I did was to turn ALL electricity off at night, right at the main switch.

      Immediately I slept as I had not slept for 40 years. And gradually I have regained much of my health over the past 3 years.

      My very best wishes to you. I hope you’ll try this, and also read Gittleman’s book.



  2. Few days ago start to here the same like you inside my ears. Biiiiiip so loud . Now i saw this post and damn i can explain why. Cause never happen before and it happen before only after listen very high volume music for hours but now i dont and im in quarantine so all is quiet.. im italian . Im in jakarta west . Indonesia. Contact me pls


  3. Hello gb108, I have high pitched tinnitus, just like pink used to force back teenagers from loitering.
    I specifically have it when im in my apartment, some say its the central heating.
    I have looked into mkultra, torture methods. I believe it might somehow associated with directed energy weapons of microwaves – they might travel thru my walls. I have schizophrenia, and my testomonies cant be taken seriously, altough im am serious about it.
    Please contact, I believe i cant help you people aswell.


    1. Your not crazy. I can make you protection and did it for myself first plus better diet and it really helps my ringing despite being near smart meter and power lines.


      1. While I’d never turn down information to consider…I’m a health nut, have reversed several “incurable” diseases and even written a book on it. I keep telling people that I feel like a fish in a dirty aquarium. At some point it needs to stop being about what the fish should do and the humans should stop this insanity. I just put up a Follow-Up post with some relevant information that supports that idea…


      2. I’m very curious to know what you did to reduce your tinnitus. I’ve entered my solution in answer to Nigel, above.


      3. I’ve done nothing because I don’t believe it’s tinnitus in the sense that there’s something wrong in my body. I think I’m actually hearing a high frequency from contaminated powerlines carrying data which they were never designed to do. I’m trying to bring attention to it and have the ear of my state rep but honestly until we roll back these lawless utility companies and force them to stop all this deployment of frequencies they clearly know nothing about I’m not sure this is fixable. I didn’t have this in Austin, TX where we just moved from and didn’t notice it right away here but after a few months I started realizing there’s a CONSTANT squeal. My neighbor hears it and another man in town hears it. That’s 3 of us and I’ve only asked 6 or 7 people so half of us hear it. That’s not tinnitus and one man even stated that it started after they installed these NOT smart meters.


  4. I moved to some apartments that are located in a up and coming area and we have a cell phone tower right in our neighborhood I hear the high pitched ring all day everyday so much so that i can tune it out when I want but I still hear it I’m located in okc, ok


    1. I am in NO WAY supporting the idea that electromagnetic energy is harmless. However, in some of the Instances Kaminski references, there is absolutely no clear path to a conclusion that electromagnetism is causative of the conditions listed in his article.

      This article completely ignores many other likely causes of many of the conditions that he speaks of. When he talks about soldiers having panic attacks, we don’t need to blame that on anything besides war-induced panic. Who wouldn’t be suffering anxiety from being at war? Many soldiers are leaving home, and in those early wars a home life that would have likely been far less stressful than that of today, and are thrust into a completely different life-style fraught with violence and fear. New violence, I might add, given that war technology took such leaps in the wars he referenced.

      American Indians have the highest rates of diabetes because they are among those living with the highest poverty levels in the U.S., with the poorest diets that are a result of that poverty. Humans, in general, have much greater and easier access to highly processed carbohydrates than ever before. There is no mystery to why diabetes, and other diseases of inflammation, are on the rise.

      While I am not a fan of the global blanketing of the planet in increasingly high levels of electromagnetism, one can’t ignore other reasons for many of these health disasters. With such income inequality and our food system in such disarray, many of the health disasters spoken of in the article would be happening anyway.

      This article my Kaminski is a great example of why subjects like this aren’t taken seriously.


      1. I read the article and get your point but I also know that none of this radiation nightmare is taking us towards better health either. ALL OF THE ABOVE is the answer we’d choose. I personally reversed several incurable conditions after 11 or 12 doctors in 18 months had no clue. Mercury dental fillings were a HUGE factor in my health implosion but so wer my diet and electrical environment. Guess we better find a new planet cuz this one is about trashed. Blessings on your journey. Thank you for chiming in.


  5. Love to America
    my friend sent me your article because I’ve been hearing noise for decades.
    I myself, however, have been hearing this noise, which technology knows as Pink Noise, since 1987 – it switched on from one moment to the next and is always there, no matter where I am, 24 hours a day.
    At that time they said that you can hear this noise, or rather a high pip tone above your head, when the Kundalini has been activated! Actually, in the beginning it was a high pip tone also with me, but this soon changed into a soft and pleasant noise.
    Since the EMF-G networks, the noise has changed and become increasingly unpleasant, so it is a worldwide phenomenon, or rather a local one in terms of the intensity and type of noise.
    What is important to distinguish – the noise is NOT IN the ear, but outside the body everywhere – if you hear sounds in the ear it is tinnitus and you need a doctor. Very rarely there was interference that caused me to hear it IN THE ear — this is total insanity — totally unendurable.
    Thank God it always went away after seconds!
    Best regards
    AnNijaTbé from Austria

    Translated with (free version)


    1. You described what I was having trouble putting into words in that I’ve said many times that it doesn’t seem like it’s IN MY EARS but is around me…pervasively everywhere. Now obviously we are able to hear this with our ears and usually once a day I’ll hear a fleeting hissing and popping that only lasts a few seconds. From what I’m reading THAT is referred to as “microwave” noises. This other stuff, according to an email I rec’d today is called “PURE TONES” and refers to a single tone. That’s what I hear….a single tone that’s a very high pitch and it doesn’t vary. I’ve had episodes of tinnitus I suspect but it too may have been EMRadiation influences but it was different, very different in that it would be fleeting, vary in tones heard and it wasn’t ALWAYS PRESENT, and yes it did seem to be IN my ear where this seems to be alllllllllll around me, PERCEIVED in my brain is how it seems to me. We moved from Austin, TX to the Ozark mountains of north central Arkansas and live on 28 acres in a V between two mountains, to get me away from all the cell towers and insanity and now THIS IS HERE and it never stops. My brain feels “challenged” and like it tires from it. If you read the post you should’ve seen the information about this being deemed illegal and “noise pollution” by the EPA…PURE TONES. I’ve never heard of Pink Noise but if you go to YouTube you might find some of the “hearing tests” useful to see if you can determine what frequency it is. Oh and the “Pure Tones” is being attributed to a power line communication system being used by these lawless, corrupt utility companies. The NOT smart meter actually talks to the powerlines and vice versa and contaminates the power lines. I think we’re hearing the high frequency of that contamination but who knows in this toxic soup we live in. I feel like I’m riding in a car full of drunks and I’m not driving. Humanity has lost it’s compass. Blessings on your journey. KB


      1. It is 5 ghz….I sat in a hearing booth and raised my hand when they turned the knob to tune into me!

        I have the print out…5 ghz


      2. It can be but honestly it varies in each person and depends on the source. HERE, I believe it’s this particular electric meter system in use here. Another person somewhere else hears it and doesn’t have this meter and it could be an antenna nearby or 5G or a combination. I think we’re now living is such a systemic soup of frequencies it’s hard to say that it’s any one thing. You can do hearing tests on YouTube. I seem to be hearing waaaaaaaay high like near 9000 Hz I think I recall it was. We live in an asylum now run by the patients aka gov’t in cahoots with industry, all blinded by greed without an inner check system aka IDIOTS.


  6. This is a more detailed description – please delete last comment

    Love to America!
    my girlfriend sent me your article because I have been hearing a hissing sound for decades.
    I myself have been hearing this noise, which technology knows as Pink Noise, since 1987 – it switched on from one moment to the next and is always there, no matter where I am, 24 hours a day, always and everywhere – it has been part of my life ever since.
    At that time it was said that you can hear this noise, or rather a high pip tone above your head, when the Kundalini has been activated! Actually, at the beginning it was a high pip tone also with me, but this soon changed into a soft pleasant noise.
    Since the EMF-G mobile phone networks, the noise has changed and become increasingly unpleasant, so it is a worldwide phenomenon, or rather a local one in terms of the intensity and type of noise. I hear it exactly when more radiation is turned up from the mobile phone masts, often I can’t sleep for days because the noise, like a few days ago, is so sharp and loud, even unbearable.
    What is important to distinguish – the noise is NOT in the ear, but everywhere outside the body. If you hear sounds in the ear, it is tinnitus and a doctor is needed. Very seldom there was interference in the noise which led to the fact that I heard it IN the ear — this is total insanity — completely unbearable.
    Thank God it always went away after seconds!
    Finally one more question, what exactly do you mean by 24/7 high-pitched squeal?
    I suppose that these high-frequency signals are only heard by very sensitive people, to which I also belong.
    We have Opt-Out in Austria, too, but that’s a fake, technicians have checked it and found that nothing changes at all, except that the smartmeter OPT OUT appears on the screen. These technologies are ruining people, animals and plants, so they have to disappear from the face of the earth again, that is my opinion!
    Because you are talking about a global microwave network, I would like to say something about this, which caught my attention. When it is less than 20° Celsius in my apartment, I usually start to freeze, so I don’t really clean. Lately I have been sweating a lot and I have often felt uncomfortably hot and tingling all over my body, even though the room temperature is actually too low for me. Then the thought “they cook us with the microwaves” came to my mind, as we already had 5G installed in Vienna.
    Kind regards
    AnNijaTbé from Austria 7.4.2020


      1. Thanks KB, I have read the article and also read about the “noise pollution”. Noise pollution only exists here if everyone can hear it. What we both hear, hardly anybody can hear. Especially what I hear, I don’t know anybody who can hear that too.

        But maybe I’m not up to date with the laws regarding PURE TONES in our country, I’ll have a look around.

        We are more sensitive than other people and I would agree that we are actually the canaries who warn, but mostly we are called hysterical idiots who cannot be taken seriously.

        But if it is now the case that many people are beginning to hear something because of the radiation and many of them can no longer bear this exposure, as some people in Germany have been doing since 2006, then there is at least hope that 5G will not be rolled out any further and possibly even that mobile telephony will be reset to the D-network.

        In 1995 I had no problems with mobile phones whatsoever, today I do not use a mobile phone at all.

        There is also a demand for radiation-free areas. All radiation-sensitive people from 2006 live in caravans today and drive from one cell phone hole to the next, because otherwise the physical balance would simply collapse and a stay in hospital would become necessary, which is not possible, because no radiation-sensitive person can stand in hospitals.

        I am thankful to have read that 5G causes sweating, because sometimes I sweat so much that my whole body is immediately wet, which is extremely unusual for me, as I never belonged to those who sweat easily, on the contrary, even in the sauna it took a lot of time to finally sweat. Now I know where that comes from and that is helpful – thanks!

        All my love AnNijaTbé

        Translated with (free version)


      2. that’s pretty invasive noise to hear all the time. how have you maintained your sanity? where do you think it’s coming from? The Pure Tone I’m hearing I suspect is from the powerline communication system they’re using with their meters.


  7. This design is wicked! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!


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