My experience that makes me believe Covid-19 is related to the deployment of technology, maybe 5G!

Perhaps 5G is just the straw that broke the camel’s back! We’re now swimming in many forms of radiation as if it’s not DEADLY. When did the idea that too much radiation kills things become controversial?

You can scroll through this link below pretty quick as it’s mostly pictures that make the point that we are in fact swimming in microwave and gamma or nuclear radiation. When you add the tidbit to the story that says when we release two frequencies it creates four more, a total of six and then begin to contemplate whether those four new one’s create eight more and then so on and so on. Then add the blanket of radar we live under and the 19,000 satellites spraying Wifi and who knows what else… it becomes clear that never in the history of humanity has this been done so we shouldn’t be surprised that there might be blow back:

“If they tell you it’s a virus you won’t look at our radiation readings.

As you can see from this blog, I suspected from the outset of this “virus” that this was actually a physical response to the deployment of 5G and/or just too damn much technology to a point of saturation. Turns out I wasn’t alone in this suspicion so I was able to add more and more articles by medical or scientific experts that share this conviction, or concern.

I’m not certain I heard the woman in the video below specify how this has been or is being “stopped” as indicated by the title but I do know there’s rumored to be military tribunals forming in the background to take down the Deep State/Shadow/Corrupt government officials. That might be part of their endeavor. Certainly everyone got an opportunity to see our world systems on full display. Not one word mentioned about how you can boost your immune system but they sure have a lot of things that can wreck it if you let them.

After I suffered an acute injury when I touched the screen of a cell phone in October of 2016, we moved to a very rural area of the Ozark mountains. We arrived here on November 7th, 2019 so I knew how I felt here by then. Suddenly, on July 3rd I woke up and was on the verge of vertigo. I’ve never had vertigo. On the 8th I felt a tiny bit better so decided I’d ride to town with Mom. She drove as I still felt unsteady. As we came up the mountain driveway which is 1/2 mile up and exited the dense tree coverage into the open I was immediately hit with pressure that wrapped my torso and that energy instantly moved into my lungs. While I was processing the shock of this and doing my “Oh my, I was right!” thoughts I decided to get out of the truck and put my bare feet on the ground aka Earthing to pick up free electrons to balance what might be happening to me. As I was standing there my forearms began aching, which is how my body feels when I’m being exposed to Wifi. If I stay in the environment it eventually goes up my arms, across my breasts and by then I usually feel anxiety as I’m actually being subtly “electrocuted” according to Curtis Bennett of

Now mind you that I’m standing in a very rural area with 100,000 acres of national forest literally across the street from where I’m standing. Where would I be getting Wifi and what the heck was that that just grabbed my body and sent pressure into my torso and lungs? Answer, satellites. So profiteers are going to spray microwave radiation at the Earth and the inhabitants have no say. I decided to go back to the steel-skinned home we live in and the next morning, July 9th, 2020, everything returned to normal. Noteworthy is that I had several people reach out to me during this period claiming they didn’t feel well and thought they were feeling what I’m always fussing about. One message came from a cousin who wrote “I’ve never doubted you but I’ve never felt what you feel, UNTIL NOW. I haven’t been well for 10 days.”

The two links below are a good follow-up to the points being made here. The first one is an 8 minute video of Dr. Thomas Cowan stipultaing that “Every pandemic in the last 150 years was preceded by a quantum leap in the electrification of the Earth.” Turns out we are electromagnetic beings of frequency and when you do things that alter the Earth’s magnetic field, like pictured in the second link below, living things will suffer. We’re being governed by evil, foolish, greedy people, blinded by agendas for power and wealth. They aren’t suddenly going to change their ways so WE THE PEOPLE should be having major meetings about how to reign this in, if it’s not too late already.

Here’s the other one titled “Our Radiation Habits Are Going to Kill Everything”

And HERE is the featured video of this post:

Here’s the link to the Covid-19 category on this blog so you’ll see other posts about this suspected correlation between the launch of 5G and the appearance of Covid-19. the last link goes into why the myriad of tests being used for diagnosis isn’t reliable. I highly recommend the link about the Nobel prize winner who had Fauci’s number. He details how this approach has been used before. He called it a “scam”.


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