“Every pandemic in the last 150 years there was a quantum leap in the electrification of the Earth.” Dr. Thomas Cowan

Well, imagine that, the video has been removed from YouTube but what you can find is a video by a CBS newscaster telling us he’s wrong and how he’s on probation for writing  book that questions the safety of vaccines.  So because he isn’t going along with the narrative he’s being punished.  See how this works?  Remember, mainstream news channels sell massive advertising to the providers of wireless tech and pharmaceutical products and likely their “best advertising revenue”. They’re protecting the corporations and have no interest in protecting you or any other living thing.  Once you understand this and start living an evasive lifestyle, one that doesn’t support the garbage they’re selling that’s making us sick…THEN they’ll have to change what they’re selling.  The consumer is the most powerful force on the planet! 

You can now the video I wanted you to see here because YouTube.com is known for taking down truth and Rumble.com is not. I don’t like the title of this video because my reasoning mind screams “but…” so ignore the title and just listen to what he presents. The FULL explanation of these ideas are in the book, The Truth About Contagion and this video title only seemed “acceptable” to me in context to reading the book. https://rumble.com/vdypwv-viruses-are-not-something-you-can-catch-dr-thomas-cowan.html

It’s 8+ minutes long, at the 2 minute 46 second mark Dr. Thomas Cowan makes the statement which is the title of this post!  He then references Arthur Firstenberg’s book, The Invisible Rainbow. Here’s his extensive website. He also has the condition I have known as ElectroMagneticSensitivity aka Radio Wave Sickness aka Microwave Sickness and even The Yuppie Flu.  https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/

It reminds me of the title of Dr. Sam Milham’s book, Dirty Electricity-Electrification And The Diseases of Civilization.  http://sammilham.com/

You might find it interesting to know that the opening line to Dr. Milham’s book reads, “I’m writing this in an desperate attempt to warn you.”  You should make reading his small book a priority! We simply can’t continue on the way we’re going!

Go check out the Layers and Layers of Technology post here and get a little closer look at where we are in this human project:  https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/04/01/layers-and-layers-of-technology-you-should-see-this/

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