I sent the following letter along with the small booklet titled, Dirty Electricity, Electrification and The Diseases of Civilization, by Dr. Sam Milham, and a copy of my own book, Getting Well God’s Way, which contains my story of recovery from illness and injury using natural healing methods when almost a dozen doctors had no clue what to do. I received a signed picture and a thank you but that’s not what I’d hoped to accomplish so I’m trying other efforts. I write him almost every single day on because I’m literally watching the sickening of America from technology saturation. We are electromagnetic beings being saturated in electromagnetic/microwave frequencies. This will not end well.

August 24th, 2020

President Donald Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

     THIS LETTER might be my last effort to get some help here in this precious little town in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas because my heart’s broken, I’m tired, and running out of hope. I’m not sure depressed people make good warriors. In fact, I’m having to give myself a pep talk just to write this. I’m honestly on the verge of giving up and if you knew me, you’d say “Then she’s exhausted every avenue.”  I’m not a quitter as you’ll soon see.

     Like you, I’ve been sent in to be “A DISRUPTER”.  I lived an incredibly challenging life story, overcame the “incurable” health challenges, (through God’s grace), and He then INSISTED that I write a book. I moaned out loud at just the idea of it.  I hadn’t written one word in two years so God apparently arranged for me to fall from an unrailed bridge while cycling with a friend. I know this to be true because I documented an event in my journal nine months earlier that came to fulfillment by this injury. My x-rays showed me to be a paraplegic, but God had other plans. I was crippled with pain for 11 years but again, through perseverance and God’s leading, I was able to heal my body.  When I came out of my ordeal I was living in an opiate epidemic.  The story God had me live and write shows that our faith and dependence are on carnal/godless Rx methods and that if we will come back to His ways, we will prosper.  The book contains an important message to the entire culture that should shake them into living their lives in a more conscientious way, which would greatly benefit our country. It shows us how God sees much of what we’re doing here while telling ourselves “We’re a Christian nation”. Our own Bible disputes this claim as it is our “doing” not our “believing” that defines us. “Their conduct nullifies their claims of faith” is one verse shared in the book.

     Unlike you, this journey has cost me almost everything, but then that’s what good stories do, right? I knew it would, I could see it early on. I hoped I was wrong and kept showing up because I could see why this story needed to be lived through and documented to share. Ultimately, my agreement to walk this out cost me my 25-year marriage, because he confessed to feeling “threatened” by any potential success. He started drinking too much, disconnected from God, damaged my relationship with my/our only daughter, and at a certain point it seems that God had enough and I had to choose between finishing this calling and keeping my family. Leaving meant walking away from him, our daughter, and my first granddaughter that I raised for the first 19 months of her life while Ashley went to vocational school.  Two more granddaughters have been born that I’ve never met. It truly was an all or none decision because they were going to keep me in chaos if I tried to stay in the picture.  Ol’ slue foot came after everything that wasn’t secure in an effort to stop me but alas, you’re holding the book, so you know how that played out.

     I’ve been a licensed massage therapist in Texas since 1994 but actually do more “healing work” than relaxation or beauty.  I have a high-end piece of anti-aging equipment I was using and enough clients that I was able to support myself for the first year and assumed business would grow. You might imagine my horror when God began shutting my business down.  In my mind’s eye, I saw His hand turn it off like a faucet. I loved my work. It was the only place I received praise and peace. I saw God do amazing things to help people heal but it wasn’t long before my circumstances dictated that I move in with my widowed, (and amazing), Mom. Everything, even my car and jewelry had to be sold. I was 52 years old and broke while the ex’s contract work in the oil business was bringing in record income. He upgraded his boat and bought a house on the canal in Corpus Christi. TX.  I think we need to look again at the claim that “we’re a Christian nation” when we allow a devoted wife to be discarded with “best wishes.” AFTER I left I learned the stats on how many divorced women have to file bankruptcy!  I basically was driven out of my life with them and left to flounder.  I had no idea this country would allow such a thing.  

     I settled in at Mom’s at record pace and sat down on the bed where my grandmother had slept a few years back and asked God why He’d deconstructed my life. “I need you to finish the book.”  I was immersed in grief and dread. “NOT NOW!” I didn’t say anything because I knew. I knew it had to be done. I cried for the last five years of writing, so when it came out, I was holding my breath.  I think it took me a year to tweeze the anger out of it. My stomach was in my throat every time I opened the file. This has only recently changed. God wanted me to scold humanity, but it needed to be done by “awakening” them to truth when I personally wanted to duct tape them to a heavy chair and rack their knuckles with a wooden ruler.  My journey had taught me that most professing Christians didn’t just not know how to take care of their body, they didn’t want to know! They actually prefer to be ignorant and disengaged and sincerely label this as “being a Christian”.  It’s very frustrating to see this.

     When I finished the book and it began circulating my cousin was the first to review it. “Your book is well-written, informative, intriguing, comforting, alarming and important.” I exhaled. Then a man came up to me at a party and told me he read the introduction in the copy his wife had and it “dropped me to my knees in tears in the living room. You’re right.”  Wow. Then a few more grown men cried while talking to me about the book.  Then a man in Maryland bought 50 of them to hand out.  He swears he prayed that book in for over a decade.  I tease him about being the reason God locked me in a bedroom for five years. He too began crying at the end of our first phone call.  “You’re a messenger sent by God and if we don’t listen to you, we deserve what’s coming next.”  Another Wow. Then a few more women had profound experiences reading it.  An amazing “God-thing” happened right as it was coming out that ended up with me being introduced to the world by a world-renowned doctor, Sherri Tenpenny on a nationally syndicated radio show.  This all let me know that God did in fact commission the book (uploaded to Amazon in April 2015).

     The future looked bright until October of 2016 when I touched the screen of an iPhone and a pain shot up my arm that felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight.  It stayed that way for two hours before it began letting up.  In the next few days, it became clear that I was now extremely sensitive to wireless technology!  This is when I learned that my cell phone was a two-way microwave radio and that the non-ionizing microwave radiation was accumulating in my body. I was living just like the television shows me.  We had three cell phones in the house, Wi-Fi, which I now know is 245 Billion Cycles per Second of microwave radiation, a wireless alarm system with transmitter/receivers all through the house also plugged into the Wi-Fi router.  There were what I suspect to be “typical” wiring errors in a 41-year-old house that became a life-saving endeavor and an old version of a smart electric meter. Almost every neighbor had one of these communicating electric meters and there was a huge cell tower literally IN our upper middle-class neighborhood with no consent required.  There were 23 cell towers and 112 antennas in a 4-mile radius of our home.  I found out pretty quick that there was a lot of people being injured by wireless technology and found a company, that sells all kinds of mitigation products. On the front of their catalogue it reads “Celebrating 20 Years in Business!”  What?  Why didn’t anyone tell us we needed to be protecting ourselves?

     After I got out of the woods and implemented hardwiring, grounding and shielding of my computer, and myself, I reconnected with a friend and learned that she too was also very sick. The utility company in San Antonio put a data collection meter on her bedroom wall and I honestly thought she was going to die. When I went to to see what was in her environment I found 443 cell towers and 339 antennas in her 4-mile radius. This is actually the new average.

     Next, I want to share some images so I can illustrate a point:  

These images came from Wigle.Net showing network coverage. They were provided by instructors in a recent BETA class I took on “ElectroPollution”.

 Someone posted this image with a caption that read “Space Junk & Invisible Radiation”. FYI: I was born in 1957 so this is what happened to the Earth in 63 years.

Then, there’s our radar coverage, which is yet another blanket of electromagnetic radiation.

Then there’s the almost 17,000 satellites and the rumor that more are coming, many, many, more.

This graphic below shows the Gamma Radiation Readings in Little Rock, AR.

7500 CPM’S with spikes to 10,000.

300 CPM’s used to be a hazmat event according to Mid-America Land Restoration.

75% of our nuclear facilities are reportedly leaking.

     Never preferring to leave bad news laying on the table I heard recently that we now have the technology to build a facility next to leaking nuke plants/storage locations, and the new plant/technology will absorb the radiation and neutralize it and shut the plant down when it’s finished. If this is true, we need to be headed full speed in this direction.  Others believe microbes will clean up radiation. We can’t fix what we won’t face.

     I don’t have an image that would show all of the smart meters, cheap electronics made in China, microwave ovens, cordless everything…devices, wireless alarms systems, corrupted powerlines, and modern insanity going on in people’s everyday lives, so factor that in. One instructor recently said he has 27 devices in his home. Also keep in mind that Curtis Bennett of says “There’s a reason we put currents in wires.” We must’ve forgotten that we are all water-filled upright antennas, electrical in nature so subject to harm by non-native frequencies.  Curtis Bennett also points out that when we release two frequencies in the same environment, it produces four more unknown frequencies, six total.  We’re now living in a virtual soup of electronics that has never been done before. This means, even the experts can’t honestly predict how this will end.


     After this happened to me, I started reading online, almost obsessively, for about 7-8 months in 2017, and ended up creating a 197-page document that I ended up using as the basis for a blog. Many days I had tears in my eyes, got a nauseous feeling in my gut, and actually heard God say, “You have no idea what you’re doing to the children! You have no idea.”  A few weeks ago, I added a short video to my site about four babies born without hands nine months after a 5G tower was installed nearby in Germany. This video also shared about a long-time, established, cattle-breeding operation’s cows going sterile and giving birth to calves with mutations such as no hair. We’ve also lost 75% of our insects. Our FCC is made up of all wireless industry executives and documented in an online document by Harvard Ethics and titled, Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates.  Where do you imagine their investments are? Is anyone going to be smart here? Anyone? You can view that here: 

     We recognized that we needed to get me out of Austin, TX and had family roots in Arkansas. I was going to be uprooting my 83-year-old Mom from a home she expected to die in and had lived in since 1988.  We opted to go to the Ozark mountains, and she ended up buying a darling little cabin down in between the base of two mountains in the town of Jasper. There’s only one cell tower in town and it’s 1.5 miles away but there is 100,000 acres across the street.  BTW: I have articles here in my files admitting that the cell towers in national parks are in a state of mayhem, wrongly permitted, and not even sure if payments are being made.  If you let them put towers in the already mismanaged system, and one ends up across the road from me, you will either turn me into an outlaw or drive me from the only safe place I have to be much like this woman’s story in the link below. In fact, I know many people who are living in their cars or metal sheds or running to Greenbank, W. Virginia or remote areas with no electricity to survive this assault:  Hang on, I’m getting to the major thing I’m writing you for but this needed to be said.  PLEASE RECONSIDER THIS!!!  Likewise, if they install NOT SMART water meters, again, I’LL BE HOMELESS.

Finally, My Reason for Contacting You

     When I found out what kind of electric meter is in use here my battle began. One blogger questions if it’s “the worst form of…” them.  Several Building Biologist’s say they can’t be mitigated.  I sent the private utility cooperative corporation an official ADA accommodation request and offered to send in a picture of the readings monthly from my hardwired computer. I included a letter from my University of Texas graduate Internal Medicine Doctor who’s a Functional Medicine Practitioner and has taken courses in this condition I have known as ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity but recognized since WWII as “Radio Wave Sickness.”  This isn’t a new condition!  Dr. Chavez, wrote the private utility cooperative corporation through the staff attorney, Linda Lamb, to confirm my diagnosis and state that I couldn’t have the kind of NOT SMART electric meter that they use here.  The staff attorney for the utility cooperative pretty much laughed at us and stated that I needed to prove to her that I have this condition even though she isn’t a doctor and would have clear bias in the debate. This is a big violation of ADA laws. Her assistant, no longer works there but actually wrote, “this is better for everyone.”  What?  Is this the way we address the disabled now?  And don’t tell me to go find a lawyer.  The system is rigged! One man spent $180,000 to no avail on a similar effort. I have no money so justice can’t even be bought here.

     I can’t work because I can’t enter most buildings.  I can’t travel, go to friend’s homes, go to events where everyone has a cell phone. Can’t go to movies or ride in late model cars. I can’t go in restaurants because they all have Wi-fi now. I can’t go in the doctor with my 84-year-old Mom or in the hospital with her, and I live with her.  A trip to the ER would likely cost me my life so I can’t even go in with her if she were in crisis. There are only 8 low EMF hospitals in the world! 

     The ADA law essentially reads that anyone who has a condition which prohibits them from living their life and accessing services, in any major way is “DISABLED”.  Once the legal director for, Thomas Nichols, saw my documentation and their reply in writing he agreed that I was presenting a “perfectly reasonable accommodation request” and suggested I file a “Failure to Accommodate” complaint through Fair Housing.  I did and while Daryl was taking my complaint, he said “Oh if you have a letter from a doctor that’s what we act on.”  A week later I received a letter that read, “We have no jurisdiction.”  The same thing happened as the case propelled up to HUD, Legal Aid, the Citizen Protection Division of the state attorney general’s office here in Arkansas. I finally wrote an email group of people who also have this condition (We Are Many!) and shared my experience.  One of them wrote back that a dozen of them had very solid cases before the DOJ and the DOE for two years.  Within a week they all received a letter stating, “We no longer have jurisdiction.”  So clearly what happened is that they pulled jurisdiction so there’s nowhere to report the crime.  Crime?  Yes, this is a crime according to ADA violations and according to US Code related to “criminal assault” and the “method of applied force (without consent) is listed as ‘heat, light or electrical.” I think there are laws with more teeth though that need to be applied here.  I did find Public Law 90-602 that’s been on the books since 1968.  “The purpose of this Act is to amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for the protection of the [H. R. 10790] public health from radiation emissions from electronic products. This Act may be cited as the “Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968” You can read it here and clear as day it says this isn’t allowed!  So, who dropped the ball?

     I think a witty lawyer could argue for a RICO filing for several reasons once they know what they’re looking for. People are getting sick and dying from these meters!!!!!!  Fraud and defrauding the government are involved and this stands to harm the US economy by making the population sick!  These utility corporations are given “legal monopoly” status in exchange for regulated prices, and this results in the consumer having no choice but to use their services and are now being FORCED into accepting their practices even if they’re toxic, inhumane and illegal.  Utility services provide for health and dignity, so this isn’t acceptable!  As well, they are claiming to be “member-owned” but I found out from a few locals and an old lawsuit online that they’re locking said members out of public meetings and controlling who gets on the board.  I recently learned from a man who installs generators in the next county up that the same thing is going on up there with a different cooperative corporation so this must be their new way of operating and NOBODY is holding them accountable.  But wait…that’s not all.  The meter on this house is stamped “ANSI METER” but since the readings in this house using a Stetzer meter, which measures high voltage transients and has been in existence since the mid-70’s, were in the CRIMINAL range I knew ANSI had to be compromised. Our neighbor has similar readings and was also having symptoms. Another neighbor is being severely affected but he doesn’t realize it yet. He’s had heart surgery and his forearm is covered in that purple bleeding stuff under the skin that I now know is from radiation exposure. This stuff damages the blood cell membranes, so they leak. This “dirty electricity” is like carbon monoxide in that you can’t see it, smell it or taste it but it will kill you!  When I went searching, sure enough I learned that ANSI has been overseen by a Communist Chinese Nationalist since 2015 and all that implies. So essentially “China says my smart meter is safe”? Here’s a link to the short video detailing that information.

     I wrote the utility cult and asked them to identify the country of origin of all components in this electric meter and they are predictably playing games to avoid giving the information so I ordered one on eBay and took it apart and guess what’s inside?  Yep, a bunch of capacitors from China. This is a refurbished one, but I expect to find the same in their meter because of the way they’re behaving about giving me that information. 

     Mr. President, I heard you say many times “ripped out and replaced” but then I assume the “suits” in your world convinced you to use the terminology “monitored and replaced” in your Executive Order 13920 about equipment in our electric grid made by “a foreign adversary.”  I believe you actually would like to “rip it out and replace it” and I’m hoping to give you valid reasons to do so.  THIS IS A CRIME not an administrative error. One report states that an advanced meter is not required to have a Smart Grid so we may be able to do this without ripping out a ton of infrastructure.

     You also need to know that I found a 70-year-old Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiners and Licensing in Little Rock. His name is Charles Covington and he immediately acknowledged the validity of my condition/diagnosis.  I told him that I began noticing a constant, high-pitched squeal up here peppered with periodic hissing and popping.  I now know the latter to be known as “microwave auditory affect” so I’m actually hearing microwave frequencies??? Hello!  I shared that the squeal is quite invasive and that another neighbor said he too hears it and another man in town went further to state that it started right after they installed these advanced meters.  Charles Covington replied, “If you’re hearing that it means there’s a problem.” He also acknowledged it as a form of torture. He called an engineer at Carroll Electric TWICE and asked him to come check on the issue, but nobody has come and that’s been long ago now, so I know they have no intention of coming.  I wrote about this at this link and shared a screenshot from a man who saw my post online. He’s declaring that he’s considered suicide from hearing this pitch.  MANY ONLINE are chatting about hearing it now. I believe the powerlines are screaming because they were never meant to carry data, but it could be the combination of all the tech crap being loaded onto us as indicated in the maps I shared. We truly have lost our way.

     I wrote and called the Arkansas Public Service Commission whose website reads, “We are charged with the duty to provide safe, accurate and reliable services.” I shared the readings from this house and my concern about the high-pitched squeal and many links by credentialed medical and scientific sources and received a 2-sentence answer.  They may as well have written, “we don’t care.”  NOBODY CARES.  I’ve written the governor of Arkansas and let him know that his commissioners aren’t doing their jobs and haven’t even received a blow-off letter. 

NOBODY IS OVERSEEING THESE ELECTRICAL CORPORATIONS so now we have a lawless provider of essential services forcing technology overseen/made by a foreign adversary on its customers without informed consent (Nuremberg Code violation) and against their will and against a qualified doctor’s written orders!

     You can see the readings in this house at this link and many links sharing the dangers of this toxic current coming into home wiring and radiating into the rooms:

      For the record, this move ended up fulfilling what I now know was a prophetic entry in my very first journal. I recognized I needed to be journaling the things that were laying on my heart.  In the very first journal, about ten pages in I wrote “Isaiah 54 shall apply.” You can read that story and see a picture of that journal entry here which confirms to me that God prepared and equipped me to address this and then sent me here to do so. Pretty interesting if you ask me:

     Mr. President, I believe it’s entirely possible that the previous administration put this into play to sicken and weaken America. “Silent Weapons of Quiet Wars” approach… without ever firing a shot. The 2005 Energy Policy Act referred to “offering” these meters but when old BO got into office in 2008, a whole-hearted effort ensued to FORCE them onto customers under the 2008 Recovery Act. For many of the reasons stated I believe this is a criminal racket and should be handled in a criminal manner, not by a bureaucratic task force.  There needs to be a HUGE disincentive to future corporations who choose to harm the US citizens, violate rights, and certainly when their actions stand to harm the entire US economy by crashing their health

     I strongly suggest sending someone on your staff to my blog and if they ONLY read through the Featured Post, the “Smart Meter” and “Health Effects” categories of the blog, it should take you/them a long way toward understanding the level of threat. Studies are already showing trends in disease statistics that are being attributed to these NOT SMART utility meters. Here’s an excerpt from one post:

      “At some point, it will not be thousands who suffer from electromagnetic radiation sickness, but there will be an explosion of illness. There will be millions of people who are experiencing chronic disability and fatal illness from exposure that spanned many decades. [6]

     “The current epidemics of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even autism will intensify until very few of us will be able to escape these devastating illnesses. Others will suffer for decades with chronic fatigue, unexplained anxiety, and attention deficits until a life-threatening illness makes its ugly appearance.

     “It is true that the majority of people feel nothing when exposed to electromagnetic radiation such as microwave transmissions from smart meters and cell phones. Even if people can’t identify reactions to this exposure, proteins within their cells are being permanently altered. [7]”

Source :

     We had to install a $1250 (now costs $1450) whole house filter so I could even come in this home my Mom bought. A 36-year Master Electrician witnessed the readings being taken and witnessed them drop (very new technology) when he installed the filter. “Very interesting” was his parting comment. These electricians have no idea about this issue or the meters that measure the toxic current in the home.  I spent 17 days in the driveway in the RV because this house had a very bad effect on me; an experience my nearest neighbor recently had. IT GOT HIS ATTENTION.  They too will be installing a filter but most of these people have no clue this is needed, and MOST won’t be able to afford it.  I will also say that these may be the sweetest people I’ve ever met living here.  They’re like people used to be 20 years ago and they’re being poisoned and have no clue it’s being done to them.

     We’ve been here since November of 2019, so I pretty much know how I feel here now. Then suddenly, July 3rd-8th I was on the verge of vertigo, all day, every day; a condition I’ve never had.  On the 8th I felt a bit better, so I dressed and was going to go to town with Mom. By the time we got ½ mile up the driveway to the road and out of the dense tree coverage, I began feeling intense pressure in my torso, which quickly intensified in my lungs.  I’ve wondered if the launch of 5G may be causing this Covid thing and if you look on the blog, you’ll see that many credentialed people are saying the same.  This was the moment that seemed to be confirmed for me. Mom was securing her TRUMP 2020 banner, so I got out of the truck to get my bare feet on the ground and take an assessment of myself. As I was processing what I was feeling I noticed my forearms were beginning to ache which is what they do when I’m being exposed to Wi-Fi.  Now bear in mind that I’m in a very rural area of the Ozark’s with 100,000 acres of national forest directly across the road from me.  Where am I getting Wi-Fi?  I suspect it’s the 420 satellites launched on 4/22/2020.  I went back to the steel-skinned cabin to stay out of the insanity and the next day I woke up and all had returned to pre-July 3rd status so I suspect they were being tested.  I received several messages during that week from people feeling the effects who’d never felt it before. One was from my cousin who wrote “I’ve never doubted you, but I’ve never felt it…until now.  I’ve been ill for 10 days.”  Those satellites reportedly produced Afib events around the world as recorded by Arthur Firstenberg on  He too has this condition. 

     Are we going to just ignore what’s going on here?  GOD IS ASKING! 

     I need help here and the sooner the better and I’m serious….CRIMINAL CHARGES are what need to happen.  PLEASE RIP THESE METERS OUT AND REPLACE THEM WITH ANALOG METERS.  And when they tell you they aren’t available, tell them “Great. Let’s start getting some factories up and going and make them and create jobs.” I’ve already bought one and it’s sitting here waiting on someone to give me the authority to rip theirs out and put this one on. BTW: I’m pretty damn sure we have the technology to call the readings in to a phone system and not have “meter readers” so that’s an out-dated excuse in my opinion and NOTHING justifies the poisoning of customers!   

     Again, I guess if nothing happens from this letter…I guess I’ll just let evil have this one.  I’m very ready to go HOME.  I’ve about had as much of humanity as I can take. 

     THE BALL’S IN YOUR COURT NOW and I’m off the hook says God.  I did what He’s asked of me.  I hope to hear a favorable reply from you VERY SOON.  This squeal is getting on my nerves.

     Thank you for your time,   

    Kathy Bates

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