Power lines turned into giant antennas by power line communication electric meter system aka broadband over power line aka TWACS or Two-Way Automated Communication System – Video Produced by FCC Laboratory

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This video demonstrates that power line communication (PLC) systems turn power lines into transmitting antennas. The video is produced by the FCC Laboratory, while investigating a BPL/PLC system in Briarcliff Manor, NY (USA). They use a shortwave radio receiver, which picks the radiation up as static, while driving along the power lines carrying the BPL signal. The link in the black box won’t work but I was able to find it again by searching it by title on YouTube.com. Here’s the link there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FX3YXp_sIY&t=5s

     Below is an excerpt from a more detailed document/presentation about the onslaught of technology in the USA and beyond. This section is about the utility/electric meters in use here, FORCED on customers by a PRIVATE CORPORATION who holds themselves out as being a “member owned COOPERATIVE” likely because it sounds neighborly, while behaving as anything but neighborly. Locals report that they were locked out of public meetings and when they tried to get a real neighbor on the board, CECC pulled some typical CORPORATE tactics to keep that person from being on their board. Then they have their “rigged” board vote this system into play. The only good part is that I suspect there will be NO ambiguity about who has the liability from the harm being done. Look for other posts on this blog about the TWACS meter system in the search window.

Below are pages 34-39 of the Public Health Warning document which can be viewed here: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2022/10/26/public-health-warning-document-w-instructions-for-action/

Let’s connect some dots:

     November 2019, we arrived here.

     December 2019, 46-year-old Staci Wheeler died reportedly of a heart attack.  The husband has not responded to two email offers to borrow our Stetzer line noise meter to check his home’s electric outlet readings. This death is considered highly suspect that dirty electricity from the electric outlets is to blame but we’d just arrived, so I didn’t get it until…

     December 2020, 60-year-old, Lesa Tanner Massengale, was found with multiple masses on her brain, same side of her head as an abnormally high up on the wall electric outlet by her desk. We found deadly readings coming from that electric outlet which was even with her head at her desk and throughout the office area. The brain masses were on the same side of her head as that outlet. She died three weeks later. THIS was the event that yanked me out of the notion that I was some rare individual being adversely affected. I realized then that other people just didn’t feel it but instead they get hit with a major symptom onset, bad diagnosis, or drop dead.

     A letter was distributed widely in town attempting to make people aware of the DEADLY READINGS found at that electric outlet and throughout buildings in town. One person responded in a personal capacity, not officially through his office, encouraging me to contact the Newton County Health Department. I was confident that people were at least talking about the issue and in time, they’d see and respond. Then,…

     December 2021, 54-year-old, Candace Sexton, another beautiful healthy soul, dropped dead of a heart attack. MAJOR CLUE: Lesa and Candace both worked in the same building where the first high readings were found in public buildings; the hardware store, lumber yard and grocery store. They died 13 months apart.

     I have no idea why it’s December, but we’re 3 for 3 now. We can speculate that holiday lighting and extra demand on the “grid” could be causing some unknown electrical surges. There’s a link to a 5 min video a few paragraphs down that covers this reality.

     We have to admit that while lots of new tech has been brought into the world, we have failed to also provide alarm systems to tell us when toxic levels are unsafe, like a carbon monoxide detector. Perhaps that’s why God sent me in. I’m a walking, talking, researching, and typing warning meter SENT to show you what’s going on. 

     So, let me share some things about electric meters in general: First you need to know that the electric power coming into a utility meter on the electric lines used to be a smooth 60 Hz sine wave like you see in the image below on the left. It passed through a non-electronic, mechanical only meter, which measured the amount of current that flowed past it by turning a horizontal wheel with teeth on it that then clicked the little clock looking analog dials, which turned some numbers and that was our wattage usage charted monthly to determine our electric bill we had to pay. No electronics were involved so the 60 Hz wave was just a nice smooth wave coming out of the other side of the meter into the home/building. When the utility companies decided to use this new technology, it radically changed this smooth wave coming into our buildings as it now has a chaotic signal that rides along it as you see in the image on the right, but nobody warned you. This chaotic signal can be measured on a meter and should be filtered to a reading of 30 or lower, anything over 50 is undesirable and must be filtered. 

     If you go to https://nomoretowersintheozarks.org/images-that-teach you’ll see a screenshot (4th one from the top) where it’s disclosed that a Dr. Tell admits the meters he tested for Itron, were only tested for functionality, or their ability to transmit data, and were never tested on humans or animals. This is just one form of meter by one company, but I suspect this is true of all of them.

     At this link you’ll find a really good 5+ min video on “dirty electricity” by the son of Dr. Martin Blank, a huge contributor of knowledge to our subject:  https://www.shieldyourbody.com/dirty-electricity/  And here’s a good summation and visual from his site that confirms what I described above. In the image below, where he shows a plug, that should be an electronic meter in my description, but you get the point:

     The creator of the site above then goes on to ask and answer, Where Does Dirty Electricity Come From?  “As a baseline, let’s think of regular old ‘clean’ electricity as smooth. Just as electrical wiring and the power grid can conduct electricity from the utility company so can it conduct other electrical signals and other forms of EMF. Two types of this unwanted EMF include transient voltage and wireless gadgets. It is these forces that convert ‘smooth’ electricity we expect into unpredictable, ‘dirty’ electricity. And once these forces are created, they spread throughout a building – and even to other buildings – over the electrical wiring and power grid, radiating potentially harmful EMF into our environments.”

     Part of the “process” of inserting this now electronic/digital technology between the powerlines and our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, they refer to as “stepping down” the voltage from 220 volts coming on the powerlines to 4 to 10 volts. Nice little term they have there “stepping down” but in functionality, this is like putting lightning in a box and is what you see in the above image on the right.  Smooth on the left coming into these new meters of many brands and designs and DEADLY after it passes through their meter, BUT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT because they’ll have to correct a very expensive mistake they made!

     Another reported problem has to do with what’s called a “switch mode power supply”.  It’s the program that switches the devices from DC or direct current to AC or alternating current. In these meters it does this over and over and over. I would assume with my somewhat limited knowledge that it’s this process that creates the dirty electricity and that the meter won’t work without it. The same is true for an inverter on a solar system, it converts to AC from DC and when it does it produces high levels of dirty electricity. 

     You also need to know that the utility companies constantly misrepresent facts and tell people that their meters only send data 4 to 6 times per day. That detail may be true as far as reporting our usage, but they left out some pertinent details as these meters are in CONSTANT communication with the system at large. The system asking of the individual meters, “Are you there? Everything okay?” The meter then replies “I’m here. All good.” According to one lawsuit this takes place anywhere from 9600 to 190,000 times per day. You can view this information on page 5 at the following link:  https://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/efile/RESP/149398.pdf

     The kind of metering system in use here is questioned on one site as being “the worst form of smart meter” known as a TWACS (Two Way Automated Communication System). Details about this “power line communication” (PLC) system are worth noting from this source. The site goes into the wired and wireless versions, and both are worth knowing about because if you call the utility company, they love to trip up the callers by making them think they don’t know what they’re talking about. https://smartmeterharm.org/2016/04/23/warning-twacs-the-worst-smart-meter/  “Ours isn’t a ‘smart meter’, no it’s some other term they gave it like “Advanced Meter Initiative or AMI” which is still a piece of electronic gadgetry of unknown safety with a very questionable existence.  “Ours isn’t wireless” if you mention being concerned about “wireless meters”. And again, these hardwired one’s are questioned as being “the worst” so “ours are hardwired” or “carry data over the powerlines” doesn’t mean they’re safe and have no issues. They’re playing mind games with you to make you go away and stop asking questions. I’ve found that they WILL NOT engage if asked about the dirty electricity measured at the outlets and then they get ugly and intimidating in behavior if you go there. Most people never get past this initial phone call and limp away from the conversation. That’s why I’m writing you a book to teach you what they won’t tell you so we can change this.

     That site also details how it “contaminates” the powerlines with constant pulses. Other EMF remediation specialists commenting on this kind of TWACS/PLC system have pointed out that the powerlines were designed to ONLY carry electric current. Using these electric lines to now carry data, which they point out ‘has an inherent whine’, could explain the 24/7 high-pitched squeal in the air here. She shared, The Austrian Chamber of Physicians (equivalent to the American Medical Association) and the Swiss Physicians for the Environment were so alarmed about widespread health effects from PLC that they opposed it at the federal level in their countries. Effects can be immediate as well as cumulative. Reports from states that have this indicate this is potentially deadly, with the most vulnerable feeling the effects soonest.”

     After the last death, Candace Sexton, who worked for many years in the same building as the 2nd death, the “letter to Jasper” was expanded and distributed throughout town again. To the official offices noted below and we also included a $150 meter to take readings, a $35 filter just for demo purposes, and 2 small books by highly credentialed experts to support the accusations. One booklet is by an MD; epidemiologist, and the other author is a retired microwave weapons expert. The packages were presented to the Fish and Game Office, the Newton County Judge, Warren Campbell, and the Ozark National Forest Office here in Jasper. Later this package was mailed to The Newton County Health Department and followed up with emails sharing more developments and concerns. June 20th, 2022, I received an email from their office that “we have decided to share information with the doctors in Little Rock over us”. For clarity, this means that Dr. Jacky Dunn, Chief Health Officer of Newton County Health Department decided it needed to be reviewed further with the doctors over the county health office. THAT should matter. Sadly, Dr. Dunn got sick shortly after that and passed away before doing so, but he did deem the information worthy of further review.

     PubMed article: Evidence that dirty electricity is causing the worldwide epidemics of obesity and diabetes: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23781992/  Or you can search the entire site on “Dirty Electricity” https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=dirty+electricity

     The meter readings in this house, our neighbors, and other buildings in town would be considered “dangerous”, maybe DEADLY is a better choice of words.  So, when Lesa Tanner Massengale, of Bob’s Do-It-Best Hardware, was found crawling on her knees and didn’t know who she was due to 5-8 masses (differing accounts), on the same side of her brain as an electric outlet, which was unusually high up on the wall, even with her head while sitting at her desk, I went to take readings! Ideally this reading in the electric outlet should be around 30. No reading above 50 is acceptable on a “Stetzer” meter and “must be filtered” is what the package reads. This meter measures voltage surges or “line noise” riding in on the 60 Hz smooth sine wave electric current from the power line. It’s been around since the mid-70’s and measures what’s commonly known as “Dirty Electricity” considered “very deadly” by Dr. Sam Milham, author of Dirty Electricity… http://sammilham.com/ Remember the opening line of his book reads, “I am writing this in a desperate attempt to warn you.”  One of these books was included in the package.

     The readings taken in the hardware store here in Jasper started in the 1500’s, jumped to 1900’s then exceeded the limits of the meter which is 2000 GSU’s (Graham Stetzer Units). I went next door and found the same to be true at the lumber yard, the grocery store, the physical rehab building next door was lower, but they weren’t open which matters, but it was still over 1000 on the front porch.  Another longtime local took the meter and measured their home (it was high) and then took it downtown. He came back very discouraged reporting “the Courthouse is high…the…well, every building I checked is high, but I don’t know what we can do”. He looked very disappointed. I shared that if the utility company claims to be “member owned” then that says the members get a say BUT then you’ll also find that according to many locals and a somewhat recent lawsuit I found online, CECC locks said members out of public meetings and changes rules to control who gets on the board. This is deadly, criminal, immoral, illegal behavior and is NOT the way people treat each other or God’s creation.

The 24/7 High-Pitched Squeal

It’s Not Tinnitus!

     As for the 24/7 high-pitched squeal in the air here, it’s not tinnitus because it never varies in tone or consistent presence, only in density of presence. I didn’t notice it for the first two months, now I can’t NOT hear it. When I began inquiring, many locals say they too hear it and that it began immediately after they installed these new electric meters here. One local man was zealous in his answer and almost angry about how it wakes him up and how he’s noted that his health has really headed downhill “since I moved into that house…”  I have not checked his home readings, but someone should. I estimate that one-half of the people I’ve asked hear it.  Some seem not to notice until it’s pointed out and then realize they are hearing it. It can sound like insect background noise but more invasive and “tinny” sounding.

     I was able to find a 70-year-old Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiners and Licensing in Little Rock, Dept of Labor, Charles Covington, who stated very zealously, If y’all are hearing that it means there’s a problem!”  He told me that his office “doesn’t have any jurisdiction” but said that he would call an engineer colleague at Carroll Electric and ask him to come check on this. A year later I let Mr. Covington know that nobody has been in contact in any way shape or form. He again requested the matter be checked into and when I spoke to him again in September 2021 and learned that he was retiring October 1st, I told him that I’d been sharing widely of his declaration that there’s a problem up here and asked if anyone had confronted him on that. He laughed and replied, “Yes they asked me why I would tell you such a thing” and with gusto he said, “I told ‘em ‘BECAUSE THERE’S A PROBLEM UP THERE!’” He never backed down and I do find it disturbing that whoever was questioning him wasn’t concerned about public safety but wanted to know “why he would tell me that “there’s a problem”.  He gave up the name of the engineer he’d contacted twice as Randy Hooten. He seemed a little angry that Randy and CECC had done nothing and since he was retiring apparently felt no obligation to protect them any further.  I’m certain this is an inconvenient issue so CECC would just rather not bother, but that’s not an option as I see it. Intelligent, moral, caring people pay attention to safety meter readings especially if they are the emitter!

     There’s a link on the “no more towers” site titled, “This is not ‘tinnitus of unknown origin’! It’s microwave auditory effect. We’re actually hearing frequency in the air known as Vibroacoustic Disease or VAD. I don’t understand why it has to be called a “disease” since those of us hearing it aren’t “sick”, it’s an environmental noise pollution created by their metering system! I will say however, it’s this article that has me concerned for my long-term health due to this “squeal” as it discusses how damage was found at autopsy on someone subjected to this. “In 1987, the first autopsy of a deceased VAD patient was performed. The extent of LFN (low frequency noise) induced damage was overwhelming, and the information obtained is, still today, guiding many of the associated and ongoing research projects.  It then goes on to talk about “Assault by High Frequency; a Tortured Life, a Tortured Death”. In fact, that’s what the Chief Electrical Inspector said of being subjected to a “24/7 high-pitched squeal” I called him inquiring about. “That’s a form of torture”. 

     This article goes on to talk of how microwave radiation exposure opens the blood-brain-barrier and causes cataracts. “Full Spectrum Dominance”, which according to the image is a “U.S. Mariana Islands military exercise for bombing and firing practices causing the death of 81,000 dead whales and dolphins every year…  We are assaulting ourselves, each other, and the planet with both low frequency and high frequency noise.  Decision-makers are now extending an attitude of entitlement and manifest destiny out into space. Ocean Full Spectrum Dominance is next.” https://www.naturalblaze.com/2021/10/5g-emf-rf-vibroacoustic-disease-microwave-hearing-beam-forming-this-is-not-tinnitus-of-unknown-origin.html

     Another website has a short article on the subject of microwave hearing. 

     “24/7, I hear an incessant, mosquito-like, metallic hum and I am certain that what I am hearing are the alien and destructive artificial frequencies now running through the entire power grid and through every inch of air space on Long Island due to cell towers, microwave antennas and transmitters, satellites, wifi routers, smart meters, etc.” https://radiationdangers.com/2018/07/26/is-it-tinnitus-or-is-it-microwave-and-or-ultrasonic-hearing/

     Another reference book, Public Health SOS…on page 55 shows where “Microwave Hearing” appears on the EMR spectrum. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1441458794?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

     The book, The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg, has an entire chapter on “hearing electricity”.  https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/

     I just read in the 20/21 Hunting Guide for Arkansas that the Chronic Wasting Disease showed up in the white tail deer here in 2016.  I found the following article where Carroll Electric reported being at 55% saturation with these new meters by 2012: https://www.carrollconews.com/story/1757754.html  This link has been removed now but I likely still have it printed in my files but simple enough data to remember.  They were at 55% coverage by 2012! I wonder how much they’d completed by 2016, maybe 75% coverage or more? Most locals say, “The Chronic Wasting Disease came from the infected elk herd that was brought in” and tend to end the conversation there but let me show you the rest of the story when you include the new electric meters. You’ll note in that microwave symptom list graphic that this stuff causes “Immune Abnormalities” in the human population as well as neurological issues and more that could explain this transmission of disease, even from a gut health perspective since it causes fungus to be 600 times more active according to Dr. Klinghardt in this video about half way through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RP7vmFeo0k&t=20s

     Continuing… This “electric grid” is actually a “created field of electric current”. Or as Professor Curtis Bennett of Thermoguy.com says “a microwave grid and every living thing is in it”. Every bit of our wildlife and humans are IN IT 24/7!  If it suppresses the immune system in humans, I expect it would do the same in wildlife. So now the white tail deer are subjected to a 24/7 high-pitched squeal, which would induce stress, which creates health challenges of many kinds, AND they’re also in a field of electromagnetic radiation or non-ionizing radiation AND their immune systems are subdued. Then an infected agent (Elk with CWD) is introduced into their environment. If you want to get deeper you can read about “resonance” how disease can spread through resonant frequency in The Truth About Contagion or research the Covid-19 or 5G  categories here:  https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/category/covid-19/  but that would just confuse people so let me just ask, “Wouldn’t it make sense that this would make the white tail deer population more vulnerable to disease than if they weren’t standing in an electric grid? What if curing the CWD was as simple as returning to analog meters and having us call in our readings.

     At this link you’ll find screenshots including an image where a local man stated that his “studies are ongoing but do show a correlation between these new meters and CWD”. I’m not the only one! I got booted off of the page and the post deleted but not before I got the incriminating screenshot: https://nomoretowersintheozarks.org/images-that-teach

This is an opening page to the book titled Dirty Electricity, by Dr. Sam Milham, epidemiologist

Here’s another video demonstrating how the power line communication turns electrical lines/wires into antennas. It’s not the same brand as used here in the Arkansas Ozarks but I suspect it still has the same effect on the wires. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsEvT5_5uds

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) engineers demonstrate how a power line communication system turns household wires into transmitting antennas. The BBC is interested in this, since it can interfere with the reception of the BBC World Service shortwave broadcasts. In the video, we see a large file be transfered between two laptop computers, using two HomePlug PLC modems. One modem is connected to a wall outlet, the other is plugged into a power strip, which also feeds a string of lights on a Christmas tree. The plug is then pulled on th power strip, so the lights on the Christmas tree go out. There is now no electrical connection between the two HomePlug modems, but the file transfer continues. We now have a wireless connection between the two HomePlug modems. One uses the wires in the walls as antennas, the other uses the wires on the Christmas tree. Note how this PLC system creates static on the shortwave radio. In Britain, PLC is referred to as Power Line Telecom (PLT). For more details on this demo, see BBC White Paper WHP099 by J.H.Scott.

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