Parent Pulls Child Out of School Due to Wifi Radiation

They claim their child has suffered from 41 nasty side-effects ( see symptoms listed in article)

You NEED to see what’s going on! I got zapped by a new cell phone in 2016 and it took me down this road of investigation. I can’t wake you up, I can only continue appealing to THE THINKERS. Most of my adult life I’ve been able to steer around wrong ideas by avoiding certain manmade food products and chemicals but what’s being unleashed, deployed is likely a more fitting word, it’s slowly killing everything and the humans are carrying around a device they’ve been told is a phone but not told that it emits pulsed, modulated microwave frequency with cumulative harmful effects. They justify the towers, which now saturate our world. You just can’t imagine until you meet someone who shows you, if you’re willing to go look.

Please people. Read this document below and DO SOMETHING and HELP those of us trying to help you!

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