Do You Know What Kind of Electric Meter Is In Your World?

We have an Aclara I-210+ electric meter here being FORCED on us by a utility corporation who claims to be a “member-owned entity”. I’ve written the electrical engineer to ask how much of his information on this other model would also apply to our meter (without the C”). I’ll post his answer when he replies but I’d also like to know how said “members” are then FORCING unwanted technology, due to safety concerns, upon themselves? That’s a clue that they aren’t really “member-owned” and that other corruption could be, and should be investigated especially when the readings from the electric outlets are showing DEADLY READINGS and people are in fact dying here in a building where these high readings have been found. In fact, found throughout town!

What do you know about the form of electric meter in your home, office, the daycare, school, or nursing home your mom is in? What do you know about it’s maintenance and replacement requirement? Have you taken readings from the electric outlets to SEE what’s being unleashed into your world? Like carbon monoxide, you can’t see it, taste it, or smell it but it can be measured on a meter and can make you very ill, or kill you, your loved one’s, even pets are being affected as can be seen in captured screenshots on this site. One shows an indoor couch-riding cat moving outdoors leave and immediately comes back when the utility company comes to replace the new electronic meter, known as an analogue, like most of us grew up with. Time to get informed because the people responsible for rolling this out will not likely also reveal their error, ignorance, or ill intentions, if that’s the case. Here’s the link to the screenshots where the pets are being affected.

Want to take an even more in depth look at where we are in this technocracy takeover? Go here:

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