ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

The Stockholm Declaration about “Life EMC” Olle Johansson

“Many years ago, in a commentary in the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik,…I launched the idea and new demand that since we protect all our various equipment from radiation interference and damage, we also have to do the same with our own health. …Now I take it one step further and point to the need to establish strengent, law-abiding, hygienic absolute safety exposure standards for all life on the planet: ‘Life EMC’.

“Because the effects are reproducibly observed and links to pathology can not be excluded, the Precautionary Principle should be in force in the implementation of these new technologies wihtou the society.

“…we are to blame…’sixth mass extinction event'”

“All living beings are electrosensitive, also our microbiome!”

“I hereby strongly recommend the Precautionary Principle and that ‘LifeEMC’ testing should be applied for all and any electromagnetic field/radiation technology interacting with humans and all other biology on Earth.”

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