The Vaxxines Big Agenda ~ Worse Than Most Can Envision

11 minute video that EVERYONE should see:

I have EMF hyper sensitivity so therefore I’m a walking, talking, researching, typing warning messenger for the rest of you; me and many many others. You just don’t know about us because mainstream tel-lie-vision produced a show called Better Call Saul intended to convince viewers that people like us are crazy lunatics. Yes, there are some of those within our group, BUT, there are many many more who are highly educated, reasonable, and “not crazy” and you should learn to listen to what they’re telling you. If the person isn’t trying to sell you something, listen and do your own research but do not rely on tv shows to educate you.

We fled to the Arkansas Ozarks when I had an acute event with a new cell phone (Oct 2016) that took me down this leg of my journey. You can read further about that story, how much is being deployed, how many people are being affected, and possible actions to take to stop the onslaught at the link given below. The reason I’m sharing this is because in the video above he mentions how they plan to “map” our brains around the 7 min 45 second mark, and how they can “collect information such as memory and local thoughts, sensations, emotions, or feelings” and the objective is to create a slave species without independent thought or actions, eliminating humanity. TIME TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT ACCEPTING CELL PHONES, TOWERS, DIGITAL ELECTRIC METERS IS OUR OWN DEMISE. YOU CAN TAKE ACTION HERE:

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