Methods I use to help with Vertigo etc…from Electromagnetic Field Radiation Exposure aka Radio Waves aka Wireless Technology

I do not profit from any recommendations I share so there is no “Code” to give me credit for sales. I share what has worked for me and people in gratitude go to my DONATION page and leave a “THANK YOU” gift. You can do that here:

I’ve found great relief from MSM 750. It feels to me like this supplement helps whole body inflammation. I like this brand and the other supportive herbs included in this formula and have trusted this brand for several decades now.

The link above is where I buy my MSM. I take one in the morning and one at night and one or two in between if I get exposed and feel bad. It seems to calm the entire body and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Here’s the link where I order my GABA. I take one in the morning and one in the evening and one in between if I get hit and feel toxic. They also have 500 mg’s. When this was shared with me I was told we can take up to four a day of the 500 mg and 3 a day of the 750. Helps my brain feel better and the MSM seems to do the whole body:

I only take this Skullcap when I get hit and my brain doesn’t feel well, so “as needed”. I usually take 2 but have taken 4 before finding GABA. The only thing I noticed when I did this was a slight loopiness but it was better than the ache and discomfort.

The Getting Well God’s Way book gives other methods used to help me cope with this leg of my life journey. I can’t possibly capsulize a 359-page book here so you actually should read it! It gives information on what I’d already done to reverse my Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, 11 years of crippling sciatica, Fibro flares, and recently I was able to “ditch” the Rx thyroid medicine they said I’d be on for the rest of my life. You can see my blood test on the book site after four months, the thyroid is still holding steady. The book tells the detox baths I take with baking soda and sea salt, or baking soda and citric acid. I’ve also taken baking soda internally and found profound relief. Do not overuse this as it is 1/2 sodium but it can get you out of trouble and bring balance. 1/8-1/4 teaspoon in 12 ounces of water stirred thoroughly. It’s an electron donor so it satisfies the free radicals in the body causing the storm. It also reduces acid which causes inflammation. I’ve had this one remedy pull me out of a brain swelling episode in minutes and turned the fire and pain off in my breast when I was first injured by my new iPhone 5C in 5 days, (along with maple syrup or molasses) and bathing the area in liquid iodine.

This next tip may cause you to think I’m “fringe crazy” but desperate times called for desperate action! I also need to state that this information was preceded by many years of changes to my body such as getting rid of my mercury dental fillings that were not only destroying my health but were also making me more “antenna like”. I also spent 2 years detoxing the mercury from my body so my body is not your body so if you try this YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you feel better, great! If you feel worse, take it off! I did notice that while wearing this new tool I can’t wear it while on the wired computer keyboard or while using a photon generator I have. Once I thought about it that the energetic anatomy of the human body that made perfect sense. So, anyway, just know this is MY STORY and doesn’t necessarily translate to everyone’s body or environment.

I recently woke up with Vertigo. I was able to get it under control pretty quick using many of my “tools” gathered from several decades of getting myself well when mainstream ideas failed. The vertigo was much better but there was still a lingering sense of it. It started on a Friday and everything stopped on Monday. I suspected they were testing something new and went on with my life hoping this wasn’t a sign of things to come. A week later it came again and this time it wasn’t responding to any of my efforts and seemed “set in”. I had a band of pain about 1 inch tall and 2-3 inches long over both ears that felt like it had the potential to rupture a blood vessel. I’d NEVER had this before and have never been inclined to headaches. There had also been an odd for me pressure in my nose, even going up between my eyebrows but not a typical “sinus” symptom for me as it was in the wrong place and showed up around the same time. Because several companies sell protective headgear with silver mesh to and caps with stainless steel threads, I grabbed for some aluminum foil. I pulled about 12 inches out and folded it in half, in half, again, scrunched it up and then gently pulled it back apart but not smooth, and stuck it under a cap. FYI: I have no idea if a smooth surface would do the same but you can try it. Within minutes every single symptom I had begun having recently (weird pressure in the nose unlike sinus issues) and that band of pain over my ears, dizziness, and the periodic “word salad” coming from my mouth…EVERYTHING stopped! So laugh if you want but at least my world isn’t spinning while the I try to wake people up about what’s going on in our world. It’s always reassuring to have someone confirm my alternative choices. One came from a facebook comment “good instints” and another came when a medical doctor on a 2-hour interview about 5G, the Vaxxed, and smart phones…he ended his interview by pulling his white felt cowboy hat off the shelf and motioned to the inside and said, “This will soon have mylar inside. Remember, mylar is your friend.” Bam!

So, I now wear this all the time except when I’m using the computer. We have an energetic anatomy and the flow of energy comes up the body through the midline and out the top of the head and loops back around. I would expect this to mean that the same could be expected while using any tech device.

AFTER this new experience., Mom found in the newspaper that Arkansas PBS has launched four new transmitter/repeaters so 95% of the state can watch Big Bird and one of those repeaters is 15 miles away and closer as the crow flies. 😦

I can’t help but wonder how many people ran to the doctor with reports of a new headache, vertigo, or other physical complaints and they have NO CLUE what new technology has been unleased in their world. I’ll be soooooo grateful when people begin connecting the dots and we can stop this assault. The link below is a new effort to take action to stopping this barage of technology that’s killing and threatening so much further destruction:

You can go take a glimpse of that “destruction” by scrolling down the middle column of the following site:

Remember, there was A LOT I’d already done BEFORE this part of my story began and you need to know that information as it was all important to lay a foundation for health. Read GETTING WELL GOD’S WAY and take back control of your health as an act of devotion and love for our Creator.

Here’s a few companies who sell protective clothing:

Below is an entire list of providers from a “Google” search for “radiation protection clothing products”

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