If You Can’t Hardwire Your Computer, Tame the Signal

LessEMF.com is a company who’s been in business for 26 years which begs the question “Why didn’t anyone tell us that we needed to be hardwiring, grounding, and shielding ourselves from all of this wireless. Now, many people don’t even have the option to hardwire. From LessEMF.com’s Signal Tamer page:

Raise your hand if you ever wondered: “How much microwave radiation is my wi-fi router pumping out?” I can assure you it is a lot more than you need. You know this is true because you can pick up the router signal from your neighbors who can be several houses away! Routers are notoriously overpowered. In most homes you can get away with 1/10th or even 1/100th of the power they provide. So why irradiate yourself and your family with all that extra (and unnecessary) microwave energy?

Signal Tamer is the best router shield when you need to use the signal. While reducing the radiation output (and your exposure) by 90-95%, the Signal Tamer still allows the router to function without losing speed. Special shielding fabric mesh pouch allows plenty of air flow and very easily slips over the entire router. Installs in seconds. No need to disconnect your router or interrupt service. Reduces range by about half, so it will be harder for your neighbors to get your signal. If you sit next to a wi-fi router at home or at work, or if you have one in your bedroom, or if you have children in the house, you owe it to yourself to get one and muzzle that menace today. 10×16 inches.

Signal Tamer is adjustable. If you need a bit less shielding performance, just allow a small opening at the base. By varying the size of the opening, you can adjust the amount of signal “leakage”.

Here’s the site of another activist friend who offers some protective methods. I love to help other activists as this is a job nobody wants so maybe go see if he has things you could use to protect yourself and your loved one’s. https://speroprotectionclothing.com/shop/

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