How to Hardwire a Cell Phone to Ethernet Step by Step to Avoid Radiation Output

If you go to and see the overall picture of the massive destruction this stuff is doing to our environment, bees, seeding birds etc you’ll understand why I’m still not happy with this option because the phones justify the towers. However, I’d like to keep many of you alive and well while we try to resolve what we’ve done so…also, according to David Alan Tyner, a facebook friend who’s a retired Caltech JPL radio engineer, “Phones similarly can use USB Ethernet adapters and cabling, but not for phone calls, just email and browsing”. He said in one comment to another friend “believe the science and understand wireless tech isn’t your friend, even if quite convenient”. Here’s another relevant comment from David, “Android phones have access to Google voice and can finesse calls, because those vendors care about limiting wireless exposure. It’s like VoIP. Apple presumes everything wireless is best, and goes out of its way, to ensure you can’t make a tethered phone call, over internet”.

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