FCC Sued by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s Firm and the Environmental Health Trust – Rebuked by Fed Appeals Court Judge in DC for Ignoring Studies on Harm from Wireless Tech & Ordered to Immediately Pay for 11,000 Pages of Evidence – Wanna See That Evidence?

For Lawyers and Litigants Regarding Wireless Technology

  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was recently sued by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s Firm as Children’s Health Defense and Environmental Health Trust (Dr. Devra Davis). The FCC lost and a Federal Appeals Court Judge in D. C. rebuked them for “ignoring the studies showing harm”. They were told their safety standards were “capricious, arbitrary, and not evidence based” and ordered to immediately pay for the 11,000 pages of evidence showing harm presented by the plaintiffs.

Yep, they ignored the studies and haven’t updated their safety standards since 1996!

Learn more about these suits and view key documents at this link:

View the 11,000 pages of evidence of harm here: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/landmark-5g-case-against-fcc-hearing-set-jan-25/

Key Doucments filed by Environmental Health Trust 

Here’s a 2 min video clip of 

Dr. Devra Davis regarding the suit. You should hear the final words:

There are important details in the Amicus Briefs filed in the case at the four links immediately below:


2. BRIEF OF AMICUS CURIAE JOSEPH SANDRI IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONERS URGING REVERSAL https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/20-1025-Amicus-Brief-Joe-Sandri.pdf


4. AMICUS BRIEF OF BUILDING BIOLOGY INSTITUTE IN SUPPORT OF PETITION FOR REVIEW OF FINAL ORDER https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Brief-of-Amicus-Curiae-Building-Biology-Institute.pdf

and here:

90 minute video by Dr. Devra Davis et al, EHTrust.org detailing this lawsuit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZrmrZd0Qjg&t=110s


Here’s a 2-page quick study fact sheet from EHTrust.org on the history of the legal battle with the FCC: https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/EHT-et-al.-v.-FCC-Factsheet-EHTRUST.org-1-1.pdf

Harvard Ethics published a 59-page report titled, Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates. It details that our FCC is made up of a bunch of guys from the wireless industry. It also shows who got paid off, how much, and who paid them.

     I used to live just like most everyone reading this until October of 2016 when I touched the screen of a cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that RADICALLY changed my life.  It felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight and it remained at that intensity for 2 hours. Within days, it became clear that I was now hypersensitive to all wireless technology. This meant that I had to give up my cell phone and was therefore immediately unemployable. A dense, burning pain began spreading around my breast over the next week. Had I not been a health hacker for 30+ years I likely wouldn’t be here right now. We had three cell phones in the house, WIFI, a wireless alarm system, a Roku by my bed, and had a laptop on my lap almost every waking moment as I finished writing a book. I lived just like the TV models we should live. My blessing was getting “ZAPPED” and understanding the message so I could begin researching, warn others, and hopefully see some justice for those of us injured and isolated. I know several people living in their cars to escape their now toxic homes from multiple sources placed against their will like smart meters placed on electric, gas, and water utility systems, cell towers, and the like.  

     Most people don’t feel it, so they don’t know to get away from it but then they end up with insomnia, sudden aggressive cancer, Afib, (heartbeat irregularities), leukemia in their child, or trouble regulating blood sugar, asthma, seizures, learning disorders, Alzheimer’s and Dementia…any number of things that send them running to the ER/doctor, or they simply drop dead if they have a certain genetic disposition and it’s recorded as a “heart attack”. Nobody ever thinks to question how many towers are around the patient or what kind of electric meter and subsequent readings are found in their environment, though ALL of this tech is new to humanity and should be among the first things to consider! Meters to measure all of this exist but nobody’s checking; as do the protective products to use technology safely, but we weren’t told we needed to use them.  

     My then 83 y.o. Mom uprooted her life and moved us away from the tech saturated city 14 hours north, deep into the Ozark Nat’l Forest, down in a V, between two mountains. It took 4 months to complete the move and after 2 years we’re finally settling in. I use a hardwired, grounded, shielded computer with blue light blocking filter on all screens in the home and use low flicker monitors, and have skin contact with a grounding mat. We have a corded landline phone with voicemail. We installed a $1500 filter on the electric panel BECAUSE the readings in the electric outlets in the home were beyond dangerous and I suspect are the culprit in the death of at least 2 locals since we arrived. One of these deaths I was able to confirm the dangerous readings coming from an outlet high up on the wall, even with her head where she sat, on the same side of her head as the 5-8 masses found. She never felt a thing until… You can read that post here and learn a lot about the density of this problem: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/12/14/aggressive-brain-cancer-dangerous-readings-at-the-electric-outlet-by-her-desk-smart-meter-suspected/

     I can’t go in any buildings here because they all have smart meters and WIFI, can’t go to friend’s homes, or to any events where everyone has a cell phone. I can’t ride in late model cars, can’t go to the doctor or hospital with my 85-year-old Mom, with whom I live. A trip to the ER would likely kill me and there’s only 8 low EMF (electromagnetic field) hospitals in the world. I can’t travel because the towers zap me now and every hotel has WIFI.  Like carbon monoxide, you can’t see, taste or smell these currents, but it can be measured on a meter, and it will create disease and kill you. Some of it can be filtered and avoided but again, people don’t know they should. Keep in mind that a single peanut can kill some people so when people begin reporting “I don’t feel good when…” and that message becomes more common, that’s a warning sign to the populace that should be heeded. We are not all the same and have trusted greedy people and been distracted by the toys. It’s not in our collective best interest to ignore the first wave/s of people complaining. THIS technology saturation has never been done in the history of humanity so anyone who says it’s safe isn’t spouting facts, but preferences or industry-sponsored studies.

     I know of another woman here, in a town of 466 people, (a handyman/contractor says he now knows eight of us)who have this condition known as Radio Wave Sickness or Microwave Sickness and also know that a woman being adversely affected visited a rental here in an effort to escape what is considered an “Environmental Illness” the week we came to buy this home. NIEHS (Nat’l Institute of Environmental Health Sciences estimates 1% of the population suffers severely and 3% moderately, which is enough to disable them from functioning in this modern world. I know several people who’ve lived in their cars to get away from their toxic home. If the person leaves a certain environment and symptoms are reduced then doesn’t that mean that the environment is sick, not the person? The polluters have gone to great lengths to deny any responsibility but “the jig is up”. According to the Physician’s Statement referenced below this is a genetic predisposition and they report that these patients used to be a minor part of their practice but now comprise the majority of their patient load. There isn’t anything those of us affected can do about our genes and we can’t force peanuts on everyone either just because other people like them a whole lot. Did you know we’ve lost 75% of our insects since this stuff was deployed and that migratory birds are getting lost because we’ve screwed up their highway system?  They use electromagnetic lines to navigate, and we’ve created so much “electrosmog” that they can’t see them.    

     Very recently we went for a drive, when my doctor and her husband came to visit from Texas, and discovered two new towers, oddly very close to each other, that just went in south of town.  We live on the east side.  I cried for 2 days.  My illusion of being safe here was shattered. My illusion that they would protect the Buffalo National River, also shattered. Arkansas is supposed to be “The Natural State” but think being “relevant” is better I suppose. I haven’t left this town since February of 2020 when the towers in the next town were zapping me so bad, I determined to never go back and had to abort my errands. I used to be able to go to the dump once a week, to the Farmer’s Market on the square twice a week and that was it.  Now I can’t go to the dump because of the new towers, and I found out last week that the courthouse has begun showering WIFI out around the courthouse reportedly “for the tourists” for the past six months. I had no idea I was being exposed, which could be why I have been unable to heal something going on in my body no matter what I tried. I will not be going anywhere in an effort to see if this issue heals. If it does, then this microwave spray I’ve been getting twice a week is the reason. There is no signage to warn that I’m in a MICROWAVE ENVIRONMENT as there reasonably should be, especially if I’m outside! OSHA requires a microwave oven in an office have signage, so we need to change this now! It’s quite a task getting people to understand this isn’t a service, it’s electrical pollution. It’s 245 Billion Cycles per Second of Pulsed Microwave Radiation provided by a corrupt government agency in bed with industries in a world of no accountability for such but alas the tide is now turning as all the information of harm is rising to the surface.  “Radiation kills things” only became a controversial idea when cell phones hit the market. I’m pretty sure I could fill a train car with published studies about the dangers of chronic exposure to electromagnetic or non-ionizing, or microwave, or radio frequencies, but 11,000 pages will do.  Thank you RFK, Jr et al.

     Be aware: If a tower is put in near me, I will immediately be homeless and forced to abandon my 85 y.o. Mom.  I’m not running any further and I’m NOT abandoning my Mom!  This is the hill I will die on if need be!  Where shall those of us being adversely affected live when they begin showering the earth with this stuff from satellites? You’ll learn a LOT about that question at the link provided here.  https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/  

     You should order and read the book,  Hidden Dangers – How governments, telecom, and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic fields (EMF) radiation, by Captain Jerry G. Flynn, Retired Electronic Warfare Specialist.  The chapter on cell towers reports some stunning reports (w/references). 

2007 Spain – 1 Tower = 30 cases of cancer and then in 2009 1 tower = 43 cancer victims

2011 Brazil – Over 7000 cancer deaths in 10 years: 80% lived w/in < 1/3 mile of tower

Supreme Court in Italy ordered Vatican Radio to pay for 41 people w/in 6 miles of transmitters, died of leukemia

     I have a University of Texas graduate, Internal Medicine doctor who is trained in this condition who has seen me as a patient now three times.  She wrote a “Letter of Medical Necessity” to the lawless utility corporation here telling them I couldn’t have this form of digital meter on our home and the attorney for the utility cult actually said I had to “prove to her I have this condition” and downgraded my doctor’s diagnosis to a “mere medical opinion” and then another employee there wrote to me that “this is better for everyone”. So, if you’re disabled and need a ramp and “everyone” else doesn’t think it’s esthetically pleasing to the building or is an inconvenience to the able-bodied, then we are now just disregarded?  Is this the world we want to live in? They also claim to be “member owned” but according to reports of locals and a somewhat recent lawsuit found online, they lock their members out of public meetings and change the rules to control who gets on the board.”  PURE CORRUPTION and CORPORATE BULLYING. 

     At the link below you’ll find the Physician’s Statement, Scientists Statement, Building Biology Institute Statement, and an Engineer’s Report that came out of the FCC lawsuit. I suggest you give them a quick read.  https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2021/09/21/the-effect-of-chds-win-in-its-case-against-the-fcc/

     Make no mistake, what’s going on here is unethical, criminal, and a result of blatant systemic corruption by a greed-driven system that has been allowed to advance to a point of being a threat to all living things. Humans, the birds, and the bees have thus far been able to steer around the unhealthy practices commonly ordained by oversight agencies. Now that you’re recklessly delivering it into our homes, where are we to go?  That’s what this doctor asked in this 4-minute trailer for a documentary titled Casualties of Waves. https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2019/12/06/casualties-of-waves-movie-trailer-4-min/  

     It’s a trespass, an invasion, and a violation of a several “Unalienable ‘God-Given” Rights by gov’t and industry. It’s also “criminal assault” and is defined in the US Code as “Applied force without consent that causes harm” and even lists “heat, light, and electrical” as possible sources.  Public Law 90-602 says very plainly “You cannot radiate the public”. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/STATUTE-82/pdf/STATUTE-82-Pg1173.pdf     This link takes you to an 89-page document prepared oddly enough but the United Nations General Assembly listing the many human rights violations and warnings about 5G. I strongly encourage you to go read the 2 ¼ introduction pages: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/04/29/what-is-5g-un-human-rights-council-declares-5g-is-cruel-inhuman-and-degrading-treatment-under-resolution-39-46-laws-being-violated-huge-document/

There’s an absolute assault happening to our environment as you can see here:

      You can’t believe what’s going on in the schools until you go look. It should horrify you:  https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/category/radiation-in-schools/

     Last but not least, (for me and many others across the nation), is the 24/7 high-pitched tone in the air here that locals say began immediately after the lawless utility cult installed these digital electric meters.  They brag that they aren’t wireless but ignore the idea that the squeal is because the power lines were only designed to carry electric current.  Now that they’re using them to send data as well it apparently is creating this scream. A 70-year-old, Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiners and Licensing in Little Rock, Charles Covington, says, “THAT MEANS THERE’S A PROBLEM!” He’s asked an “engineer friend” for the utility cult to come check twice to no avail.  They don’t want to see the dangerous readings and don’t want to fix a very expensive mistake[KB1] https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/12/05/do-you-hear-a-constant-24-7-high-pitched-squeal/

     How are we humans supposed to exercise our RIGHT to “Live in peace and be left alone?  Where is our “Right to Equality” or Equal Representation under the law?  What about our Right to “Security from abuse, persecution, and tyranny…? Hearing a 24/7 tone is absolutely a form of harassment. What about our RIGHT to self-defense when threatened with harm or loss? If someone puts a tower up near me that will make me ill and hasten my death, can I shoot them? Can I destroy the tower?  What about the RIGHT to “control and hold one’s property without trespass” by technology? The RIGHT to Life, Freedom, Health, and the Pursuit of Happiness? How am I supposed to be/remain happy in this mess? The RIGHT to travel in the ordinary course of life and business? Yeah, I can’t unless I’m willing to be zapped by towers et cetera.

     So, to plaintiffs and lawyers, determine which angle is the weakest link in your arena, and go for the justice! Here’s a few tidbits to consider moving forward:

  • Children absorb ten times the radiation of an adult! They have thinner skulls, are developing an immune system, and are at a high rate of cell division. Leukemia and cancer in children are directly linked to unhealthy electrical environments as are seizures, autism, and sudden infant death syndrome.  One site reported on several non-verbal children who spoke after 3 days w/o wireless. One 17 y.o. girl committed suicide because she was sensitive to WIFI, and she couldn’t get any accommodation at school. Are we just going to ignore people who say they don’t feel well around this stuff? The internet is FULL to overflowing with information on the dangers of all this! The TV sells ads to T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon…they aren’t going to tell you the dangers!
  • It has never been considered controversial to say that “chronic exposure to any form of radiation is dangerous” until we all got cell phones!
  • “Anyone who puts WIFI in schools should be hung.” Barrie Trower, microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy
  • Microwave Sickness has been recognized since the 30’s. Also known as Radio Wave Sickness. The US Army did studies and can turn an ape angry and aggressive or apathetic, using frequency alone.
  • Prof Olle Johansen notes that we have expanded our tech saturation load by “one quintillion” in the last 20 years while the safety regulations remained the same.  That’s a 1 with 18 zeros behind it and yet they say, “All is well”? No it isn’t!
  • The sperm count will be at zero by 2048 from wireless tech alone AND “Irreversible sterility after 5 generations of WIFI” says Prof Olle Johansen
  • Four babies were born w/o hands 9 months after a 5G tower was installed in Germany. What kind of towers are coming to your area?
  • First it was about communication but when the towers became clustered together it became something else, and you should learn about that agenda.  What you need to realize is that with every tower a corrupt gov’t erects, your guns become less relevant. Frequency can immobilize you!  A potential enemy is outsmarting you!
  • Look into the number of power cables serving these towers. Ask yourself why they need so much voltage potential. 
  • I watched the Telecom’s and useful ignorant people ruin the scenic little town of Wimberley, Texas. I was there when the first tower came to town in the late 90’s.  NOW, there’s 14 of the big ugly monsters there and some with microwave drums on the sides. Now what do we do?  WE SUE BABY SUE!
  • Studies show that property values drop by 21% if located near a tower.  What I expect to see in the near future, when THE TRUTH starts flooding our world, LANDOWNERS WHO PUT UP TOWERS WILL BE SUED FOR DAMAGES and the Telecom Co’s are capable of abandoning them in their moment of need.

     This is my story, this is your story, and this is the story of your children.  WE NEED TO ACT QUICKLY.  Now that the FCC has been sued, rebuked and ordered to pay… law firms are listening.  The 11,000 pages of evidence has saved them a laborious task and that’s what needed to happen as did the FCC being rebuked at the federal level. It’s time to shake ‘em down for settlements and stop the placement of more towers and more gadgets.  Time to take back our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

Some great information about the effects of this lawsuit can be seen at the link below:


3 thoughts on “FCC Sued by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s Firm and the Environmental Health Trust – Rebuked by Fed Appeals Court Judge in DC for Ignoring Studies on Harm from Wireless Tech & Ordered to Immediately Pay for 11,000 Pages of Evidence – Wanna See That Evidence?

  1. Yes they won, the court demanded the FCC to amend and what happened?

    Nothing. They rolled the 5G grid out anyway because they don’t care about the law, about us and about health.

    Who is going to enforce this win?

    Nobody. The usurper in the White House is a criminal who governs by executive orders with zero congress backing.

    They did it for covid, vaccine mandates, masks, the war they started in Ukraine, the rigged elections, etc…

    They saw that Americans complied to their dictatorship in 2020, therefore they think they can do whatever they want to us, we have shown how weak and cowardly we really are.

    There is no way out, this 5G grid WILL HAVE TO BE DESTROYED BY THE PEOPLE.


    1. The wheels of justice move slowly! YOU ARE RIGHT. It SEEMS nothing has been done about a lot of things wrong in our world. Like the $60 BILLION that come up missing under Hillary as Sec of State or the $23 TRILLION the Pentagon announced it couldn’t find on 9/10/2001, the day before 9/11. I’m trying this ONE PUBLIC HEALTH CRIMINAL ASSAULT EFFORT and if this doesn’t work then I suspect we will absolutely HAVE TO take whatever steps are necessary to right the immediate situation.


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