I touched the screen of a cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that RADICALLY changed my life!

I touched the screen of my new cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight.  It stayed that way for two hours before letting up.  Over the next few days and weeks I became ultra sensitive to everything wireless and electrical in my world.  This took  me on quite a journey and opened my eyes to some things I would’ve never known and you need to know them too.  Did you know that your cell phone is a microwave radio?  Neither did I.  And I didn’t know that Wi-Fi was pumping microwave radiation into my world and that it was all accumulating in my body.  I found another person and then another and saw one expert giving testimony that they estimate there’s 119 Million Americans who have this condition now according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  That’s near 1/3 of our population (documentation in Exhibit A).  I suggest you scroll through the Featured Document on this blog (An URGENT Message…) and come back later for a deep dive but people need to see the shocking events taking place from wireless technology so we can hopefully change the course we’re on.  It’s all come into our world through massive documented corruption.

I reached out online to see if I was over-reacting about our new wireless world… The 900 MHz cordless phones, 2.45 GHz of Wi-Fi aka 245 Billion Cycles per Second of microwave radiation, microwave ovens in every home, wireless alarm systems, wireless baby monitors, electric wiring in the home with common errors that produce high electric/magnetic fields in the home, and the “Smart Meters” on the homes/buildings that measure usage, a few cell phones per household, the dozens of cell towers, various antennas, plus the overhead power lines…  “Am I missing something or is this a really bad idea?”  I received this reply from a 20 year veteran in the semi-conductor field:


Below is the link to the Featured Post on this site. I hope you’ll take some time and start getting informed so WE THE PEOPLE might have a chance of changing this course we’re on:


THIS is my current effort locally, shared to let you know that we now live in a world where ignorance is not your friend. https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/12/14/aggressive-brain-cancer-dangerous-readings-at-the-electric-outlet-by-her-desk-smart-meter-suspected/

7 thoughts on “I touched the screen of a cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that RADICALLY changed my life!

    1. If you look at my Covid-19 category here you’ll see that I believe there is a correlation. I had an experience recently that shed some light on that. Let me go get that post and copy/paste it…I have felt that there’s a HIGHLY LIKELY relationship between our tech saturation and this “virus” from the beginning. I had an acute injury from a cell phone and all the other wireless tech crap in my life, just like the tv models. So we moved to the Ozark mountains to get me away from it. There’s no cell signal here at the house which is 1/2 mile down into a “holler” from the main road. No Wifi and computer is hardwired, grounded, shielded and so am I. I rarely leave my little town and if it weren’t for this whole house filter for the NOT SMART electric meter I wouldn’t even be able to be in this house. We arrived here 11/7/19 so I pretty much know how I feel here. I don’t go in any building except post office, grocery store, hardware store and stay home A LOT. AFTER we were here for a while I began to hear a high-pitched squeal…it’s literally IN THE ENVIRONMENT. Many people hear it. So July 3rd I woke up and felt like I was on the verge of vertigo. I’ve never had vertigo. It stayed that way through the 8th but I felt a tad better so dressed and was going to ride to town with my Mom 5 minutes away. I usually drive but still felt wonky so deferred. As we came out of the trees at the top of the drive I immediately felt PRESSURE in my entire torso which quickly isolated in my lungs. My mind was flooded with “Uh huh…you bastards…this is frequency-induced.” Mom was messing with a sign out front so I got out of the truck to get my feet on the ground and noted that my forearms were aching like they do when I’m being exposed to Wifi. Now mind you I’m standing in rural Arkansas/Ozark mountains with 100,000 acres of national forest directly across the street from me. WHERE AM I GETTING WIFI? SATELLITES??? I went immediately back to the steel-skinned house and got in a detox bath later. If there was any doubt, on July 9th EVERYTHING returned to pre July 3rd, like someone flipped a switch off. As well, I had several people contact me saying they didn’t feel well. One was my cousin who wrote “I’ve never doubted you but I’ve never felt it until now. I’ve been sick for 10 days.” I’m not sure what the full story is but found this experience to be quite revealing.


      1. Wow. That garbage hit you hard. I’ve been researching & spreading the word about the evils of 5G. It was developed by the military as a weapon to use against enemies. This has the power to shut someone’s organs down immediately. We know the reasons some new towers are disguised as trees. One of them being electrical workers themselves have burned quite a few down to protect their fellow citizens. Too many folks have the belief that their government would NEVER do anything to harm it’s people. Too indoctrinated to research these issues themselves, WITH AN OPEN MIND, willing to learn new ideas & use multiple information sources. Dig a little deeper than msm lies. THINK for yourself. ~S


      2. My life is purposed and this is a very important part of what people need to know. I wish I’d never gotten a cell phone but like everyone else I fell into the cultural trance. NOW I’M A WARNING MESSENGER! Thank you for chiming in. 100% agree.

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