16 Signs of Radiation Sickness



NAUSEA AND DIARRHEA: Within 48 hours of mild exposure, vomiting and diarrhoea occur. Severe headaches. Loss of gut’s protective lining exposes body to bacteria causing sepsis

– LOSS OF ENERGY, RAPID HEARTBEAT: Patient feels light-headed and weak. Shortness of breath and dry cough

– INCREASED RISK OF LEUKEMIA, LUNG AND BREAST CANCER: Blood transfusions are a must following exposure. Increased chance of leukemia within two years

– THYROID CANCER: The gland system is at the highest risk of infection. Potassium iodide used to minimise impact of radioactive particles

– IMMUNE SYSTEM BREAKDOWN: Can cause deadly infections. Blood transfusion and antibiotics required for treatment

– FALL IN RED AND WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT: Radiation halts production of white blood cells, used by the body to fight disease, by destroying bone marrow. Remaining cells work temporarily until they die naturally. Bone-marrow transplants rejuvenate supply of white blood cells

– HORMONES AND GLANDS: Radiation-related illnesses can emerge up to 10 to 15 years after exposure. The body’s hormonal system is particularly sensitive

– BONE CANCER: Radioactive elements gather in bones and bone marrow. Cancer can appear years after exposure

– LOSS OF HAIR AND TEETH: Hair can fall out, teeth can become loose and gums diseased even after mild exposure. Extreme exposure will cause loss of teeth

– INFLAMMATION OF THROAT AND MOUTH: Causes mouth sores and muscle inflammation

– SKIN BURNS AND BRUISING: Radiation causes burns and sores on the skin. Bruising may also appear. Ointments must not be used as treatment

– RADIATION DERMATITIS: Skin reaction can occur two months after exposure. Radiation acne can also appear. Also anaemia, hemorrhaging, bleeding under skin and permanent darkening of skin

– ORGAN DAMAGE: Affects liver, spleen and muscles. Can cause organ shutdown. Ions, known as “free radicals”, enter blood, causing cell death, cancer and mutations

– DIGESTIVE DISORDERS: Radiation can have a long-term impact, causing ulcers in the oesophagus, stomach and intestines

– STERILITY: Minimum exposure causes temporary sterility (not impotence) in males and females. Extreme exposure can cause permanent sterility

– BABY DEFORMITIES AND INCREASED MORTALITY RATE: Pregnant women have increased chance of giving birth to stillborn or deformed babies, or infants with genetic problems. Children can have learning difficulties

– Those who survive six weeks after a single, large dose of radiation to the whole body may generally be expected to recover

Now you can check out this site and see what you learn about our gamma/nuclear radiation to add to our NOT smart meters, our cell phones and towers and Wi-FI and satellites: https://yourradiationthisweek.org/

Typing that made me think about the other post I created showing the layers and layers of technology we now live with because our gov’t began being led around by corporations instead of being concerned for the health of the people.  You can see the list of maps here:  https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2020/04/01/layers-and-layers-of-technology-you-should-see-this-list-of-maps/



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