I suppose I should follow this up with some commentary because “it’s not over til the fat lady sings” and in my point of view, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. I just want you to see what EVIL is up to; what they’re going to try to pull off.  While I’m watching THIS unfold I’m also watching another woman on YouTube dot com.  Her page is Freedom Force Battalion.  You’ll have a LOT to catch up on so listen to a few of her videos and order her pretty quick read books that are sentences, not paragraphs and see what you think.

I have no clue how this will end because in my mindset, we deserve what Dr. Buttar is presenting because we’ve been complicit through our consumerism and distracted by our pursuit of individual wealth and gratification.  It’s also possible that God is going to save our undeserving hiney’s once again.  We should’ve been watching our politicians much closer and stopping the corruption that ushers this kind of insanity into our world.

Here’s a link to a 23 minute video by “Melissa Redpill the World” where she shares her perspective and teachings which can give you a reason to HOPE for a better ending than what Dr. Buttar shares here.  You will have to head down the rabbit hole for a while to hear what she’s saying but if you’ll buy one of the cheap, quick-read books she’s put together it’ll be easier to catch up I think.  FYI:  I do not participate in organized religion. I am a Christian because that’s how I came to know God and to understand Him but I think organized religion is a trap and I likely don’t live like most Christians you know. In fact, I had a health crisis in the late 80’s and their teachings completely failed and so did the efforts of almost a dozen doctors.  Because I believed that there is a Creator and that He likely knew what was wrong with me I canceled all my medical tests and follow-up appointments and began chasing God down for answers.  He showed up and took me on quite a journey teaching me all the things we do to make ourselves sick.  Sadly, the organized modern churches aren’t interested in this story.  They’re content with their ignorance and over-reliance on a pharmaceutical way of life, which is how we got where we are…supporting the wrong ideas and the wrong people to our own detriment.  I have found the Bible to be a wealth of unsponsored information that can help us find our way in this maze of life and it keeps unveiling more levels through willing vessels.

I’ll put a link for the book GOD INSISTED that  I write after this journey at the bottom of this post.  So far, it’s made four grown men cry; one admitted to being “dropped to my knees in tears…you’re right”.  We have strayed very far from the garden we were designed to live in.  The consequences will not be eradicated by the mere addition of an Rx drug.  We’re smarter than that aren’t we?

May God have mercy on us.

“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”  Plato


And here’s the link to the blog where I share reader comments, radio & video interviews… https://gettingwellgodsway.wordpress.com/


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