Massive 416-page Document About Our Radiated World!

Waves in a room

OMGosh what an amazing compilation!  It’s everything I’d want to share with you and more!  I don’t think it touches on gamma/nuclear radiation so add that and our radar, network, and satellite coverage and you’ll likely begin to understand that humanity and all living things will inevitably get sick and die prematurely.  Mutations are already being noted and DNA damage is passed on from generation to generation. So once we start down this road there is no coming back.  Did you see the post where 4 babies were born without hands 9 months after a 5G tower was installed nearby? And THAT will be passed down.  This is all here by corruption, not science!

The Table of Contents didn’t line up correctly so I was attempting to fix each line but it’s not straight but VERY INTERESTING TOPICS.  Click on the link below and look over them:


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