A Growing List of Smart Meter Websites!

The first site I spent a lot of time on has some great visual aids so you can see how these meters operate in a neighborhood.  The creator of this site also has EHS (ElectroHyperSensitivity aka ElectroMagneticSensitivity aka Radio Wave Sickness, Microwave Sickness aka Yuppie Flu). More and more people  are becoming ill from chronic 24/7 exposure to radiation which accumulates in the body.  Too much radiation kills things so I’m not sure when this became a controversial idea. 

It’s time to learn the sources and eliminate those that aren’t vital to life as we are now at 5 to 8 times the normal safe limits of radiation JUST FROM our nuclear power mismanagement.  All voluntary emissions should be halted especially when there are safer options.  The history of these electric (soon gas and water too) meters is mired in documented corruption and more mismanagement. Knowledge is power! So take a picture of your electric meter and look for it by name or manufacturer and learn what the health hazards are!


A second very dense site is found at:  https://smartmeterharm.org/

Your research won’t be complete until you spend time on http://thermoguy.com/

Here’s another site that’s dense with information: http://www.radiationdangers.com/  And here’s the story of the creator of this site: http://www.radiationdangers.com/my-story/

I just ordered some brochures on Smart Meters to hand out and some cards warning about the dangers of wireless.  It’s great that people having these experiences are creating tools to educate others BEFORE they too are injured. Very reasonably priced so grab some and spread them around.  https://stopsmartmeters.org/


Here’s another one: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/smart-meter-health-complaints/









How Dangerous Are Smart Meters?


I’ll add some more later but this will get you started.  We’re in the middle of a move to the Ozark mountains in an effort to get me well.  

This blog is created on a grounded, shielded and hard-wired computer.  No Wi-Fi!

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