Dirty Electricity: Invisible role in the US Health Crisis?

Dirty Electricity: Invisible role in the US Health Crisis?
By Richard Lear
Abstract: a dramatic rise in chronic disease, medical conditions and stress symptoms have arisen in the past thirty years in the US. Between 1990-2015 Americans experienced a surge of more than 400 million cases of just thirty-six fast growing germless chronic conditions. This calculates to about 1.3 cases of a new chronic condition per US citizen at an average generational disease rate of more than 167%.
These diseases and conditions are manmade and thought to be caused by something in our diet, lifestyle or environment. One major environmental factor to consider is the increased exposures to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR is statistically correlated with the sudden US disease spike. There is also increasing evidence of a plausible mechanism. At least one causal model details the biochemical-electrical mechanism,
which is ironically tied to the innate immune response to environmental stress. The two principal areas of EMR under investigation are 1) microwave radiation from wireless technologies such as cell phones, mobile transmitters and devices, Wi-Fi, computers, GPS and smart meters; and 2) dirty electricity. Dirty electricity is a “coined term”, which describes the electromagnetic inference (EMI) and radiation caused by devices, appliances and green technologies plugged into electrical circuits in buildings. A dramatic increase of electronics and green technologies like solar power systems, compact fluorescent lights and electronics with AC adapters has served to create and exacerbate this problem. This paper will focus principally on the impact on our health and wellness from dirty electricity, though most forms of EMR are thought to act
through a common mechanism.
Dirty Electricity refers to a fastgrowing form of potentially harmful electrical energy that  radiates into living environments from electrical wiring. Its highly unstable and raises the  ambient voltage in living environment by as much as two volts. This environmental toxin arises from electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by plugin electronics, computers, fluorescent lighting, modern appliances, battery chargers, smart meters and solar power systems.  
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