Carroll Electric’s Sordid Past! “Member owned” Ha!

PAY ATTENTION when a PRIVATE CORPORATION comes around “emphasizing” that they are a “member owned COOPERATIVE”. They’re usually a wolf in sheeps clothing and when their actions don’t line up with that claim you’ll almost always find fraud, corruption, and some kind of cover up. I do wonder how they came to decide to use THIS metering system here? It was rejected at the federal level by the Austrian Chamber of Physicians AND the Swiss Physicians for the Environment but apparently they overlooked this information or didn’t bother checking. THIS IS THE OZARKS! WE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWING THIS KIND OF ASSAULT!

The only up side I see is that CECC made sure that they were the only one’s who got to vote on this meter system, which means they will own 100% of the liability once someone picks this up. COMING FROM THE IDEA THAT I WAS SENT TO BRING THIS TO LIGHT I’D SAY THAT’S GOT A PRETTY GOOD CHANCE OF HAPPENING BECAUSE APPARENTLY GOD HIMSELF, THE CREATOR, IS CHIMING IN ON THIS! I say that because I’m living a very unique journey…sold out to service 40 years ago. This poem recently came in INSISTING that it be written. It was the end of February 2023. I didn’t understand why it HAD TO BE DONE until it was almost finished.

Related to the information within a dense book GOD INSISTED be written and the Public Health Warning (Featured Post) on the

May 27th, 1990, A.D.

I wrote down a message GOD spoke to me.

“Isaiah 54 Shall Apply” is what it read.

I noted it in a first adult journal and then I went to bed.

28 years went by before someone brought this back to mind.

When I went back to read it, I was amazed by what I’d find.

It was like reading a story of where all I had been.

It even showed my divorce, which I didn’t see back then.

I recalled one idea that I’d “be moved to a place with a gemstone foundation”.

NOW, I knew I was to awaken people to a dangerous situation.

I had sought to live a PURPOSED LIFE seeking God’s presence every day.

So He could tell us a story and help us find His way.

It’s been a challenging but fruitful journey, an alternative path I took.

God then insisted I write an extensive book.

It had been out about a year when the story took a radical turn.

There were urgent things He needed to show me – we have a lot to learn.

Our launch of massive technology is the subject that’s caught His eye.

If we don’t stop this a lot of things will fry!

As it turns out as we arrive at 2023, I found myself thinking about May 27th, 1990, A.D.

How I’m exactly where that chapter in Isaiah said that I would be.

I enjoy looking for God in the story as it assures this isn’t “just me”.

First thing I notice in 2023, is that message is turning 33.

Realizing this year, 66 years I’ve been livin’

But realized too I wasn’t actually 33 when it was given.

“But wait a minute” my mind ran ahead.

“How many days between those two?” I said.

I could hardly believe the answer when it was shown to me.

3 weeks and 3 days later I turned 33.

One step further, as I look around.

Another set of 3’s is what I found.

February 2023 helps me to know.

We arrived here 3 years and 3 months ago.

I can’t believe my eyes as I look across the nations.

And see the boundless destruction caused by corporations.

Think of the seeding birds, the flora, and the bee

Living without them is a life we don’t wanna see.

So, when I say “I’ve been sent” to help you see the error in humanity’s direction.

I hope you too can see the thumbprint of God and know the information comes with deep affection.

Before I go, I just have one question.

What will it take before WE THE PEOPLE respond, does this need to be an even bigger lesson?

Wanna see more of why WE THE PEOPLE need to respond NOW? Go here:

Be sure to look at the Images That Teach category on that site:

Send some LOVE/Support/Encouragement….buys ink and paper and allows me to buy supplements to keep surviving while I try to wake all of you up!

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