What benefits does a corporation get from calling itself a “member owned” entity?

Does it have to admin all, most, or certain actions by member vote and BEHAVE as “member owned”…? What is the route of accountability if they aren’t conducting business as “member owned”?

Below you’ll see a copy from my files of a lawsuit dated September of 2011 where you’ll see several comments about the business practices of Carroll Electric. There’s several statements here that call into question what benefits they derive as a private corporation by calling themselves a “member owned” entity? Like, how can they claim this and then FORCE an unsafe meter on said members without a vote? With no shame and while they prefer to use the word “Cooperative” while they act like a “Corporation”. We’re “member owned” but at the bottom of this scrubbed-from-the net article it reads, “Carroll Electric announced recently that it will install Smart Meters on every electric account. Customers will not have a choice if they wish to continue to receive electric service”. Now doesn’t it seem like said members would’ve had to vote on this? Again I ask, what benefit are they deriving by claiming to be one thing and acting like another? Is this legal? Anyone?

This form of electric meter in use here, mentioned in this suit, when discussed by EMF Specialists say it “contaminates” the powerlines with constant pulses. Other EMF remediation specialists commenting on this kind of TWACS/PLC system have pointed out that the powerlines were designed to ONLY carry electric current. Using these electric lines to now carry data, which they point out ‘has an inherent whine’, could explain the 24/7 high-pitched squeal in the air here. A source from page 35 of that Public Health Warning, the Featured Post of this blog, shared, The Austrian Chamber of Physicians (equivalent to the American Medical Association) and the Swiss Physicians for the Environment were so alarmed about widespread health effects from PLC that they opposed it at the federal level in their countries. Effects can be immediate as well as cumulative. Reports from states that have this indicate this is potentially deadly, with the most vulnerable feeling the effects soonest.”

AND YET THEIR MEMBERS HAVE NO SAY IN THIS MATTER??? Something’s fishy and bears investigation.

Here’s more of the story:


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