Living in a Steel House with Wireless & Wired Current

With “Container Homes”, “Tiny Homes” and steel home siding becoming a trend in home building, it’s time to share some things most people don’t think about from the lessons of someone with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity aka EHS.

I got pulled into the awareness of what I’m about to share when I upgraded my iPhone 4 to a 5C in Aug/Sept of 2016. A few days later I noticed that my hands were aching when I held/used the phone so I bought a case that reportedly reduces any harmful emissions, but my hands would still ache, just to a lesser degree. It still didn’t dawn on me that I had purchased a “radiation blocking case”. Wait a minute! What?

Yes, these “cell phones” actually emit radio frequency in the form of pulsed microwave radiation with cumulative harmful effects in our body and our government knew it and facilitated this!

I spent less time with it in my hands hoping my body would calm down by doing so but a few weeks later I touched the screen of my mom’s iPhone 6S and a pain shot up my arm that felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight. It stayed at that intensity for two hours before it began to subside. Over the next few days, I realized I had a hypersensitivity to everything wireless and even typical wiring issues in our home had to be addressed. 

A few days after the initial event with my phone I got out of the shower and was almost knocked off my feet by what felt like a literal 7-8’ wave of energy coming from our home office. NOBODY needed to explain that to me.  It was a LITERAL WAVE of ENERGY that hit me as if I was at the beach. Wrapped in a towel, I stepped across the hall to see if Mom had plugged up the Wi-Fi modem, which we’d begun unplugging at night after my initial injury event. I saw her standing there with the plug in her hand but just beyond her hand was the AT&T wireless alarm box. I shook my head and zealously unplugged it, realizing that my left wrist, closest to where it sat, always ached if I worked from that desk. In today’s world a doctor would’ve diagnosed carpal tunnel, done surgery, and I would’ve returned to my unhealthy electrical environment and the computer at that desk while the real culprit would’ve never been identified. Maybe cancer in the breast nearest to it would’ve been next because my left breast became angry and painful, and the coverage area was growing daily. Thank goodness I had written a book and included a controversial method to kill cancer but only because I understood the theory of why it would work. It worked for the man on the video, and I found many more testimonials, even credible doctors so I tried it, along with bathing that breast and underarm in iodine and it worked! In five days, I had that fire put out. Now mind you I was no longer being exposed to 24/7 WIFI, the wireless alarm system was now unplugged, and I wasn’t holding my phone anymore. It was now OFF, not airplane mode. 

That AT&T alarm system was plugged into the Wi-Fi modem and had four antennas across the top of it and there were receiver units all throughout the house it communicated with. I never once considered that this could impact my electrical system, my immune system, and put my overall health in jeopardy. I was living exactly like the television ads showed me to live and had no idea, until now, what my world might look like if I could SEE all the waves running through our home, and therefore, our body’s!  BTW:  I love technology, so this isn’t a GET RID OF IT EFFORT, but we have missed some vital-to-life information and need to do some immediate corrections! Sadly, all the people that should be telling you this are profiting from it moving forward.

I had recently published a book and ended up being introduced to the world about 14 months earlier by a world-renowned doctor through providential events so when I needed to figure out what to do, I reached out to my now expansive online base of fellow health hackers. Fortunately, it’s a vast group of unsponsored knowledge and I got my first clues. “If you’ve ever had heavy metal exposure or been bothered by mold, you’re more susceptible…certain genetic profiles can’t detox as quickly as others…” I’d had both, in fact part of my recovery story is how my mercury (metal looking) dental fillings were destroying my health. I suspect I have at least one gene mutation that would explain my vulnerability. BUT NOW, I can see more and more people reporting adverse health issues as the density of technology has escalated and they do not have a history of mold or heavy metal exposure. Maybe those with heavy metal, mold, and genetic leanings would just be the first wave of people affected…THE WARNING MESSENGERS! 

I hardwired our computer, put grounding techniques in place, shielded data cords…and began searching online for more knowledge. I reached out on my account and respectfully inquired about the safety of a cell tower in our neighborhood based on what I was learning online from very credible scientific and medical sources. My mind was racing… “Why would anyone put something so deadly on the market by our homes” and yet I knew because it was a big part of the book I’d written, how gov’t oversight has failed us and the massive corruption that seems inherent in every agency as collusion with industry for profits has become “the new normal” …BUT THIS was a whole new level of awakening! Many days as I read for hours on end, six days a week for 7 months, my eyes would be full of tears seeing what’s being done. When I’d share things with family and longtime friends who knew me as grounded and informed, I’d get blank stares as if they couldn’t even process what I was telling them. disabled my account just for asking if anyone could comment on concerns about the large tower in our neighborhood, but before they did, I received and captured this reply from a neighbor:

Notice his comment, “I am afraid a whole generation of young people are being insidiously harmed by this and the so-called protecting agencies do not care.”

FYI:  This new toxin can be described by many terms which can be confusing.  It’s essentially in the category of Non-Ionizing Radiation on the Electromagnetic Spectrum.  It can be referred to as Radio Frequency Radiation or Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation or Electromagnetic Radiation. It then becomes about whether it’s high frequency or low frequency or whether it’s pulsed or modulated or carrying transient current…but keeping it simple, let’s just talk about “all this new technology” being deployed as if humanity knows what they’re doing. They do not.

Never has it been considered safe to expose living things to 24/7 manmade or non-native radiation of any kind, until wireless tech was brought on the scene. Suddenly we forget all science and begin saturating the Earth.

Early on I found a man online who’d had a similar experience in 2002. He lives in the UK. He answered his cell phone and a pain shot through his head and he became “sensitive” to electrical fields. He pointed out that he wasn’t even a heavy user of the phone. It was no longer “conspiracy” at the point of my acute injury but when I saw my new Radio Frequency/RF meter go into OVERLOAD mode when my cell phone rang, discussion over. Meter readings don’t lie, and we need to become familiar with them, use them, and learn to mitigate the issues or you and those you love (including your pets) are going to suffer horribly as this electronic tsunami is building out. Thank goodness he’d written a 92-page ebook that told us exactly what to do. His name is Lloyd Burrell, and he can be found at his website and on YouTube. He has a very recent book that can help you know how to tame and heal your wireless world. I’ve also put some links in the Solutions category of the  Here’s a link to his book on that site in that category so go look around and learn the options you have:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who supposedly regulates the safety of wireless tech was recently sued by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s Firm and Environmental Health Trust. The Federal Appeals Court Judge in D. C. rebuked them for “ignoring the studies showing harm from wireless tech”. The FCC was ordered to immediately pay for the 11,000 pages of evidence showing harm!  Yes, they ignored the studies and haven’t updated their safety standards since 1996!

Learn more about these suits and view key documents at the link below where I tell what I’ve learned in the last 6+ years. You need to see how many ridiculous sources of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation are being brought into your world and how many people are being adversely affected. When this is done with you, your loved ones, and your pets INSIDE of a metal structure, you’ve basically built a microwave oven and put everything you love inside of it. You’ll be horrified by what you’re going to learn BUT you’ll also find solutions. SOLUTIONS that aren’t going to be presented to you in the mainstream channels because “that channel” sells advertisements for the products and services that are the source of these toxins. Yes, sadly, that’s the world we now live in where profits are more important than people’s lives.

Many people know that a “Faraday Cage” is a structure that keeps radio waves away from whatever is inside of it. The problem today is that many people are building a faraday house and bringing their wireless and wired habits INSIDE with them. You may wish that I’d put a bunch of studies here for you to go check out but I’ll leave that to you and just speak to you from the life of a person who is HYPER SENSITIVE and therefore I FEEL, then confirm with a meter, mainly to show others what I’m feeling is real. My body is my meter!

When I got zapped by that phone and began deconstructing my life, it became clear according to the experts, and a healthy dose of common sense, that the best thing to do was to get away from as many sources of electromagnetic fields, known as EMF’s, as possible. So we moved deep in the woods to the Arkansas Ozarks where there’s no cell signal here at the house MOST of the time. This is also a steel skinned home with log accents. Our computers are hard-wired with shielded data cables, our computers are desktop versions and are covered with a “blocking” fabric that’s grounded to the metal by an alligator clip. All screens in the house have a blue light blocking filter. Our televisions are hardwired, Roku-enabled so there’s no satellite signal to the house or equipment that produces such. We have a corded landline for a phone, which is DSL and our internet is provided by a modem that allows the phone company provider to flip a switch inside of it and turn that feature completely off. We also have our electrical panel filtered and inside the home there’s typically one Greenwave plug-in filter in each room. The SATIC filter on the panel takes care of the nasty garbage coming in from the “not smart” electric meter and the Greenwave plug-in’s balance (condition) what’s inside. You can learn about the form of meter I use to measure what’s coming from the outlets and the filters I use to remedy the issue here:


Some are just MORE sensitive than others because our Creator has provided a 10% ratio of people who are HYPER sensitive to many substances to serve as a warning to the culture. To ignore warnings about the health or SICKNESS of the environment by those complaining is CONTRARY TO WISDOM! It’s like laughing at a fire alarm.

If you take the time to wander off into that Public Health Warning document that is the Featured Post on this site, you’ll see that the W.H.O. has an international diagnostic code for insurance billing that identifies this condition. You’ll also see a link where the site declares this to be a “worldwide plague that began when technology was released on an industrial scale. You’ll see a symptom list and sources showing that up to 50% of the population is expected to be affected by 2017. Just think about how many towers have been erected in just the last 3 years. sources cite 3-5% being affected severely.

I became unemployable immediately and live a VERY LIMITED lifestyle since I can’t be around any of this and it’s literally EVERYWHERE now. People need to be putting those phones in a faraday bag and only pulling them out to use in a sort of “designated smoking area”. Once you realize these wireless devices produce a very toxic pulsed microwave radiation signal with cumulative damage in the body, then you understand why. FYI: I didn’t feel it either, UNTIL I DID.

“There’s a reason we put current in wires!” Professor Curtis Bennett of

When moving to the Ozarks, we bought a home that has steel siding and the first time Mom turned on the vacuum cleaner I was on the phone in the kitchen, and she was in the living room. IMMEDIATELY I began to feel like I was being zapped by electrical current that was bouncing off the steel and ricocheting through the house. My sensitive body was screaming. I couldn’t get off the phone fast enough to go pull the plug. That was the last time it was used in here. I now use a battery-powered sweeper, which is mostly a spinning brush wheel with no motor for suction. When I realized I could feel the crock pot turn on I realized how incredibly sensitive I am and also how much STAYS IN this house with us. We also only use incandescent bulbs or halogen. You’ll need to look into the flicker rate and consider that LED’s are now known to cause damage to the retina. I expect there’s even more to consider with those so look into it.

Okay that’s it for now. I won’t be answering questions as I have a life to live and do this effort for free but I wanted to at least shout out a warning so people could start THINKIING more about how to shield wiring in a container home and that you NEED to make sure your environment is electrically safe.

I often recommend my readers email and request a paper catalogue as it’s a wealth of information. When I learned that they’d been in business for as long as wireless has been on the market and that nobody told us we should be measuring readings with meters, grounding and shielding equipment and wires, and especially filtering these deadly “not smart” electric meters and personal use devices, it actually made me mad. WHY WEREN’T WE TOLD WHEN ALL OF THIS WAS SOLD TO US?

BTW: We bought this home from a couple and the man had Alzheimer’s. He was wonderfully healthy in every way, except he had no idea who he was. After I got to know them I realized he’d lived the perfect recipe for that disease. They were in this steel house with WIFI, which is 245 BILLION cycles per second of pulse microwave radiation. They had two cell phones in here. They had a DECT cordless phone system which can be worse than a cell phone as far as it’s effect on our health. They had an electric stove and I’m certain they ran the vacuum in here. THEY NEVER FELT A THING but he ended up with a cooked brain! They also got a flu shot every year, which loaded them up on mercury and aluminum making them have more antenna-like qualities.

THIS LIFE IS A THINKER’S GAME NOW so you better start doing some of that or you’ll end up somewhere you didn’t mean to be.

Blessings on your journey!

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