No? Corruption between a politician & telecom company?

Did you know our “handlers” allow 501C4 “Dark Money” in our electric grid? That means you don’t have to state who the funds came from. Now what kind of idiot would leave the door open for a foreign adversary like that? Once you see the readings in the electric outlets, and beyond, coming from these “Made in China” digital electric meters and then wake up to the diseases associated with exposure to “dirty electricity” and magnetic fields you can see how a sneaky and covert “enemy” could weaken and cripple an entire country without firing a shot.

The enemy has upgraded their weaponry, brought it in with access created by corrupt leaders and failed oversight, and most people have no idea what’s being done. I’m trying hard to show you. Spend some time on this site and learn. New condensed booklet/post coming soon to again, present the message of warning. It will then become the Featured Post but for now…go take a scroll through it:

And now, here’s the very good article by Activist Post about telecom paying a $23 million fine for bribing an Illinois lawmaker to vote and influence a bill that ended landline phone service obligations…paving the way for more wireless.

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