“Wi-Fried” A 30 min video that got the entire staff of ABC fired due to industry lobbying!

ABC Catalyst Episode Wi-Fried, which got the journalist and entire staff fired due to industry lobbying!


My added notes after viewing this. I believe this was made in 2016 and we’re now 5 years further down the road with much more complex phones, certainly stronger output of power. This is an acknowledgment by many of us who have acquired this condition known as Radio Wave Sickness, Microwave Sickness, Electrohyper Sensitivity, and Electromagnetic Sensitivity and even the “Yuppie Flu” went around a decade a go.

Dr. Davis recommends using Airplane Mode but I’m now learning that with these newer phones you can put them in AM but that may only turn off 1 emitter and you still may have 5 emitting radiation.

After my acute event with the iPhone that took me down this road, we literally fled the tech-saturated city of Austin, TX in an effort to save my life. Total avoidance is key so we now live in the Ozark mountains of north central Arkansas and I’m on a hard wired, grounded and shielded computer with blue light blocking on all screens in the house. NO WIRELESS! As Curtis Bennett of Thermoguy.com says “There’s a reason we put currents in wires”.

We live in a steel-skinned cabin and a guest had her phone on in the house. I’m so sensitive that you can’t even run a vacuum in here. To me it feels like electrical bullets ricocheting off the walls and hitting me. That metal keeps some frequencies out but it also keeps them in. I saw her phone and asked if it was on Airplane Mode and she said “Yes would you like me to turn it off”? I thought about it and said “No. I want to see if I can feel it on that setting in here.” I could’ve gone upstairs and got my meter but I was cooking dinner. Sure enough a minute passed and BAM. I asked her to take it out of the house and I went and got my bare feet on the ground to pick up free electrons to satisfy any free-radicals that just got hatched. LOL…You wouldn’t believe what all I’ve learned on this jaunt.

For the most part, we’re so far down in a forested area that you can’t get a signal. She was staying in the guest room behind us and told me the next day that her phone was still on Airplane Mode (AM) from earlier and that she was playing an offline game and still the weather update came through and a few email notifications or so so we both realized some sort of signal was still in play. Just KNOW what you’re doing. Don’t guess. Measure it with a meter! Buy a radiation-blocking case. Use an airtube headset. Get a corded landline and ONLY use the cell phone for limited use. Forward calls from your cell phone to a corded landline.

Again, my super power is that I can now feel this stuff so I can warn and educate others. I actually made an electrical engineer cry one day. He’d read the book I’d written and then updated it with 20 pages about this part of my life journey. That book has made four grown men cry, three people said it literally “dropped them to their knees in tears”. I spoke to this electrical engineer about six weeks after he bought the book and we talked for almost two hours. At the end of the call he began crying. “Kathy, I say with all humility that I am often the smartest guy in the room but what you’ve shown me is that we missed something. We missed something really big and a lot of people are going to be harmed…” He’s right! So, get informed is step one. I don’t have all the answers but I’m trying to create as many sign posts as I can for you.

One good option is to check EVERYTHING with a consumer level meter. Go to the Solutions category I’m building on this site. https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/category/solutions/

I suggest giving the Featured Post here a quick read. I included links to prove up my accusations. If they’re dead I likely already recreated them from a hard copy so look in that category but it’s easier if you just give the document a quick read through and then scroll through the entire list of articles. By merely reading the titles, you should become aware that this is real and WE THE PEOPLE need to stop where we’re going. Curtis Bennett believes we can get Pandora back in the box. I’m all for trying! Here’s the link for the Featured Post where I share my own “Oh crap” results of a reading frenzy that lasted several months: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/2019/05/07/an-urgent-message-for-modern-man2019/

There’s TONS of books showing up on Amazon and many pages online…Suffice it to say this “Oh no….” moment is here!

“In the Age of Information, Ignorance is a Choice”

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