The Corona Effect – A symptom of acidity and radiation poisoning

I’ve seen this same blood cell effect in videos of people being exposed to NOT SMART electric meters. This radiation exposure causes an acidic condition in the body and the blood cells stick together so they don’t transport as much oxygen or nutrients and waste removal. I’ve posted several articles here on this blog that show a STRONG relationship between the symptoms of Covid-19/SARS2 and Radiation sickness because I believe there’s something to this. But then I’m having a very unique life journey where I get yanked INTO the story instead of just contemplating important issues.

Here are the links to the Smart Meter and Covid-19 categories where you’ll see that inference presented for your contemplation.

If you scroll through this category of post titles you should see another image of the blood coagulating from exposure to a smart meter:

Here’s the category on Covid -19 on this where you’ll also see articles showing the correlation between symptoms of Covid-19 and symptoms of radiation sickness and blood coagulation.

Here’s the link to the article mentioned in the graphic above:

Bear in mind, the other thing that happened in Wuhan, China is that they launched 5G at a commercial level. So what if this “pandemic” is actually due to electromagnetic radiation as is questioned in many posts online by credible experts? How would you know? I wouldn’t expect the same media selling expensive ads for 5G to also tell us the truth about it, that it robs the immediate area of oxygen and is a military grade weapon studied in the 70’s. The “talking heads” likely don’t even know. You might want to go venture down this category of posts too.

This came up in my facebook world so thought I’d share it to emphasize a point. Radiation = coagulation = pulmonary embolism or in the brain = aneurysm.

Maybe it’s time to go to the Solutions portion of this blog and BEGIN getting informed and taking decisive action:

This was a post on facebook.

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