How to Hard Wire Your Cell Phone!

My cell phone almost killed me so I’m ALWAYS a fan of getting rid of them. Had I not been firmly grounded in a lifestyle of health and wellness I likely wouldn’t have made it this far. As soon as I learned how to hard wire, ground and shield my computer equipment and myself I began obsessively reading online. I could likely fill a train car with published studies about the dangers of chronic exposure to Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR). We messed up accepting this stuff and I don’t think we’re equipped to put Pandora back in the box. Anyway, I ended up spewing a document out of my soul after all that reading and uploaded it here as the Featured Post. You should at least scan through it:

Now that they’re being used as tracking devices and “contact tracing” being openly admitted and accepted under the guise of “Covid” threats I’m BIG TIME not in favor of them. This is a huge violation of the 4th Amendment. They’re gathering information on citizens that they would not normally have access to without a warrant. I used to think “Big deal…they’d be pretty bored listening to my life.” But then I saw the movie, Enemy of the State, starring Will Smith. You should watch it. Here’s a link to a movie trailer:

I also realize that many people’s entire livelihood is now wrapped up in these phones so I thought I’d provide some insight about how you might make them safer while we fight this fight.

There are MANY videos about this subject on If you go to and type in the search bar “How to Hard Wire Your Cell Phone” you’ll find a whole list of them.

Here’s a guy I like:

Here’s another one that shares how to do this over a TV coax cable with an adapter. I would strongly encourage you to check the dirty electricity levels and RF readings in the house and most important, pay attention to how you feel. When we layer technology the way we do it can become risky. If you don’t have the skills to do this, find someone who does, and it’s not me.

You can copy and paste this link and pull up many many coaches:

Search for methods to fit your circumstances, check everything with meters and pay attention to how you feel after you install new devices. There’s a lot of variables so find the one that works best for you.

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