Electropollution Fix 6-Week Class

Brian Hoyer of ShieldedHealing.com has done thousands of home assessments and remediation’s and has a great reputation. Brian is part of a two-man team offering a class on the issue of EMF’s and how to mitigate some of the issues. You can see the list of subjects offered at the link below. I was in the BETA class and think it would be very helpful to a newbie to gain some basic understanding. It wasn’t overwhelming and they offered a few Q&A sessions afterwards. They’re here to help!

I’m not sure what the cost is currently but it was $99 for 6 classes (1 per week) and I think they’re intention was to keep it affordable. Here’s a link to that class: https://electropollutionfix.com/

Tell ’em Kathy of NoATT.blog sent you! I don’t make anything from you saying this but one of their team members paid for my BETA class. I want them to know that I’m grateful and helping them get their efforts known. It’s a very good basic class!

Blessings on your journey,


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