Study Shows Direct Correlation between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

You can read about how my life was radically changed when I touched the screen of a cell phone in October of 2016 in the Featured Post on this blog and what I’ve learned thus far. I’ll post the link below this paragraph.  I’m now hypersensitive to wireless technology in a time when it’s going to apparently be sprayed at the Earth.  I’m now one of many designated warning messengers.  Will you listen?  We will all succumb because there is NO CONTROVERSY in the idea that chronic exposure to Non-Ionizing Radiation will kill living things, it will damage dna which is irreversible in the species at that point.  On this blog, you’ll find a post about 4 babies born without hands 9 months after a 5G tower was installed nearby in Germany.  Cattle becoming sterile in a long-time established cattle breeding operation and calves being born with no hair and deformities.  I’m a person who believes miracles can happen when we move towards a problem in prayerful seeking for solutions, repentant and willing to change our ways but we can’t fix problems we won’t look at.  What are your priorities today? Is that the best you can do?  No judgment, just a question cuz I’m truly here to grab people by the shoulders, look them in the eyes and make sure they understand where we are and what we’re facing.

Here’s a screenshot of a recent email comment I shared with someone who’s experiencing what the email subject described as “millimeter wave sickness or a virus”. I have several posts that lean this way.  Here’s my comment I think you need to see:

Screenshot (81)

Go check out the “Stupid Human Stuff” category on this blog.  We have a lot of work to do.  Do you believe in miracles?

And here’s the link to the article that is the focus of this post: Bloggers often repost content and the general rule is that you should never send someone away from your own blog so we copy, paste and clearly list the source of the information so it’s not “stolen” and it helps spread information.  I’m going to break that rule because my job here is to INFORM people and if someone’s doing a really great job of that, I’m going to send people to that source.  So, I strongly encourage you to click on the link below where an article titled, Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks originated.  It’s a fantastic site to learn about the issues I share here on this blog:


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