Wireless Industry Confesses No Studies Showing 5G Safety!

THIS IS GREAT NEWS BUT SHOWS OUR GOV’T IS VULNERABLE TO CORRUPTION.  Thank GOD for Senator Blumenthal and a few others for speaking up.  NOW, we need to roll a lot more of this insanity back that’s already in place.  Our FCC is actually made up of all wireless industry exec’s.  If that’s not the fox guarding the hen house I don’t know what is.

We dodged a bullet perhaps but we need to demand SAFE TECHNOLOGY NOW!  PLEASE GET INVOLVED AND TELL OTHERS to FOLLOW this blog.  WE ARE MANY BUT IT’S TIME TO SHOW UP!

We at NoATT are building tools and will soon become much more active and creating opportunities for others to help push this issue… actually reading a book about how to create change through humorous, non-violent acts of disobedience that have toppled regimes.  Blueprint for Revolution is the name of it but there are many.  GET INFORMED. GET ON BOARD.  YOU’RE NEEDED.

Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe”

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