My Interview by Lloyd Burrell of

GWGW book cover

This is a one-hour radio interview with Lloyd Burrell of  This man wrote an ebook that was a lighthouse in a storm when I had my acute reaction to my iPhone 5C.  I was immediately reactive to my electrical environment in a world that’s gone wireless.  His book told us step by step what to do.  He too had an acute event with his cell phone in 2002, way before the “Smart” versions of these came out.  He answered his phone and a pain shot through his head and he too developed EHS which stands for ElectroHyperSensitivity.  It’s also known as ElectroMagneticSensitivity (EMS) also known as Microwave Sickness and Radio Wave Sickness (WWII).  They knew about this long before they put this stuff on the market.  Pretty sad that our government has become an advocate for industries and the citizens are now seen as a consumer.  That’s not what government is supposed to do; sell us out to profiteers.

Humanity is playing with some very destructive forces and they do not have enough personal humility and integrity to know where to draw the line.   It’s now gone too far.

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