“The Microwave Syndrome”

Claude Monnet, Ph.D. in Radiology and Pierre le Ruz, Ph.D. in Physiology
Three points shared on the opening lines of this 3-page concise look at the effects of microwave radiation.

“Electromagnetic fields (EMF) from microwaves have an impact on any living matter, (300 MHz to 300 GHz = hyper frequencies = microwaves). [emphasis mine]

“In accordance with the universal laws of physics, all scientific studies carried out in the world show that further to radiation’s from hyper frequency or microwaves either thermal effects or non-thermal specific effects can be observed. The specific effects and the microwave syndrome (or hyper frequency syndrome) were first described as early as 1960 by Russian scientists. Later on in 1998, this will be confirmed in an American peer reviewed paper (NCBI) that will explicit the link between this syndrome and exposure to pulsed hyper frequencies…

“…Contrary to the messages commonly conveyed by some people, no one study in the world has been able to prove the harmlessness of electromagnetic radiation from microwaves on human beings.”

It’s worth a look.

Click here to read: http://next-up.org/pdf/MicrowaveSyndrome012007Uk.pdf

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