Smart Meter Opt-Out Policies by State

A friend who’s also trying to get her and her family out of harms way sent me this link.  It has some basic information on these smart meters and even has a map so you can see state by state what’s going on with the placement of these meters.  Before you go look at this information I want to point out again that a critical issue with these meters is consistently not discussed.  It’s the issue of “Dirty Electricity” they produce.  This is a high-frequency, chaotic current that rides along the 60 Hz sine wave of normal electrical current.  The broad term for it is “Non-Ionizing Radiation” aka NIR. If you go look around on this blog you’ll see what it looks like and see a few videos/articles about it or go do a search on YouTube.  You can also see it at 

Over and over I see that nobody pushing this technology ever addresses this subject.  I’m betting they avoid it because it’s real, it’s measurable and they can’t fix it! But you can measure it with a pretty cheap meter.  If I can measure a current on a meter and present studies that show it’s toxic that should be the end of the controversy!  But when they’re “gaming the science” and keeping the discussion going arguing about other details we never get to win the argument and stop the assault.  All they have to do is present “doubt” and they win?  There’s so much criminality going on that alone is a clue that the people steering this are into some nefarious deeds.   In the Take Back Your Power video, when I saw contractors kicking in basement doors and cutting perimeter locks, completely inconsistent with professional standards that was my first clue that we are in troubled waters.

Personally, I believe we need to push for these utility companies to have an Opt-In, not an Opt-Out since we never Opted-In in the first place.  In my opinion the utility companies are exceeding the permissions granted in the easement and it’s clear to me that Public Service Commissions ARE NOT fulfilling their role either of providing “safe” utilities to the consumer.  These meters were FORCED on us and I’m periodically reading through the 2005 Energy Policy Act to see if I can find where it states that these meters can only be “offered” not “forced” upon consumers.  It’s a 1273 page document and I’m working for free so it just has to wait until I get a break and go back to it.  One part of the document does read “offer offer offer” so there may be some truth to this rumor.  I’m chasing down state rep’s and trying every avenue to get this CRIME against humanity stopped.  Now that the holidays are behind us hopefully we can get some traction on this.  Meanwhile, you might find some useful information on this site:

I’d like to make two points before you go and I’ll post the above link again at the bottom:

You’ll read in this paragraph from their page “Many consumers and utility companies favor smart meters over traditional meters due to their expanded service options, and experts consider them vital to grid modernization as they connect the electricity needs of one consumer with the rest of the grid. Information from smart meters can help consumers save money by letting them manage energy use in real-time, while utilities save money because they no longer need to send meter readers to every home in a service area on a monthly basis.”  INSERTION:  What they’re actually saying here is that they’re going to charge you so much money for peak usage hours that you’ll be doing your laundry between 11 pm and 3 am.  THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS AGENDA THAT’S FOR THE GOOD OF THE CONSUMER!!!! NOTHING! Perhaps later I’ll post the links for articles on increased bills that have resulted from these meters but truly want to stay focused on the legal and health aspects.  You just can’t believe what’s going on here folks. 

I also recall when living rural with the old analog meter, we were mailed a postage-paid card each month.  We’d go out and read the meter and write the numbers in the little boxes and shove them in the mail.  They don’t HAVE TO send a meter reader.  In this day and age, we can actually take a picture of the meter readings and email them to them.  This was in fact determined by’s legal director to be “a completely reasonable accommodation” referring to ADA laws.  It’s certainly not worth having the health of ourselves, our family and our pets destroyed for the good of the utility company.  NOPE.  This needs to stop NOW!!!!!

One or two more comments before I go… see the next paragraphs w/my words in red.

Why Would Someone Want to Opt Out?

Smart meter opponents have expressed concerns about health impacts, consumer and data privacy and increased cybersecurity risks smart meters potentially pose, along with their tendency to spark fires. The North Carolina Public Utilities Commission has taken these concerns into account, ruling in June 2018 to waive opt-out fees for customers with notarized doctors’ notes confirming health issues relating to AMI technology.  

Carroll Electric’s staff attorney, Linda Lamb and another employee wrote statements that I personally read as saying that I wasn’t a priority, the efficiency of their system was, and that for the good of everyone else I needed to accept having my health and my civil and human rights violated.  I have a University of  Texas graduate Internal Medicine Doctor, further trained as a Functional Medicine Practitioner who’s taken courses in the condition I have known as ElectroMagneticSensitivity aka ElectroHyperSensitivity.  She wrote them a letter of medical necessity stating I am her patient, that I have this disabling condition and could not have this technology in my environment and Ms. Linda Lamb put it in writing that I needed to prove to her that I’m actually disabled.  Excuse me, but she isn’t a doctor and would obviously have a clear bias.  Is this the kind of world you want to live in where a corporation can laugh off your doctor’s letter intended to protect you?  The state motto is “The People Rule” but that’s no longer true; corporations rule.  Are you okay with this?   

Other public utility commissions have concluded that these claims are largely unfounded. The Maine Supreme Court has also weighed in by ruling that smart meters do not pose a credible health or safety threat, basing its opinion on over 100 peer-reviewed scientific studies about the technology’s safety impacts.  Uh huh….who paid for the studies?????  SCIENCE IS NOW FOR SALE for those who didn’t know.  And I assure you there are SUBSTANTIAL published, independently-funded studies that say all this mess is non-ionizing radiation.  When did it become controversial that radiation kills things?   The entire scientific, academic and medical world are SCREAMING…Go read the the featured document here and cruise through the references behind the articles. Go look at the relevant articles…. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS ARE SCREAMING ABOUT US BEING EXPOSED TO CHRONIC 24/7 MICROWAVE, RF, AND DIRTY ELECTRICITY.   

Okay, here’s the link again to the National Conference of State Legislatures site:

2 thoughts on “Smart Meter Opt-Out Policies by State

  1. I have been involved in the smart meter struggle for 7 years, was forced to live off the grid for those years and have three lawsuits in place. Included in those lawsuits is an Article 78 petition judicial review of New York States Public Service Commission’s (PSC) decisions not allowing an analog meter opt-out. The PSC in NY also claims that 100 peer-reviewed medical studies have been reviewed in coming to their determinations but when asked to produce those studies in the article 78 process they refused to do so claiming they have no legal requirement to identify or present them. The Article 78 ruling has not been handed down yet and we are awaiting a decision.
    The PSC is what the court will rely on in any future litigation and unless you have attempted to challenge their decisions approving smart meters you will find yourself up against a brick wall even though they are not a health agency and have no health professionals on staff. The problem is that the PSC notifies the public online of future deliberations and most people are not aware of those notices. Once the deliberations happen and something gets approved, usually without any public participation, it is very hard to overturn it. I am trying though and am in a big fight with the Utility and the PSC in NY. You can view my court documents at
    Keep fighting and sooner or later we will win. Steve


    1. Well I did write the Arkansas Public Service Commission and notified them of the DANGEROUS READINGS and just like the utility company they won’t talk about the Dirty Electricity….simply won’t. I have record that I notified them as in the post AND I’ve also contacted my state legislatures. Waiting on the unholy days to get out of the way so REAL BUSINESS can resume. My approach is to awaken this entire town of 466 people and start on the next town…I’m going for an UPRISING because the courts are tooooo slow and often compromised. We just ordered 163 post cards 5 x 7 so that should get the town talking. I’m putting together a package with a meter to loan, the booklet by Dr. Milham and a packet telling them what this power line communication system is and how it can affect their health. This is the poorest county in the state. MANY will not be able to remedy but once they see what’s being done; these mountain folks might FORCE the issue somehow. Just taking it day by day. Can’t find an attorney to touch it and boy have I looked but then this little co-op apparently has some rules about how the attorney can/cannot be paid if they are sued so “contingency agreements” are out. Isn’t that interesting when the criminals make the rules about how they can be sued. Just going to awaken all my neighbors and see what happens. Best of luck on your endeavors and please keep us posted.


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