$25 Million US Government Study Finds Increased Cancer in Rats From Cell Phone Radiation

The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), released a partial report on parts of the world’s largest, most thorough and well-designed study of its type – at a cost of $25 million – on the potential carcinogenicity of cell phone radiofrequency radiation in rats and mice.

What did the study find?

The study found adverse effects after long term exposure to cell phone radiation:

  • Increased incidences of glioma (a rare, aggressive and highly malignant brain cancer) as well as schwannoma (a rare tumor of the nerve sheath) of the heart were found in both sexes of rats, but reached statistical significance only in males.
  • Increased incidences of rare, proliferative changes in glial cells of the brain and in Schwann cells (nerve sheath) in the heart of both sexes of rats, while not a single unexposed control animal developed these precancerous changes.
  • DNA damage was induced with both modulations of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in both rats and mice (mixed results in tissues and brain regions).
  • Results from this study clearly show that biological impacts occur at non-thermal exposures like those that take place from cell phones today.

Data analyses in mice are ongoing. The complete results from these rodent studies will be available in NTP Technical Reports by the end of 2017.

“The occurrences of two tumor types in male Harlan Sprague Dawley rats exposed to RFR, malignant gliomas in the brain and schwannomas of the heart, were considered of particular interest, and are the subject of this report.”
The National Toxicology Program has posted an online draft of these research results…


The above is an excerpt from the site/link below.  I’ve found this site to be quite informative so please go read this article there and do some looking around. Knowledge creates motivation to change things.  


Be sure to read up on the founder of the EHS site, Dr. Devra Davis


The internet is screaming with highly-credentialed people warning us but we aren’t listening and responding adequately to the danger level we’re in is my observation.  

Please share this issue and the sites you find helpful with your friends.

I’ve been saying “We’re in deep trouble here” for a few years now and I just heard Dr. Martin Pall say the same thing in a video I posted the other day.  “WE ARE IN TROUBLE!”  Most people just haven’t figured it out yet and by the time they do…smh.

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