Humanity Has a History of Destroying Itself with Technology!

I keep thinking of this information I read in a book years ago that was brought to me through an incredible, personal, encounter with GOD. If you read the “dense and intense” book GOD INSISTED that I write that’s dropped several grown men to their knees in tears, you’ll see that I’m having quite an unusual and challenging life journey but then again I asked for it.  Here’s the book blog where you can see reader’s comments and a few client testimonials…   

I had a profound awareness of God as a child when my Dad was a pastor.  Later my parents divorced and all three kids went down a wayward path and I ended up in a very bad situation at 25 years old.  I remembered the God that I’d known as a child and cried out to Him for help and offered an exchange for the future of my life if He’d get me out of the trouble I was in.  HE SHOWED UP and I was so grateful that my prayers became full of pleas to “make my life count because I came through this Earth.”  As I say in the book, “He had a consciously-indentured servant and He had every intention of utilizing that.”  I had no idea what that “deal” would require of me but I’m doing my best to show up and do my part. 

I had broken my back in July 1994 and had two ten-inch Isola rods installed. This event was written in a journal 9 months before it happened as I’d been visited and awakened by a beam of light shining on my spine and wrote it in my journal. I looked up “light” in the Concordance the next day and the scriptures in the Old Testament were listed and the one that read “God is the Light” jumped off the page.  As I continued to scan down the page with my finger into the New Testament listings another partial verse jumped off the page “Jesus is the Light”.  I noted these in my journal and went on with my life.  There’s more to it but for brevity I won’t go into all the details. 

Eighteen months later I had a second (also foretold) injury event which meant two more surgeries and ultimately the removal of the Isola rods. During this time I had a Myelogram test where they inject die into the spinal column and watch it under x-ray and CT scans to see where/if there’s an issue. When they injected the die my body went into spasms as the volume increased in a part of my spinal column that had been narrowed by the first break. I was shaking uncontrollably and each time the cerebrospinal fluid would make it’s cycle past that point the pain reached an epic level that actually made me feel like I was going to leave my body.  I was left in the hall alone on a gurney waiting to get in to CT scan.  I told GOD “I’m about to scream bloody murder. I need some pain relief.” I literally saw an impression on the gurney as if someone sat down on it with me, though I didn’t see anything in the natural. I then heard, “Well. That’s certainly an option. OR, you can wait a minute and I’ll show you something.”  I was intrigued. Once I was in the CT room and the next wave of pain came along I heard a literal pitch pipe sound in my ear and heard “Give it a sound” so I matched the pitch with my voice and the pain level dropped an entire level. This went on 6 times I think, each tone different and the last tone popped the pain like a soap bubble. Now I was more than a little intrigued. The next day I was home recovering and in a LOT of pain from the procedure and played with the sounds again but didn’t have the same experience. GOD chimed in “I want you to read the book Vibrational Medicine and then reread the story of the Battle of Jericho in the Bible.”

I went downstairs to look in a substantial practitioner catalog of health resources but couldn’t find it. This was before the internet for me.  About that time the phone rang which was very unusual at 7:30 in the morning especially for who was calling. It was an uber New Ager MIT graduate friend and we almost always had late night phone conversations. Even though I was a Christian and we had very different ideas about some things we used to have the greatest lengthy talks! I always felt elevated and smarter than usual when I spoke with him.  When I told him what I was looking for he said “Oh by Dr. Richard Gerber! I’ve got it. I’ll bring it over.” It was in my hands w/in 30 minutes. 

NOW, fast forward to my life today, to this world where manmade technology is threatening to kill all of life. I keep seeing this part of the book and want to share it with you. There’s several pages so I’m just going to share a snippet… The author is talking about how the City Of Atlantis destroyed itself. They had learned to use the power of crystals, learned to grow specific shaped crystals for specific purposes. They had learned to harness the energy of the sun, THROUGH the crystals and were actually able to fly ships, heal people etc…This is so fabulous but dangit can’t share it all here…There were two groups of Atlanteans. One group observed The Law of One who were totally into serving others and benevolence. Another group the Sons of Belial…who were selfish and used the technology in selfish ways = division along party lines and …So, “Why then did Atlantis fail? Atlantis fell for the same reason that all other civilizations have fallen: Man’s erroneousness. Although the people of Atlantis had reached a high point of evolution, although they had tapped in to cosmic powers and, because of the era in which they lived, they developed their psychic abilities way beyond your comprehension, they did not motivate themselves correctly. They used their knowledge of the Cosmos, their point of evolution, not to fulfill the will of the Creator, and His divine plan but to fulfill their own ideas of creation. They used their knowledge for personal satisfaction and gain, to obtain power, to amass wealth, to control other beings, to further their own plans, no matter what the cost. The power which the Atlanteans were given, and which in the initial stages they had used for construction, were eventually used for destruction, and so the downfall of Atlantis, with its eventual subsidence beneath the waves, began.”

Now go re-read the story of the Battle of Jericho and watch this old commercial from years ago where Ella Fitzgerald shatters a glass with a specific tone she hit with her voice.  Energy, frequency, vibration all matter.  In fact, Curtis Bennett of says we’re vibrating everything with this oscillating technology and that it will escalate the deterioration of our bridges, dams, buildings and more…our nuclear facilities. He says that all building codes have “zero tolerance for vibration”. Remember, what’s being done HAS NEVER BEEN DONE so the so-called “experts” can’t assure you of the safety or outcome.  WE THE PEOPLE will have to show up and demand changes and stop buying and using as much of this “wireless” tech as possible.  Curtis Bennett, who likely has every electrical license available says very candidly “There’s a reason we put current in wires”.  Even then, it needs to be done much more safely than it’s being done and the electric meters being forced on humanity are a good FIRST response.  They need to be recalled!

Here’s what’s going on in my world locally:

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