Finding an EMF Remediation Expert

Here’s a few links that can help get you started in your search for someone with the skills to mitigate EMF’s in your environment:

This is

Here’s the Building Biology Institute:

I have a few more and will add them as I see their emails etc…

You should go to the Solutions category here and you’ll find helpful books I’ve used to do as much as I can on my own. You’ll see a link about the Dirty Electricity Meters and Filters, which is very easy to do and can make a huge difference in your world. You’ll also find nutritional supplements and wearables I use and the kind of faraday bag I chose for my own mom. This can seem overwhelming but if you just take on a few things at a time you’ll be surprized how much progress you can make on your own. I’ll add more as I can.

Reach out to by email and ask them to mail you a few paper catalogues. It’s quite a free education in itself. Here’s that solutions category to get you started:

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    1. I corrected it immediately. I saw it just as I hit the POST button. Drives me crazy but I, like many, do my best editing right after I hit the post/send button. Thanks for the heads up in case I had missed it.


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