The more towers they erect the less relevant your guns become. Frequency can immobilize you! WAKE UP!

Did that get your attention? IT’S TRUE!

They likely already have enough infrastructure in place to do this with just the “smart” electric meters and the “grid” they’ve put on our wiring and into our world! It’s past time to wake up to what’s really going on and contemplate a response. So,… it will serve you best when you fully recognize that this tech launch was never about providing communication for consumers. It’s a very slow encroachment by a very corrupt group known by many different names, and would require a lengthy post. I’m 400 pages into a 600 page book on the subject of who’s running this mess behind the scenes and will present this information on the soon to come podcast. Suffice it to say it’s EVIL PEOPLE THAT DO NOT KNOW THE CREATOR GOD AND THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR OR YOUR CHILDREN OR PETS OR YOUR FUTURE! WE ARE THE PROBLEM IN THEIR EYES!

Have you noticed how the towers used to be very tall and way away from people. They did this at first to convince us that they were for “communication” but now they’re much lower to the ground, there can be 3 or 4 very close to each other, mounted on roofs directly over people’s heads and even nestled into the power lines and next door to day cares…YOU SHOULD START QUESTIONING THE AGENDA NOW as this is clearly no longer about making phone calls! Another curious clue was revealed that if you look at the massive cables feeding electricity into these towers you’ll see cables that carry a capacity of 100,000 volts and there’s several of these cables. Why do “they” need this much power just for communication reasons? THEY DON’T! So this too should make you question their intentions.

They have plans for humanity and they aren’t plans that you’d like I assure you. I’ve known some wealthy people in my life and the power gets in their soul more than the heart of their Creator and they become vessels for evil and many don’t even recognize it, some do and don’t care. They become some deranged being that can’t control their impulses. I used to office with a man who was a doctor and a lawyer and wealthy enough to pay his first ex-wife $17000 a month in alimony. I’m not sure what the other four got (7 marriages to 5 different women) but his life was a mess because he had no self-control. If you multiply the wealth you should also multiply the potential twisted evil and there are some VERY WEALTHY ELITISTS running our world. Again, they have plans for you that you will not like.

On this blog I shared a post some years ago showing a military equipment site’s “Population Forecast” and it showed brazenly that “they” intended to reduce the population from 317 million in 2014 to 65 million in 2025. Hmmmmmm. Lots of questions right? Go here and you can see that post from this site:

Today I Googled “Deagle’s Population Forecast” and found another article detailing how this forecast has been adjusted and some possible reasons as to why. Apparently now they’re only going to reduce it to 100 million. Go check out this other article. It’s kind of shocking to see this in such blatant presentation:

The bottom line is that by now, most people should be able to recognize that our government is NOT being run by the political figures we see on TV. There are clearly “handlers” behind the scenes and you won’t really be able to connect all of the dots until you go down that rabbit hole. It’s a massive web and it’s global. Note: The Nightly News is no longer real. It’s to babysit you and they too have been infiltrated by this group.

To ignore what’s happening in our world is reckless, immature, and mindless. We aren’t supposed to just acquiesce to evil. In fact, the Bible tells Christians to “Have nothing to do with evil but rather expose it.” That’s not what we’ve done. We all bought the cell phones and accepted the ways of the world to our own detriment. Look at the health of the average American. This happened because “You have become like unfaithful wives having an illicit affair with the world.” James 4: 4 Our Creator told us to stay away from the world and it’s ways and we didn’t do it so now we’re eyebrow deep in consequences that many sources say “threatens every living thing”. I do think there’s some things we can do but it also seems awfully late in the game. I guess I’m waiting to see if enough people, other than me, want to try to change the course we’re on. I can’t do it alone that’s for sure.

If you feel inclined you can donate to my effort to wake up this one little mountain town here in the Ozark mountains. The air here has 24/7 high-pitched tone and a Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiner’s and Licensing says “that means there’s a problem” but nobody will come. I’ll need to do a campaign to 1000 people. I think they deserve to know what’s being done to them. You should read about the dangerous readings in the buildings here and again, nobody will come. Just like carbon monoxide you can’t see it, taste it, or smell it but you can measure these dangerous readings on a safety meter that’s been around since the mid 70’s, and it can and will kill you! This meter measures the voltage surges riding in from the power lines. In the age of “smart meters” you’d be strongly advised to learn what’s coming into your world. Here’s the link on this blog that will fill you in on the issue and the metering solutions:

And now, the towers are coming to this gorgeous little town. Two more brand new one’s right next to each other on the south side and neighbors have no idea why this is a threat to their very lives. I’ll soon sharing lots of links from my growing list of resources about the dangers of all this. For now, you’ll still find enough meat in the relevant categories to get you started. I watched them do this to Wimberley, Texas. I was there from 1995-2000 and there was ONE tower. There is now 14 in a very small town. Big ugly monsters spraying Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic Radiation all over every living thing as if this has all been done before and we know it’s safe. Nope, THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE AND WE’RE BEING HANDLED BY SOME VERY WEALTHY CREEPY EVIL PEOPLE THAT DON’T CARE and have an evil plan! Humanity better WAKE UP!

For those who think this stuff is harmless, you need to know that the FCC was just rebuked by a Federal Appeals Court Judge for “ignoring studies showing harm from wireless.” Now they’ve just been ordered to pay $11,000+ for the “simple costs” such as this stack of evidence provided by the Plaintiffs! “we filed 27 binders of evidence about 400 pages each”. This suit is being brought by The Children’s Health Defense aka Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s law firm. Hello?

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