Do you hear a constant 24/7 high-pitched squeal?

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I began hearing it when we moved to this new place where they have a very toxic form of Smart Meter, which is being FORCED on me against my will and against the written orders of my UT graduate MD. She’s also a Functional Medicine Practitioner and has taken courses in this condition I have known as ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity.  Carroll Electric’s staff attorney downgraded her diagnosis to a “mere medical opinion” and wrote that I needed to prove to her that I actually have this disability though she has no medical training and clear bias in this debate!  Do you know how dangerous it is for us to allow a staff attorney for a corporation, FORCING questionable technology that’s being recalled all over the world with a documented track record of corruption and failure, to ignore concerns and laugh off a doctor’s letter of medical necessity?  Is this the world you want to live in?

I was talking to a new neighbor the other day and he also hears it.  Another man here in the new town said he hears it and “it started after they installed these new electric meters.”  A friend in Texas told me she hears it and lives under some power lines.  That statement makes me think my suspicions are right; that this might be a power line problem and we’re hearing the high frequency it’s putting out but it could be because we live in a virtual soup of technology now.  Curtis Bennett of shares the insight that when you put two frequencies out it creates four more; six total.  Some are able to hear it more easily than others for some reason that I’d say is in line with why some of us feel this stuff easier than others, which is essentially explained by genetics.

In the Featured Post on this blog (link below this paragraph) I go into how certain people with certain genes are actually more susceptible.  Just like my mercury amalgam dental fillings compromised my health and gave me an autoimmune disease, some of us are more genetically-inclined to not be able to rid our bodies of toxins as well as others.

Mold exposure is another event that weakens our resistance to this electrical chaos.  Anyway, those of us who can feel it and hear it should be seen as the CANARIES IN THE COAL MINE giving out a warning. Instead we are often labeled as “crazy” and those who can’t feel it ass/u/me too much.  We are your warning messengers that something’s out of whack.  It would be a sign of intelligent life to actually inquire further instead of making rash judgments.  I’m frankly appalled by the lack of humanity in this world…many thanks to technology as well.  It’s changing us, not in a good way.

I spoke with a man who’s the Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiners and Licensing.  He stated that if I’m hearing a 24/7 high-pitched squeal that means there’s a problem. Sadly, his office also doesn’t have any influence over the polluters.  These NOT Smart Meters work on a “Power Line Communication” system and are reportedly “contaminating the power lines” and because I have some pages laying here on the floor beside me, I know that the power lines can be radiating higher than FCC regulations and unless a lawsuit is filed and engineers brought in there’s about zero chance of anyone looking into it.

“No jurisdiction” is all I keep finding.  The Public Service Commission is supposed to regulate and keep an eye on the electric corporations but they aren’t the least bit interested in doing so in spite of their website’s opening statement that they are “charged with the duty to provide safe, accurate and reliable services….”  When I contacted them with the DANGEROUS READINGS in this house they were dismissive and led me off in a wrong direction when I asked who to report them to for failing to meet their charged “duty”.  I just learned that the Governor appoints the commissioners’s so that’s where I’ll start next.  The state rep for our area has agreed to write a proposed bill for an “Opt-Out Law” and while I’m grateful and consider this a starting point, it’s not working in many places.  First of all these meters were installed covertly and they also contaminate the home wiring so even if the meter is out on a post away from the house it’s still pumping it’s poisonous Dirty Electricity aka Line Noise aka Non-Ionizing Radiation INTO your home in every room.  Go to the Dangerous Readings post and you’ll see where to order the meters to check your home/office.  It’s not hard to smell the corruption when I find that these utility corporations are claiming to be member-owned but are locking said “members” out of what’s supposed to be a public meeting, reported by several locals and involving several different cooperatives.  In Corpus Christi, Texas where there is an Opt-Out Law in place, they told a friend “that’s not our policy.”  In other words, we don’t have to follow the laws.  What????  Do you see where we are here?  You okay with this????

We have to change this!  We simply cannot allow these utility moguls to step all over people’s lives.  Here’s a screenshot I shared in the Featured Post (Exhibit A) that shows that they have zero accountability for their actions.  A dump can’t do this.  A wrecking yard can’t do this so why are these goons getting away with this?  BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T STOPPED THEM!!!  This went in a year after they bought their new home.  What do you suppose this did to it’s value and the others in the neighborhood?  Does she have to state on the Seller’s Disclosure that it blew out her thyroid, which had to be removed and ended her up in the hospital for 3 months?  She’s concerned about her children too.  What kind of evil does this; doesn’t care about their fellow man or how their actions impact them?  “NO JURISDICTION” NO JURISDICTION NO JURISDICTION.  I suppose there can be no reporting of a crime when you send all the sheriff’s home?  Who’s going to fix this?  One article on this site is declaring the expectation of an “explosion of illness…millions of people…”  from these meters.  Are you okay with this?  Yes, I keep asking!

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“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Edward R. Murrow

If you’re hearing this 24/7 high-pitched squeal please contact me and give me the name of your city/state.  I’m primarily interested in Arkansas and the USA but would also be interested if this ended up being a worldwide phenomenon which wouldn’t surprise me as they’ve created a global microwave grid and we’re all in it.

I created a Follow-Up Post on this issue after so many comments on the YouTube video, click here to visit this new post:

I’m just appalled at what I’m finding.  Anyway, please let me know if you hear it and any details you want to share.

Blessings on your journey and may GOD be with us.  We’re going to need some help.

9 thoughts on “Do you hear a constant 24/7 high-pitched squeal?

  1. I live in Trinidad, in the West Indies / Caribbean and two years ago was when this high pitched frequency ( Tinnitus ) developed in my head. This is continuous on a 24 hr basis and varies in intensity from very low to insanely high and it is happening at a high level right now while I am typing this. I went to my E.N.T. doctors both here in Trinidad and in Miami over the last year and a half and they both could not say what is causing it. It was only when I started getting information last year on the “Dangers of 5G” and its high radiation level was when things started to “click” in my head that it was electronic radiation that is behind this noise in my head. I am an Architect, for over 30 years and over the last year, it has started to impact my design output in a bad way by distracting me and causing my design concepts to take longer to draw out due to disrupting my creativity. I still get my work done though, but it depresses me.

    My e-mail is ….


  2. Few days ago start to here the same like you inside my ears. Biiiiiip so loud . Now i saw this post and damn i can explain why. Cause never happen before and it happen before only after listen very high volume music for hours but now i dont and im in quarantine so all is quiet.. im italian . Im in jakarta west . Indonesia. Contact me pls


  3. Hello gb108, I have high pitched tinnitus, just like pink used to force back teenagers from loitering.
    I specifically have it when im in my apartment, some say its the central heating.
    I have looked into mkultra, torture methods. I believe it might somehow associated with directed energy weapons of microwaves – they might travel thru my walls. I have schizophrenia, and my testomonies cant be taken seriously, altough im am serious about it.
    Please contact, I believe i cant help you people aswell.


    1. Your not crazy. I can make you protection and did it for myself first plus better diet and it really helps my ringing despite being near smart meter and power lines.


      1. While I’d never turn down information to consider…I’m a health nut, have reversed several “incurable” diseases and even written a book on it. I keep telling people that I feel like a fish in a dirty aquarium. At some point it needs to stop being about what the fish should do and the humans should stop this insanity. I just put up a Follow-Up post with some relevant information that supports that idea…


  4. I moved to some apartments that are located in a up and coming area and we have a cell phone tower right in our neighborhood I hear the high pitched ring all day everyday so much so that i can tune it out when I want but I still hear it I’m located in okc, ok


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