SENT… TO HELP! The Back Story…

In the late 80’s I became very ill and did what most Christians do; went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors.  After 11 or 12 doctors in 18 months I was worse; much worse and I realized the ideas being presented didn’t align with my core beliefs about health and healing so I canceled all my medical tests/appts and began chasing GOD for answers.  HE SHOWED UP AND TOOK ME ON QUITE A JOURNEY showing me all the things we do to make ourselves sick.  I was able to reverse several “incurable” conditions and boy did I learn a lot.  GOD then INSISTED that I write a book about this journey, which took me 21 years to complete before having the acute event with my cell phone that took me down this road of awareness and activism. 

As this spiritual adventure began back in 1989 it became clear to me that I needed to start keeping a journal.  It was in the very first one, within the first few pages that I noted “Isaiah 54 shall apply.”  I had come into my marriage with a legal issue and when we went to court, we lost.  I’ve had no choice but to learn to trust GOD so I bounced through the disappointment pretty quickly but the same wasn’t true for my husband.  I understood that GOD was likely doing this to protect us but he couldn’t see it.   After a time I suggested that my husband go spend some time talking to GOD because he wasn’t in a good place.  After a few hours he came in and said “GOD gave me/us the whole chapter of Isaiah 54; said to READ IT.”  So we sat down and read through it.  I didn’t find any gripping insights and frankly all I remembered is that this passage said that “GOD was going to move me (us at the time) to a place with a gemstone foundation.”  It was noted and I went on with my life.  This entry was May 27th of 1990.  

Isaiah 54 Shall Apply Journal Entry

In the fall of 2018 GOD reminded me of this passage through something someone said and I went back and looked in this journal and reread Isaiah 54.  I was amazed that it seemed to chart out the last 28+ years of my life, including the divorce.  Soon after this memory was brought back to me I realized that HGTV was giving away a home that I was entering, noting it was the first one I’d ever live in instead of selling it.  AFTER rereading Isaiah 54 I got curious and went to see where this HGTV home giveaway was located and was a little bit startled to see that it was in Sapphire, NC which is exactly the kind of gemstone one bible version of that passage used.  So, I diligently filled out every daily entry; not really expecting to win, but certainly open to the idea.  The winner was announced, and it wasn’t me.  I of course was disappointed but again…I’ve learned to work towards letting go of things that no longer serve me or letting go of ideas that I “deserve” something in particular.  I believe if GOD wants me to have something that nobody and no thing can thwart that plan.  By the same token if it’s not His will for me to have a particular thing then I’m pretty certain there’s a reason, so I let it go as quickly as I can process the disappointment.  So, I said “Okay.  We’ll see what you do but you have my curiosity peaked.”  

About the same time a reader/fan of the book, (Getting Well God’s Way), informed me that they were going to build a retirement community and put me on the payroll as the health consultant AND give me a home in a scenic area of Mexico.  After a few months, I could see that this wasn’t going to be a good situation for me for many reasons and turned down the offer again telling GOD “We’ll see what you do.” Another test of seeing if I’ll hold onto or chase things instead of waiting I think.  I smiled and let that one go too. 

A few weeks later GOD said “I’m moving you so get ready.”  I laughed because I’ve been unemployable for 3+ years from this acute event with my cell phone that left me unable to be around modern technology so I have no money, no property, no car…just a Mom who loves me.  When I told her what GOD said she spoke without thinking “You aren’t going anywhere.  You don’t even have a car!”  I laughed as I walked away thinking “Ewwwwwww she’s going to get in trouble for that.”  Sure enough, the very next morning an “upset stomach” kept her in bed for 8 days.  On the 9th day I told someone “This isn’t a stomach bug. This is GOD because she said something the other day and I think GOD sent her to her room to think about It.”  I had no sooner gotten this out of my mouth than Mom came to the door saying, “THIS ISN’T A STOMACH BUG…THIS IS GOD.  HE SENT ME TO MY ROOM TO THINK ABOUT MY COMMENT OF HIM MOVING YOU.  OF COURSE WE CAN ALL MOVE.  I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE HERE!”  Bless her heart, who wants to move to another state at 83-84 years old from a home you’ve been in since 1988 and thought you would die in? But once she KNEW it was GOD’s will, she jumped in with both feet, often leading the charge, and so we began the search.  

A few months went by and we were searching online for houses and trying to figure out WHERE to go.  As we looked, our inner desires became more clear and old family roots actually appealed to us in Arkansas.  It was my great, great grandmother who was a Bailey and they founded what is now known as Arkadelphia.  We decided if we were going to have to move we at least wanted to live in a place of stunning beauty and north central Arkansas became our focus. 

We had an entire folder of houses we were watching and adding to it daily.  One day I said “Mom, why aren’t we calling about this house?  It looks like it’s everything we’re wanting.  It’s not too big.  It has acreage and they built in the middle of it instead of beside the road.  There’s even a sign in the garage with your initials on it that says it’s your place!”  She’d seen it on a site as having a pending contract and put it in another file so we called the homeowner and every question we asked, she gave the right answer until all three of us were crying.  The seller finally said “I’m not showing this house to anyone else.  You’re the one’s I’ve been praying for.”  We headed up a few days later, saw the house, met the sellers and signed a contract for purchase. 

It was a week later that the seller said on the phone, “For some reason I feel like I need to tell you to look up the meaning of the name of this town; it’s a gemstone.”  I LAUGHED.  I had no idea.  Mom and I both thought independently that it was someone’s name. 

So, here we are living exactly where GOD had me note in a journal in 1991; 28+ years later.  I’ve said for a few decades that “my journey feels like GOD moves me around like a chess piece” but then that’s what I asked Him to do with me.  Who the heck knows what to do with a LIFE?  Everything He’s taken me through has developed a keen sense of His presence.  I’m being “utilized” and my job is to pay attention, listen and follow directives knowing He’s the only one who’s seen the lid to the puzzle box.  In between moves He’s setting up challenges and lessons that equip me with knowledge and understanding and a committed trust has developed over the decades as He continues to amaze me…HE is in fact moving forward a plan, HIS PLAN and I’ve been invited to be a part of it.  I had no idea I’d be here doing this effort to awaken a town to a threat in their home/offices/environment.

So when I say “GOD SENT US TO DO THIS…” you’ll at least give it some consideration if not be INCLINED to respond in kind.   As I read Isaiah 54 again after realizing what He was directing us to do I again LAUGHED as I read verses that make it clear that challenges will come…but ultimately it states “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER.”  I’m going to trust Him on that…it’s served me well thus far.

Of course, we noticed when we arrived that there’s a church every 100 yards up here.  I saw recently on a Perry Stone video someone sent me, that GOD has a special affection for these areas where small churches have been kept in existence even when there may only be a few people on the pews for decades.  Anyway, I thought it was just like the GOD that I know to actually take note of such humble faithfulness and show up in kind.  Just wanted you to know that GOD IS IN THIS MISSION and He decided long, long ago that this fight in this area needed to be confronted and so WE ARE HERE, EQUIPPED AND READY FOR THE BATTLE AT HAND….SENT BY GOD.  

If you’d like to help pay for the postcard mail-out’s or other efforts, please get in touch with us.  If you’re willing to pass out postcards/flyers or display them in your business, please let us know.  I’m currently getting this going through online friends who are also caught in a similar struggle throughout the world who are dealing with invasive technology that is sabotaging their health and recognize this as an important battle.  You simply can’t imagine the horrors of “The Smart Grid” until you start researching.  


Wanna read Isaiah 54 click the link below: 


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